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  1. Thanks for the sketch Phil, hopefully I'll be up and running soon
  2. Hi all, Just waiting for a few more parts so i can have a try at this project, as i'm a noob to arduino i was hoping someone could answer a question or two about the sketch Gina has posted (DewCrtl_pjr_Cent_05__9_r1_v16_dht11_22) mainly does the DHT22 work with this sketch as the DHT11 not the DHT22 is mentioned frequently, also what pins do you use for the 20x4 lcd as my plans show 2,3,4,5,11,12 which would mean i dont have 4 pwm pins to run the mosfets ( using the UNO), and lastly which mosfets do you recommend for the project. Hopefully you can help me out before i release the mystical blu
  3. Thanks for all the positive comments, yes the motor does sound a bit tired but that was mainly down to the battery needing a charge, also the vid makes it sound a lot noisier than it really is . The gutter on top is lifted with a couple of linear actuaters connected in with the winch controller, pretty simple really as i dont like things to be over complicated.
  4. Ok so this is my 5th attempt at an observatory and i think i have just about got the hang of them now, The reason it is part roof is all down to location and direction. It had to have a small footprint and allow views to the south so the best solution was to remove a small section of the roof away and down out of the way. After freezing in the winter many times before i felt it was time to have a warm room so this obs now features a 6x4 plasterboarded room to keep everything warm and dry (which is nice ) . While constructing the roof i thought what the hell why not have that automated too, so
  5. I went with the plain EQ6 syntrek and EQDIR cable from FLO in April and it arrived as the NEQ6 pro, only with the syntrek controller, came with the new saddle and extension bar. If you want to use the EQ5 synscan handset you should only need the connecting cable as long as your handset has the latest firmware version, never tried connecting my EQ5 handset up as EQMOD does everything and more.
  6. Yes took the family a few weeks ago, The film was brilliant and probably the best part of the whole day. I did think that the space center was more focused on space travel rather than the stars and planets IMHO.
  7. Gives you a real buzz when you switch on and everything works. Well done, Now you've got to put it to good use.
  8. If i remember correctly it was 2 points, i placed a cocktail strick under the heatshield at the solder points to hold down the ribbons and give a little upward pressure then as soon as you add the heat to the solder it just lifts up.
  9. Have to agree with what the others have said regarding the mount, The EQ5 is a good mount but the HEQ5 or EQ6 are so much better for astrophotography, Having just upgraded from the EQ5 to the NEQ6 you can really see the difference in build and load capacity.
  10. Take your time with the ribbon cables but don't panic about them, when I did my camera I found that the very small connector with the 2 small wires was the most awkward to remove, The soldering is pretty straight forward as heat is only applied for a second when removing an refitting just watch the ribbon cable under the top right near the viewfinder is pushed down with a cocktail stick out of the way.
  11. I think Modern Astronomy is the cheapest at £39.80
  12. Any update on when the mugs and stickers will be ready for dispatch please
  13. Hi and Welcome to the lounge
  14. Hi and Welcome to the lounge
  15. Hi and Welcome to the lounge
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