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Sunspot AR 2546


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sunspots are regions on the sun's surface with a lower temperature than the local average, and therefore, in comparison with the surface of our star appear to be darker.

Sunspots have high concentrations of magnetic field. This concentrate the magnetic field traps matter in the form of plasma, ie very hot and ionized and electrically charged gas. Notice in the picture above we can see the lines of the magnetic field induction in the sunspot. It is something like the lines that we see when we play iron filings near a magnet. But the sunspot is the plasma that makes the turn of swarf.

If the magnetic field lines break, matter can be launched into space in events called coronal mass ejection. In this case, numerous particles are hurled into space and many of them can reach the Earth. The boreal and southern auroras result of the arrival of these particles interact with the Earth's atmosphere.
Along with the ejected particles from the Sun, also have broad spectrum of radiation that typically range from radio waves to gamma rays, through the light (visible) and the X-rays

The amount of observable sunspots gives us an idea of solar activity.

The attached pictures were all made using an achromatic refractor Sky-Watcher
f / 8.3 with Solar Baader sheet and Solar Continuum filter with a filter UV-IR Cut. The camera used was a 224 ASI colorful.
The original output is green and the right pictures were colorized to become more like the color you got used to consider the sun. The left photos were simply converted to black and white.
In each group of photos was used a different increase in both top only camera in the center of the camera with a 2X Powermate and low with a Tele Vue 3X Barlow.

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