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  1. I'd like to add that these boots are the warmest things I've ever worn. Fishing in minus 5 and my feet were as if I was at home in front of a log fire. As far as I know nothing really beats them. You might be interested to take a look. http://www.tacklebox.co.uk/clothing-and-footwear/footwear/boots/skee-tex-thermal-boots.html
  2. These are the sort of nights we all learn the most from ,and I've had plenty of them too. I do however thing it's great your not using a goto, you'll probably learn more in the end from not having a goto, and when you eventually do get goto you'll find it so easy. I use a goto and find that frustrating... Sometimes I shout at my EQ6 the same way I shout at the washing machine while trying to open the locked door.
  3. Jack pyke hunters mittens are the best I've used, very warm indeed! http://www.jackpykeshop.co.uk/hunters-mittens.html
  4. Well i think mine came to about £150, the battery was the most expensive at £120. I went for the elecsol carbon type and I used my old fishing box from argos the battery fits a treat.
  5. Dave I'm using a Uniross u0151429, was that the same as yours??
  6. I've got the tools (a brilliant friend)... Thanks for your last post Dave, I really appreciate you posting that. :icon_salut:
  7. So I have a universal charger between my leisure battery and mount set to 15v, I'd like to bring that down to 13v as you suggest. I'm not whizz, but really want to know how. Any ideas please?
  8. I've assumed it's the same as neq6, sorry I assume too much after my sunday cider.
  9. Hello your last post beat me (sorry). But maybe the o ring might still help?
  10. I also would use a rubber O-ring to hold the reticule in place before you start to turn the screws. The o ring fits between the reticule and the eyepiece that screws in. You will need a R-16 pluming O ring to do this.
  11. I'd throw out the grub screws and use screws that you can turn with your fingers rather than using a allen key. I have done this and used screws from a few bits that are spare. The screws that hold your eyepiece in place are what i use. Centering your polar scope is so easy doing when you can turn two screws at a time. I have learnt this the hard way too. Good luck.
  12. I only need a rough measurement, and yes the distance between them on the ‘shipped with’ would be a good start. I’m trying to get a rough idea on size as I want to use a s/w guidescope mount between the 80ed and the st80.
  13. Hi. I'd like to know the distance between the tube rings on the evostar 80 ed pro pleaase. Thanks.
  14. Check out Alastair reynolds, sci-fi based on factual science. http://voxish.tripod.com/
  15. jbk44

    Jim's Dob.

    But certainly wouldn't recommend mdf to anyone else.
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