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Silver was Anweniel Bronze was Matsey Mav - you win the privilege of bringing Jaffa cakes (or Welsh cakes, but they have to be homemade!) for all the mod team

Thu to sunday for me Let's hope next year's summer visits us in march again!!!

I know.. I was SO careful with everything else, booking two pitches, added for each day, and completely didn't spot the different options for Tent Fingers crossed Daz will let me change! Please ple

Damn- just checked, coarse fishing season on the Wye ends on the 14th March- I arrive on the 15th......

hello from Germany...just read this thread from you...and about the fishing it is not totally about being illegal...I wrote to the camp site and they sent me this mesage......

Good Morning Robert,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Depending on your unit we have some hardstanding pitches and some grass pitches reserved. The pitches are very generous and we put one caravan or one tent per pitch. The unit price includes two persons.

The elecrtic is charged per day no matter how much you use. We have 16amp 240 volt electric but you need your own adapter and cable.

The course fishing actually closes on the 14th March until June. The only fishing available is fly fishing.

Dont hesitate to contact us if you have any futher questions,



----- Original Message -----



Saturday, September 22, 2012 9:06 PM

also malc-c wrote........

Agreed, if you have the correct fishing license for migratory trout and salmon then taking brown trout on the fly from the river between 22nd March and 30th September is perfectly legal. Salmon can also be taken between February and October, however if you have a normal course license you could risk a fine as it would be deemed the same as having no license at all.

.....and as long as I am on the subject , how would a person like me from a other land visiting go about getting the "right" license for fly fishing? and the costs?

regards rob

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.....and as long as I am on the subject , how would a person like me from a other land visiting go about getting the "right" license for fly fishing? and the costs?

Hi Rob, to get a license, you can purchase one from the Environment Agency here: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/recreation/fishing/31497.aspx

"Overseas customers wishing to buy a full, senior concession or short term rod licence in advance of their visit, should purchase them via the website. In the event that you do not receive the full licence in the post (and we do not issue short term licences purchased online), it is essential that you keep your confirmation email as your proof of purchase and use this when you go fishing."

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Rob, In addition to Lewis's post, here's a link for purchasing the license http://www.postoffice.co.uk/counter-services/licences-vehicle-tax/rod-fishing-licence

£23 will get you an 8 day trout and salmon license - just note that it runs for a set number of hours from a date you specify as part of the purchase process. You will receive a confirmation e-mail which should be carried on you at all time whilst fishing if you have not received the license. - Also note that you must use a fly fishing rod and line. I have no idea how well the bailiffs police the river at the camp site, but our local fishery is well protected in close season.

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thanks Lewis and Malcolm for the information....not to sure if I am going to be able to make it :( never really fly fished before and the info would mostly be for my "taxi" driver but if I do get someone to come I might just get one my self :grin: .......I read somewhere that the latest you could buy a license is march 1st :huh: Is this true? If not then I could buy it at post office when I get to England too right?might not decide to come untill the last minute.....sometime around the end of febuary....hopfuly there will still be enough room for me to set up camp.....again thanks for the info...

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You can buy 8 day or 1 day rod licences from a post office at any time. For 2012/13 season (1/4/12 - 31/3/13) the costs are £23 and £8 respectively for one which covers salmon and trout. I have some fly fishing gear from the days when I used to fish the Wiltshire Avon near Salisbury. Having been to the SGL star parties before I'm just not sure I'd get the time to use it !.

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Sad to say i am having to give backword on this one, although my space at the camp isnt an official SGL one so dont be getting excited anyone. I have found I have double booked this (old age memory for you) on one of the 2 days I intended going and cant back out of the other event and its not worth going for one day, bit gutted to be honest.

I just hope there is an SGL9 :cool:

Star party anyone :grin:


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