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  1. M51 is fairly large and noticeable...a modest scope would pick it up even with small subs.
  2. Still getting to grips with this new camera....this was 0 gain offset 10 and 25 subs LRGB L 60 secs RGB 90 secs and Ha 180 secs. Ha to me looks overcooked. M51_RGB_Ha.bmp
  3. RGB_H.bmpRGB_H_clone.bmpHeavy going trying to tease out some detail within this tricky object. Taken with the CPC 925 and 1600mm Pro, Processed in PI
  4. You have a powermate so you need to look at better spacing of eye pieces so can combine it...without overlapping and being close to the others like the 9 & 5.5 and the 25 and 9. Unless using the powermate for imaging.
  5. Take a look http://astronomy.robpettengill.org/blindSmartPhonePolarAlign.html
  6. Polar alignments can be a daunting task.. it takes practice! If you persevere eventually you will be aligned in minutes. You can get pole scopes for forks btw
  7. Yeah sorry Phil breaking the set I think will be problematic.
  8. I did look at OAG with the new setup and found difficulty with BF and it looked a cumbersome setup with an Orion Starshoot AG. The choice was potentially get a new slimline AG or look at other options and read about Finder guider options. I am from the get go getting good results albeit not as good as with OAG...however each time I calibrate modifying backlash on the scope and tweaking settings my traces are improving all the time...what I anm working at is pulse and angle..not easy with no clear nights to image. However if there is an opportunity to just work on guide accuracy I have taken
  9. Hi Phil, Based in Cambridge, but work in Wolverhampton and Coventry
  10. Apologies if this has been covered... Like many downloading the new CFM and trying to open it has been a real pain.....looking for solutions here and CN had some useful guides but like am sure for some proved no use. Anyway I found this site https://windowsreport.com/jar-files-not-opening-windows-10/ And basically skipping down to solution 3 clicked the link and downloaded Jarfix - now it comes up real quick as a splash and its gone again...I thought not again. However when you now click on your extracted download for CFM it now opens.....happy days can now fix the GPS bug and
  11. Hi Neil, Unfortunately our eyes are the weakest link when it comes to visual Astronomy we can not see colours like a camera however a good dark site and dark adaption your scope will give terrific views. You just need to hone your skills and visual awareness. Hunt for the brighter deep sky objects Orion Nebula will blow your socks off as will Jupiter and Saturn.
  12. The slew in PHD is miniscule compared to the mount control. Do you have a hand controller that can plug into mount and computer?
  13. Have you seen if manual guide function works in all directions? Also all Ascom drivers need to be installed first. Then any others such as guide camera , mount and PHD etc
  14. I set everything up with laptop this is left by the scope. I then use tablet to operate scope through sky safari on the Celestron skyportal plugged into the CPC. Everything else is controlled by using Teamviewer I can run everything from my tablet accessing the laptop from wherever in the house or out. You can be out with the wife and take images at the same time
  15. Possibly see what societies are near you, find out it there is a viewing session planned in near future and see if can pop along. Dependant on numbers you could get to look through a variety of scopes and budgets.
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