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Sun in Whitelight 22nd May 2016 10:15 BST.

Steve Ward

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Poor seeing and 50% cloud cover by the time I dragged myself vertical , grabbed one quick set of 100 and stacked 27 ... managed to catch the tiny pore following the biggie though ... :happy7:




1000D + Tal 100RS + 1.4 x Barlow + ND3.8 + OIII.

1/200s @ ISO 100 , 27/100 , PIPP , AS!2 , Reg 6 , Gimp 2.8.



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Cheers guys , it was clear here first thing according to Sat24 , but spent too long last night waiting for a gap to grab Mars that never arrived so was a bit slow out of the blocks this morning ... :icon_biggrin:

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Nice one Steve.  It started clear and bright but clouded up here as well.  I am waiting for my go at Mars, trouble is it doesn't clear the house roof for my 10" so will have to set up a 4" frac in the garage.


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Nice one, Steve. Well done on the pore and of course the big 'un.

Ah, that's why you were slow out of the blocks. I went to bed late and figured that would mean clear in the morning. Woke up not too late, checked sat24, and hared it downstairs...


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The pore was ideal , I prefer to use them to focus on as a little one side or the other and they tend to disappear in poor seeing , get focus nailed and they are on show ... :happy10:

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