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  1. When I was in work in Merthyr earlier it was crystal clear sky's. Only when I dropped down to abercynnon was it misty Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk please ignore any spelling typo thingys
  2. Hello guys Just wondering if there was a cheap alternative to the samsung SDC435 on the block. it seems when i left the video astro to fund a bit more of AP the price of the camera hasnt moved an inch still the same price. are there any other models out there that can be used? all i want to do is make an all sky camera. Many thanks Gaz
  3. i havent had a real good chance yet to look at the photos i took guys but i hope over next few days i will and i'll post them all Gaz
  4. Just came across this guys and i thought it might be very interesting http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/northern-lights-could-visible-over-10367928 might be worth an inprompt visit to blaenavon if it reaches KP9 and the sat image shows its going to happen NOAA 30 min weather forcast http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/aurora-30-minute-forecast and the aurora forcast http://www.aurora-service.eu/aurora-forecast/
  5. Welcome to the group rich! We have frequent observing nights at blaenavon which mike organises for us and there's one coming up very soon too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk please ignore any spelling typo thingys
  6. Hello guys i was wondering if any one had used the Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens lens. is it any good for astro use, as well as day use? (but mainly astro) also what exactly does the STM do? Many thanks Gaz
  7. Which number have I got this time tony as I can't actually remember which one I was on last year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk please ignore any spelling typo thingys
  8. I'm just finishing loading up too ginna go for some food and I be leaving any one know where the closest supermarket is as I forgot to go shopping last night lol got distracted with the GoPro and a time lapse Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk please ignore any spelling typo thingys
  9. Hello guys im still alive! thank you all for being worried about me, this years been a fairly hard one to be honest, grandfather been in hospital about 10 times this year (and only managed to get out of hospital on monday which was his 89th birthday too) so i havent had a chance to come on here nor even do any stargazing i did manage to take the telescope to tenby and i think i managed to get the gentleman in the caravan hooked but thats about all if theres still any space id like to come if possable but i can always have a few hours up if its not as i know its fairly late now an pr
  10. Thanks for pointing that out Stuart i actually missed that just looked at the origional photo and you can just about see it fuzzy. wish i did 30 second captures instead of 20 now!
  11. it was a really really good night out! i had the gopro set up but i think these three frames are the best of the lot - Sadly due to the forums image compression the images look a little less great than their RAW equivlents but i hope you enjoy! see if you notice the 16" monster hiding in the background!! it was really nice seeing every one for me its the first proper outing since SWSP 3 and it was nice to get out and see. i only took the ETX70 and the bins and was really really supprised how well it preformed with a lend of Lennys TAL 2x barlow! and it was also gret to meet Stewart a
  12. i hopefully will be there tonight i dont think im going to bring the meade lx90 though due to the ice (struggle to put it on in the day let alone in the night with an icy floor!) but i will bring my bins, gopro and i might stick the etx70 out (as it now works with the LX90s controller getting it actualy showing me what im supposed to be seeing is the challenge though) - still havent gotten on with meades "goto haha- thinks i better go load the truck up so i have no excuse now!
  13. What about tomorrow mike? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk please ignore any spelling typo thingys
  14. Parcel force is known for charging a "handling fee" just for "rushing" the products through customers and back charging. Unfortunatly it is probably this that was charged although they usually send a letter either before delivering or after. Not at the door. Also I would personally write a review on the suppliers board just to inform others of your issue. At least you have it now though:) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk please ignore any spelling typo thingys
  15. woooo i won!!!! i missed this thread lol can i have 35 steve please:P
  16. iv got the gopro out atm, hoping for 5 hours of frames for my timelapse. wish i saw people were popping up the site earlier tho ah wel lol
  17. Tals are really fantastic scopes MW i feel jealous althrough iv got too many scopes already iv always been tempted to get a little tal as well haha it was snowing really good at the office in merthyr today but only settling on the hills around not below. and it started in masseycwmmer at dead on 6 (gotta love met office predictions) but stopped not long after. the grounds just too wet what we need is it to freeze, slightly warm and snow (i love snow btw!!) really excited this morning haha. its quite clear outside now (or was 10 mins ago) so the gopro is out taking photos till 11 (a
  18. the gopro is set strangly, it must have an auto focus as you can do really good closeups as well as really far away without doing anything (apparently its got an intel processer) its perminantly set at F2.8 so pretty wide and for dark sky images can go up to 30 seconds a frame max my mate who has the vivitar one for images of him "racing" his ford cougar laughs at me after spending all that on the camera, but if the gopro can do that above with LP around and other light being generated i dread to think how well it would preform on a totally dark sky site.
  19. Thanks Will thats a great site meteor is also another thing i wanna go into you can take a continious image of 30 seconds a time 5 sec gap and again (to give it chance to save) might be useful iv done timelapses before with the 300d and 1100 but they were a right faf, it took me ages to focus, to get everything right, table for remote (not to put strain on the plug and dangle) the celestron az tripod (as the lightweight photo one iv been using on gopro is ok for quick shots but can snake slightly with weight) then the fact i worry with the unpredictable weather (you can see how clear
  20. awww no steve! cant you get her to change the day? lol i hopefully will be there expessially early i want to get the gopro working on a nice lapse
  21. thanks pete, im really pleased in what the gopro is actually doing in litterly less than 5 minuits (of which its turn on, turn on wifi, connect to iphone/ipad, change mode) turn off wifi, put outside and click start. i think next time im going to angle it further up so it dosent get the lights of the yard in the frame and leave it for much longer too when the clouds come over it actually rained for 10 mins heavy rain and stopped, i was panicing getting the scope in forgot bout the gopro but luckly its got a fully waterproof case down to 60metres
  22. im really looking forward to it. had a quick session tonight with the LX90 and its orion neb was the best iv ever seen it! only had to pack in when it rained (for about 20 mins) and then even darker clear skys but after it was all away i wasnt going to get it out again
  23. Hello guys heres a quick dirty video i just made with my gopro hero 4 black camera it was 44 frames, each 20 seconds long. F2.8 (as its fixed) i havent put it in any software bar Zeitraffer that is a timelapse osx stiching program. any pointers to improve greatly appreaceated
  24. i havent had a chance to try any software to be honest, really want to get final cut on here but its on my mates computer and i keep missing him i have all my astro software on my windows laptop but havent gotten around to trying it. but for a non edited photo thats pretty good. ] the tripod adapter and frame came today WOOOOOOO so going to try them all out on the next night. any one else given it ago?
  25. Fingers crossed Earl the bulb has blown! I will be honest, on the industrial estate i am its pitch black here, perfect for the clear dark skys we have and as im behind a nice locked gate im "protected" by leaving my equiptment out for hours at a time. We have a 150W metal halide security light on right by where i am on one of the units and the unit next to it has a small LED pointing into the corner where theres a door (they get to the yard at 4 in the morning sometimes to grit the local schools if its icy. but i have access to both lights and usually turn them off when im out and back on
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