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  1. A big ditto to all comments above, thoroughly enjoyed my first 'star' party despite the cloud, looking forward to the next!
  2. Radar2312

    SGL 9 weather

    regarding tent putter uppers, might need some help @ Kingfisher 12 later (looking to arrive mid-day'ish'), I got the basics like getting the poles through an all that and pegging the groundsheet, but when we did the test run, we found some guy ropes that were connected to the tent in 2 places and couldnt, for the life of me, figure them out!! Im sure its quite simple, but obviously I'm even simpler!!
  3. just a thought --- will be arriving tomorrow, planning on 11-30am to noon'ish', should I leave it a bit later in case there's someone on my pitch that's doing the full week and needs to move?? (kingfisher 12) Cheers Rick
  4. Radar2312


    just a quickie, i have ordered/paid for food, both nights for 2 people but hastened to forget to add my SGL handle on the order, will that cause an issue?? cheers Rick
  5. Radar2312

    SGL 9 weather

    Hi all, pretty much new to the camping experience (last time was when I was in the Cubs!!), Thinking not so much about clothing/heating/keeping warm but more about tent 'orientation'. Not sure what the pitches would allow, but given choices, what would be the best? is there a general 'rule' like, have your door facing east?? Or is it purely a 'suck it and see' which way the prevailing winds are?? or will it be fixed by the dimensions of the pitch itself?? Bringing a 4 man tent, approx 5-1/2m x 2-1/2m. Any thoughts welcomed. Cheers Rick
  6. +1 for PHD and guiding in general. Pitch 12 Cheers Rick
  7. Hi Geoff, this is a problem I encountered with my modded lifecam, the best I can offer is to find the 'true colour' tick box under settings and turn it off, This gave me some degree of success on both Jupiter and Saturn (previously, as you say, they were just blown out discs). I did at least start to see some definition but, as yet, I've not managed to display any colour in images, even though registax shows it as a colour file, Suspect its more to do with the resolving power of my scope rather than the lifecam!! My scope being a 130P you may have more success with the 200P. I tried various
  8. Radar2312

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    ok, good info people. think that main meals are sorted, one way or another,so will only concern myself with snacks and beverages. Reading about previous outings here, it seems that Jaffa cakes are the 'bribe of choice' should i need some help, so will look to stock up on those, cos im gonna needs lots of help. With regard to tent pegs, think I'll visit my local camping outlet and see whats available, for what they'll probably cost I think I'd rather have some I dont need than need some I dont have!! Cheers Rick
  9. Radar2312

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    Hi all, not an experienced camper, so 2 immediate questions come to mind --- 1) considering the recent weather and how damp the ground is likely to be, would it be wise to acquire some longer tent pegs, or maybe 'wider' ones?? 2) Im gonna be there to enjoy myself, which means as little 'cooking' as possible, Have purchased tickets for the Friday and Saturday evening food, will the onsite cafe be open to provide me what I need at the remaining 'meal' times?? (arrive Thurs and leave Sunday) Thanks in advance. Rick
  10. Hi, I'm no expert but here's my 'take' on it --- The 'tube' is merely a device for holding the mirrors and focusser in place, relative to each other. Therefore, if collimation is good, then happy days. You can find many pictures of Dobsonians where there is no tube, merely a framework to hold all the bits in place. I may be wrong, but that's how I see it! HTH
  11. Radar2312

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    that is where I WAS looking and couldnt find it, or so I thought!! choosing from the tabs across the top, no sign of SGL9 Bookings, was beginning to think I was going mad, then, just happened to look down the LH side and Hey Presto!! figured it had to be there somewhere, was driving me mad. Many thanks
  12. Radar2312

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    Well, I have my pitch booked (yay) but didn't get round to booking food tickets. Cannot find anything related in the SGL shop on FLO's website, any clues would be appreciated. Cheers
  13. Radar2312

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    woohoo, i'm confirmed again, hopefully this time there will be nothing to put a stop to it. really looking forward to my first star camp and picking the assembled brains!!
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