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  1. I have never had a Hobby that hates the participant so much to the brink of tears!
  2. Morning all, Well everything was back to normal and no issues I have had past couple of days such as the auto focus, but the other thing was losing sync and PEC playback reporting needing to find index even though was indexed and in playback Got some more subs on M51 and a little on M101 when cloud cover rolled in and guide failure caused the sequence to be aborted and park up for remainder of the night. I have asked this on the Sgpro forum but thought ask here if anyone has work around for this issue below. (doh found it - in recovery at bottom) When imaging long sequence over night whilst asleep, I often wake up to it stopped midway and checking logs was guide star lost issues…This was due to cloud cover moving in for a while and then clearing. Is there a way that when this happens the mount is either not parked or unparked then makes another attempt after say 10-20 minutes… with an option to select how many attempts and what time delay…such as plate solving attempts… I feel this would greatly be a bonus add add - if it is not in the software and I am missing this. Thanks
  3. Well thankfully the telescope did park itself after an autofocus fail - it now looks like after update the issue was running the cable via the camera....and was not allowing it to be calibrate or run properly....not sure why Anyway went direct with usb to focuser to PC and it calibrated and seems OK - hopefully can get it working properly tonight if clear and run it as before most of the USB on the camera....failing that I have plan B.
  4. Sometimes you just want to scream to the gods 'WHY !' After couple rubbish weeks thought had a clear run...checked cfm and did an update..huge mistake! Got setup and the auto focuser just wouldn't play ball..would keep losing connection..and also for some reason when jammed running also slewed the scope. I basically lost 3hrs bashing my head against a brick wall...finally rebooted everything manually focused and got on M101....so far its auto focussing...not sure how that will last or whether the scope will park itself after sequence...hopefully will not wake up to a mess of snapped cables...
  5. M51 is fairly large and noticeable...a modest scope would pick it up even with small subs.
  6. Still getting to grips with this new camera....this was 0 gain offset 10 and 25 subs LRGB L 60 secs RGB 90 secs and Ha 180 secs. Ha to me looks overcooked. M51_RGB_Ha.bmp
  7. RGB_H.bmpRGB_H_clone.bmpHeavy going trying to tease out some detail within this tricky object. Taken with the CPC 925 and 1600mm Pro, Processed in PI
  8. PS2 been a real pain tonight but managed to grab some Ha on the Eskimo nebula whilst waiting for M51 to clear my roof top...so now adding another set of data to add what captured a few days back...checked few subs, guiding is like butter...so it's time to grab sleep...and see how things turned out in the morning.
  9. You have a powermate so you need to look at better spacing of eye pieces so can combine it...without overlapping and being close to the others like the 9 & 5.5 and the 25 and 9. Unless using the powermate for imaging.
  10. Am on M66 - for once everything is working and going to plan, guiding good, autofocus good, plate solved first attempt, why cant all nights be like this without me cussing and pulling hair out.
  11. Take a look http://astronomy.robpettengill.org/blindSmartPhonePolarAlign.html
  12. Polar alignments can be a daunting task.. it takes practice! If you persevere eventually you will be aligned in minutes. You can get pole scopes for forks btw
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