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Hello from Hants/ W Sussex border!


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Hello there!

I have finally made the plunge into 'proper' astronomy after a childhood spent staring at the stars through binoculars with my parents. After moving to a house 2 years ago that is lucky enough to be in the middle of no-where, and being able to see the milky way on a clear evening, I have been researching and lusting after buying a scope ever since (oh, and the saving bit too).

I finally ordered my SW 200p EQ5 from FLO late last week and have been re-reading Nightwatch and TLaO in eager anticipation.

Whilst I have a very rudimentary knowledge of the common constellations, I have very little knowledge of using a scope, so I'm sure I will be asking a ton of questions very soon.

I'm sure now that I've ordered the scope and all this good weather is due to pass that I'll be staring at clouds for weeks, so I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself :-)

I'm also looking forward to in the future dabbling with astro-photography (what beginner doesn't say this?) but it's not something I'll be doing for some time yet. I have 10 years of Photoshop professional experience and use it every day, so it's only all the other parts that sound scary!

Anyway, hello!


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Hi Jon and welcome to the forum

You seem like someone who enjoys a good read, so can I suggest you get a hold of Steve Richards "Making Every Photon Count" (FLO£19.95) as a way of gaining a seriously good overview on the subject of imaging. It's very comprehensive and will advise what you need and why you need it and will place your self at the right level that will help satisfy your expectations. A lot of people initially focus on the data capture side of imaging with questions concerning which scope or mount etc which I suppose is to be expected but that's only half the story, the other half concerns itself with data processing which can make such a difference to the final image. The book is modestly priced and I would argue that not only is it a good read (should the clouds come in!) but it might save you a few quid when you come round to investing in this area in the future.

In any case welcome aboard and wishing you clear skies


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Many thanks for all the kind welcomes!

Also, thanks for the recommendation for Every Photon Counts - I had eyed it up already, but decided to hang back until I've learned more about the night-sky first, but I'm glad to hear it's a good read(and you're right, I like a good read!).

I will definately be buying it before all the kit though (I also realise that the mount I have is not suited to AP, but this was more a matter of cost and dipping my toe in the water first).

Out of interest, do people have suggestions for books more fundamental to astronomy; I recently bought The Fabric of the Cosmos, and it's next on my bookcase to read. I wondered if there were any others that are maybe a little less techy, and more centred on astronomy as a companion?



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Welcome to SGL- I'm a newcomer here too. I grew up in Lowfield Heath Sussex, but now I'm lucky enough to live even more in the middle of nowhere- New Mexico 10 miles from the nearest village, 25 from a town and 80 from a city

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