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  1. there was a post on here about having your last wow factor . . . think thats it
  2. late-useful crashing-useful crammed-useful next to the toilet-useful Hmmmm
  3. can i ask which one is it you have (make) and aany others that you find useful with this scope?
  4. 65million years away and a very big scope to see the meteor hit earth And its my Tardis lol
  5. was looking at getting a TMB planetry 9 or 6mm ep to start bettering (lol that cant be a word) my standard ones, will this suit the 130p ? Also i noticed the weight at 5oz, will this be a strain on the flimsy focuser ?
  6. the goto that you wont be buying ?
  7. Im hoping so cus ive just won it lol . . . bargain me thinks
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