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  1. She doesn't complain I don't delete eastenders.....
  2. My first view of Saturn was at a star party and it was a wow moment,but for me seeing the moon through my very own scope was amazing,even now whenever I am outside in the evening/night/early morning I find my self constantly glancing up to it
  3. Welcome back Matt,I too have had a resurgence in my interest,I had a bout of illness last summer and,for a while I have lacked the enthusiasm for anything,just checking the site every few days but I was asked by my daughter if I would take my scope to a star party at her school that was set to coincide with the eclipse the following day,the reaction of most of the children and a lot of staff members to the views of Jupiter and the knowledgeable husband of Meg's teacher really buoyed me,I have vowed to really put some effort back in
  4. Thanks,my wife thinks that's pretty cool even though I don't understand it!
  5. my wife took a few snaps of the sky with her iphone because she liked the cloud around the eclipse,in a couple of the snaps there is a bright crescent shape below and to the left of the main event,is this likely to be Venus? I would post pic but don't know how
  6. I have just witnessed what I think is my first fire ball! 23:40 from my garden in hereford city centre,am I correct?
  7. Don't know if this has already been posted,but if you have 20 minutes spare,try this http://joshworth.com/dev/pixelspace/pixelspace_solarsystem.html
  8. I enjoyed it,watched it with my 12 yr old because she's just covered sound in science at school,last months was good,but then again I'd watch Dr Helen Czerski on anything!
  9. Thanks guys,will leave well alone,I'm not known for my dexterity
  10. I've had it since last summer,I've always kept all of the caps on when not in use
  11. Can't post images at the mo,it looks like a fine dust on the primary and a smudge on the secondary (condensation drying out?) have used the scope a lot recently and it seems fine just a bit worried that's all
  12. Just checked my scope and found dirt on both mirrors of my 8" dob,what is the best and safest way of cleaning them?
  13. No mention of the top job done by the ladies and gents of hereford astro society at Berrington hall in herefordshire
  14. Store my dob assembled in annexe living room(sometimes it's warmer outside!) it's easy to move outside on to garden and if I'm feeling really lazy I can just open patio doors and poke the tube through
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