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  2. What a great night the moon looks so beautiful just rising.makes me really appreciate to be alive.on the other hand it just shows how insignficant were all really are which is inspiring in itsself.not usually so philosophical ,how people don't even give our neighbouring beauty a glance is disturbing .
  3. Love Mine but a telrad or rigel q.finder is a must never had Problems with Base as yet but would be Handy. Enjoy it's a great Bit of kit
  4. i have recently started down the dslr trail but do not yet have the capability to to take dso so due to no mount and ap scope.i had a go at some widefield with varying results but was chuffed over all. i was thinking of having a go at the moon tonight i dont have a tripod all money is being saved for ap setup.but i have been improvising.in the s@n mag imaging special it says that dslr's are not suited for moon pics so was wondering the community's opinion on that and with suggestions for me to try with my limited set up thanks sam
  5. he must have meant dark energy doesn't really make sense otherwise so i think its safe to make that asumption. and the are just theories got to wait for the evidence backed by exsperiments (discovery channel i dont actuall now much lol) and im glad im not the one trying to figure it out
  6. couldnt use the cd have a netbook but use apt and its top dog !thanks now the lead work with that
  7. theres a thread on this i think.people spoke t camp site will ave a look!
  8. you mean firefox is that a diffrent browser i am uising chrome atm browser (sorry my skills are obviously very limited)
  9. sorry it says c:users\MYCOMP~1\appData\Roaming\MICROS~1\INSTAL~1\{34212~1\_6FEFF~1.EX3 The NTVDM CPU has encounterd an illegal instruction. CS:05a6 IP;01b6 OP:df fb 9e f4 8a Choose 'Close@ to terminate the application this is jargon to me so it might be me or my comp thanks for taking the time to reply appreciate it thanks sam
  10. i think its sounds good i am waiting till it has some reviews before i buy though need imaging nd visual mount
  11. when i try opening the pitch allocations it say nvtdm has encountered an illegal action any 1 now how to resolve this issue so i can see pitch allocations thanks sam
  12. i have just recieved my 1100d and was wondering o use sofware like dslr shutter for exposure contro what do i need to control it from my netbook lead wise dont think i can do it with the supplied usb?thanks sam
  13. to use the software like dslr shutter with the 1100d what lead do you need to connect laptop and camera?
  14. i didn't put it there it was left by owner so i neglect responsibility!
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