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StarParty Number 2 !!!!!!


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Well, with a week to go before the inaugral Stargazers Star Party, it has been pointed out that this one was short notice for many people.

To prove your Admin and Mod team are a caring bunch, we've listened to your comments, and will totally ignore them of course!! :clouds1: No, seriously, we really would like to make this a regular thing, and for as many as possible to attend.

With that in mind, the question, very simply, is when should the next one take place? If we think about it now, we can get it in the diary and start looking for suitable venues. If it takes place in the warmer months, chances are we would need to book early anyway.

Let's start with the month first - post up your preference and we'll go from there.... :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds2:


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there is a poss Daz that you and i could be meeting soon.

I think the NNHS is meeting with bedford AS sometime over xmas. I wil try to make it as well:-)

oh and of course bu another of you wonderful calenders. I bought one last year as well


yes, april would be good, but not around 21st as it my sisters 30th b day!

March would be safer

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I have just been reminded that I will have a 2 month old sproglet and a 3 year old at the time of the March Star Party - I am hoping to attend but please excuse me if I have to pull out at the last minute due to stabbing, poisoning or death by cattle prod!

I have told her that if there's a prefrence - poisoning would be my first choice as long as it's fast acting and doesn't stain the carpet!!


PS. I have just been informed that "If I am coping well and the baby arrives on time - I might, might be able to attend"

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If we can try and set a date for SP2 quite soon, I can organise my business around it and try and bring 4 - 5 scopes. I would need advance warning of the date though.

lxd75 8"SCT, lxd75 6"AR, LX90 12" LNT, LX200 10" GPS and a Tasco Luminova X660 maginfication. What do you think?

First go onthe Tasco for me :clouds2:

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