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Juno's first image


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On ‎02‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 18:40, reddoss said:

Here is the first of Juno's images. Stunning......!



Is it just me or does this image kind of look like there is a very feint land mass there?

Either way, truly amazing images and I'm really looking forward for more.

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6 hours ago, Macavity said:

Has anyone managed to glean what the current status of the mission is...
Was so looking forward to seeing more images? At closest approach now?
Appreciative of the need to "prioritise the science" etc. etc. but Hmmm. :o

The next close approach is scheduled for 11th Dec. We missed out on the last one because the spacecraft entered "Safe Mode" due to some sort of technical fault just before it reached he planet and all the instruments were automatically shut down. According to the NASA site the problem has been resolved so hopefully this one will be ok :cool2:


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