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  1. Space Bat


    Welcome Steve Just checking in on you Chris
  2. Hi - My thoughts also point to the power tank as others have said - as I also seen this happen, I used to use the tank, but found they can't be used as a work horse. Probably saying the obvious - have you tried using it with mains?
  3. I do have PI so am sure such issues can be countered. My worry is the not knowing if a ccd will play up with time....I know the sensor will out live the shutter on a dslr..and if not happy can pick up cheap missed bodies...Just looking for confidence from you guys if buy a ccd I would get many years use without excessive degradation
  4. So moving to a CCD could be something where same issue even though spending 3x the outlay
  5. Hello Do sensors ccd or cmos age...difficult to get any info on this...but it seems one camera is suffering from more hot pixels... Does anyone have info on whether sensors do suffer more noise and bad pixels over time. Thanks
  6. Moving from Luton to 8 miles west of Cambridge whilst not solely an astronomical move was a great move as much clearer skies lesser LP - and I can see this thick band of stuff especially in winter....forgot what that was for a long time...
  7. very nice image, good res thoughout
  8. Time machine - to go back before industrial revolution, I wonder how many moons of Jupiter would Galileo have seen from his back garden in London in today's time
  9. Welcome There are so many pitfalls to this hobby - as said earlier, recommend joining a society first, get a feel of what you are letting yourself in for.
  10. Just a quick play - with PI nothing to fancy - a bit rusty with it after so long
  11. For Crying OUT LOUD PEOPLE............KLINGONS??? REALLY I mean REALLY........pffft Under what circumstances pray tell?? Klingons are not permitted within our solar system and all Klingon traffic is closely monitored within federation space and tend to be escorted and shouldn't incur from within the neutral zone and klingon space - without prior permission as it would be deemed an act of aggression.... SO please stop the scare mongering and whipping up rubbish which simply isn't true.
  12. I just see the crab.....I have tried visualizing the man and just can't see it - I know of what it refers and what/where I should look - but just keep seeing a crab O.o
  13. or my region took delivery of a new bit of kit yesterday....and had the indecency to setup and thus screw up my observing and planet imaging session :( You know who you are!!!!
  14. Would love to have a 11 - but simply when ready to purchase one I bottled out due to the weight even bidded for a couple on ebay ....I just felt that needed something a little more portable and easier to sling in the car if needed ... I guess my sissy muscles ruled the 11 out
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