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  1. Guiding was a mare to start..first trying to image too close to the gas vent and wind wrong direction, so guidingwasnt happy.. So thought image the Flame...don't have FOV to do much around this area...again guiding was all over the place. So decided to do a realignment and correct polar error...great guiding like butter...then 3 subs in the cloud shows up.....time to raise the white flag.
  2. Running Flats - yes my cables need sorting
  3. Just adding to my dark and flat library... new camera new library. Shame cant use all my previous masters. But will be worth it in the long run. Leo last night was in the sweet zone when packing up. Shame work tomorrow so may just observe if clear tonight.
  4. Well over an hour more than planned, but with crystal skies it would have been criminal not to finish the NBs after my mishap...so its nite from me
  5. One thing recently learned is to use hysterisis more
  6. Sleep is over rated anyways...safely indoors watching another episode of the witcher
  7. So just finished O3 and something doesn't look right...then an S2 drops and it looks same as previous filter set...good God forgot to plug the sodding wheel back in when swapping filters... so start again...
  8. Lol I am so tired didn't even get my own pun was up till 2.30 last night on same object but thin cloud had phd dancing all over. Tonight has been smooth as butter.
  9. 1hr to go...last leg on the crab with o3 and s2 shattered!!
  10. Seeing has improved considerably. So taking some subs of an old favourite...crab nebula
  11. Yeah sorry Phil breaking the set I think will be problematic.
  12. I did look at OAG with the new setup and found difficulty with BF and it looked a cumbersome setup with an Orion Starshoot AG. The choice was potentially get a new slimline AG or look at other options and read about Finder guider options. I am from the get go getting good results albeit not as good as with OAG...however each time I calibrate modifying backlash on the scope and tweaking settings my traces are improving all the time...what I anm working at is pulse and angle..not easy with no clear nights to image. However if there is an opportunity to just work on guide accuracy I have taken it.... Last settings were strange other night though...RA was like butter.. Dec was comparable...but every 20-30 secs a Dec spike would occur...
  13. Hi Phil, Based in Cambridge, but work in Wolverhampton and Coventry
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