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WOW its just so big!


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I so wanted the CPC 1100 - but after trying to pick one up thought better of it...

The 9.25 is just about my limit - for being practical - easy to shove on the front seat of the car to take to a dark site...

Not sure I am good enough at welding to make the modifications to the car to get that beast in :)

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wow .....

Cheated though, they used a gantry crane to place it on the mount.

Arnie Sch.... for all that counter balance stuff......

Space Bat, Once you moved the C11 around a few times, its not that bad. I had one for 5 years. In fact, gonna get another one next year.

You could buy a C11 array for the price of this scope.

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Astronomy Technology Today had an article this quarter about a guy in the LA area who bought one and his trials and tribulations about moving it around (he bought an early demo version, and still had to wait two years to get it). He built a giant platform for keeping it assembled in his garage and he can just wheel it out....he got tired of the 4-6 hour setup and trying to find thee neighbors to help him lift the scope up. He also had to raise the roof on his garage, and keep the monster stowed in unnatural positions. He is going to get a dedicated trailer for his truck so he can haul it out to a dark site.

Yeah, I am sure it has incredible views and the imaging is spectacular, but IMHO you gotta be half freakin' nuts to buy one of those when you live in the smog / light dome known as Los Angeles. Anyway, good read, worth a few laughs, I thought.

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Do you know if they include any eyepieces with the scope? You really would have to buy a camping mat to make a dew shield for that scope!


p.s In the first video did you notice the Starship Enterprize model behind his head - would like one of those.

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