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  1. You learn something new everyday! Nice one
  2. Hi All, Was chatting with a young relative today, and trying to explain what a satellite is. I told him that they orbit the earth, much like the moon. He then stumped me with this question. If the satellites are whizzing around the earth why dont sky satellite dishes move? I said I'd get back to him on that... Anyone know the answer!
  3. Wasn't out with my telescope, was on a foot patrol in Iraq. Wandered through a clump of rocks... Rocks got up and started tearing around my feet. They weren't rocks at all. They were Camel Spiders... I screamed like a big girls blouse
  4. Hi All, Had an excellent night viewing Plato and the Appeninne Mountains last night. Had my Ipod in, and was listening to the very excellent War Of The Worlds - Just wondered if I'm the only one who listens to tunes while I gaze
  5. The camera I'm using is a bit on the cheap side and I cant find any way to change exposure settings. But its good fun trying. Did have a go at imaging Posidonius last night under high mag (x240) Memo to self - To maintain good night vision, turn OFF camera flash before attempting Lunar photography!
  6. Nice one Kain, and it beggars belief that a Teacher of all things could show such ignorance. Well done for proving the lad right!
  7. Yeah I reckon a tweak is needed! But I have no idea how to use photoshop!
  8. Hi All, Here's an afocal effort of tonights Moon. A little bit washed out methinks. I need a webcam!
  9. It's the Mare Crisium, about 3.85 billion years old. The picture shows the edge of the Impact basin, the Picard Crater and the Lick Crater. You can also see part of the Yerkes Crater and there is a mountain to the West 'Mons Usov' The last ever Lunar samples collected by Humans come from this Mare - The Soviet Luna 24 succesfully returned samples in 1976. I know, I should get out more!
  10. Hi All, Having a cracking night observing here in Berkshire. Spent a good couple of hours observing the Mare Crisium and the fault line below Cauchy (using the excellent book The Modern Moon, a very handy guide - recommended by AstroMan - Cheers mate) Was really chilling out when a little face popped over the fence. My new neighbour Eddie asked if I was manning an Ack Ack Gun! I told him it was actually a 5 inch refractor telescope, and would he care to have a peek. Well 30 minutes later having seen the Moon under high magnification, and a quick peek at Venus I asked him if he would like to see Saturn... It never fails 8) :saturn: 8) My 68 year old neighbour says he's off to buy some binos on Monday! And he's promised to kill every light in his house as soon as the Sun goes down. Happy days. Anyways, I'm back off outside to make the most of the clear skies. Later, Spud
  11. Hi All, Does anyone know of a website that sells a universal camera bracket, and accepts Visa Electron! I've found one here http://tinyurl.com/ysn5jw but they don't accept Electron cheers Spud
  12. Wicked pix Trudie - nice one
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