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  1. Hi Chris, I have a Meade 114/900 on the same mount and very happy see my latest posted pic treads. i paid £65 for it at a car boot months back came with 2x barlow and 25mm lens and DV single axis motor controller. I have also variable zoom lens 21mm - 7mm £31 which is very good. Super Plossel are good £69 is a good price plus if you upgrade your scope you can keep them but now all i really use is my SPC900NC webcam with IR filter
  2. Welcome Matt to SGL all the help and in one place enjoy
  3. DarkWispa

    Hello !

    Wellcome to SGL enjoy
  4. Wellcome to SGL enjoy
  5. Hi Sunny, welcome to SGL Like all above find groups near you, do some research i got my scope at a car boot for £65 and slowly built it up with extra lens and bits, borrowed a camera mount for my first pics then recently got a SPC900NC Webcam with IR filter and 1.25" adaptor for £29 and love it my scope is not the best in the world but have learnt to use it and push the old girl to its limit with great results. So good Luck and have fun
  6. DarkWispa

    Hello World!

    hi and welcome DZ to SGL enjoy
  7. Hi Rob welcome to SGL mate enjoy
  8. Thanks took me a long time getting right . Clouds and more for a while hoping next weeks better, come clear skies
  9. Jup+moons+shadows+storms its a tick in my book welldone
  10. Welldone great detail a pic to be proud of
  11. Had a good play with AVI's taken on the 14 Oct with Registax and combined the moon with jupiter and Ganymede
  12. Amazing love the way the moons travel in there orbit welldone
  13. Thanks going to have another play and see cheers
  14. Very nice work similar to my go i like the fine surface detail as you can see the gas sway
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