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M31 detailed core and halo - an extended collaboration


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For those of you that followed the recent thread "M31 detailed core collaboration " it ended with Olly offering to exchange data so that we could produce a wide field image of M31 with both an amazing halo (from Olly's data) and a detailed core (from the data from Ole Alexander and me that turned out to be not far from that of the Hubble). Olly may be working on his own merged version, and it will most likely beat mine, so stay tuned. However, here is my current version. It was both tricky and fun to produce. At one point I reached the limit for how big files Photoshop CS5 could save (turned out to be 2 Gb). My challenge was to reach a compromise where the core was not too light to lose the detail and still harmonize with the whole image. I enclose a close up of the core to prove that the detail is still there and a comparison with the Hubble version.

Comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

M31 Outer Halo +OA&GN 6.jpg

M31 Outer Halo +OA&GN 6 close up.jpg

M31 Hubble close up.jpg

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Friends, thanks for the very encouraging comments!
I spent the evening trying to figure out a way to make a short 3 min movie slowly zooming in from the wide field with the halo to the core and playing Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond in the background, but with limited success. Anyone know how to do it, or want to do it? I don't think I have the right software for it.

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