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  1. I'm currently using an AP with my canon 700, With Redcat 51 on an eq5 tripod,also a WO uniguide scope (although still saving for a guider etc) I've managed 'ok' images of M51,M57,M27 and of course M31 amongst a few others but find I'm struggling on nebula such as around Sadr and the N'American nebula, I think I need an lp filter,
  2. The adapter is a T48 you just have to get one for your camera, I've a 700d and red cat
  3. This was mine from the last transit of mercury, (Mercury at the bottom not very visible in this image)
  4. Thanks guys,its good to be back
  5. Well,I lost my old password and couldn't get into the group,things (life) got in the way and a few years have past,but .. I'm back, So glad to be here again, JJ..
  6. I was going to bed but I saw first contact and figured what the heck, so Il be staying up watching nasa tv live (ish) all night,and with any luck get some images in a few hours time.
  7. nasatv.gov has the feed going on right now, its awesome watching all night :-)
  8. I managed to capture Venus through my Meade ETX-125 earlier, Not the best conditions as I was rushing to get it before it disapeared behind a tree, But at least I got a few vid's and a couple of grabs through the Asda cam (the high res version), nothing to write home about I know JJ..
  9. Is your mount level ? Just looked at mine and one of the legs must have been getting smaller over the last few months ! Can you calibrate the motors etc ? JJ..
  10. I get about 300x in that case :-) its just a figure I can throw round thanks, I managed to get some avi's of Mars last night but got nothing more than an amorphouse over exposed blob, At least I know it all works,didn't have the scope tracking just kept tapping the controls to keep Mars roughly centred, The FOV with the asda cam is very small and it took about 5 mins of searching to actually get Mars on the screen, It feels like a steep learning curve :-)
  11. Ok, I think that's covered that ok and I can understand it a little better !, sorry to have briefly scewered off the thread a bit, Laptop on standby waiting for those clear skies they keep on about (lol) Thanks, JJ..
  12. Quick question .. Compared to a 35mm type camera what's the 'magnification' when using one of these camera's, My scope is f15 mak cass, Is it easy to figure out as I imagine it all depends on the fl of each individual scope, Just thinking it'd be cool to mention the equivalent magnification to non Astronomers. JJ..
  13. Where are you getting all these clear skies from ? All I'm gettin here is cloud and rain ! You are getting some great images of the Moon,Mars and Saturn ! JJ..
  14. I'm using Sharpcap to get the captures, Very simple and easy to use, Only issue I've got is with Registax as its the first time I've realy used it to create a stacked image, JJ..
  15. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who uses all the old cereal boxes ! I've made Solar filters,camera mounting brackets and even my Bahitinof mask out of cornflake and rice crispy boxes, I've always been a little embaressed until now (lol) I'll be buying some solar filter paper in the coming days,so better get the cereal eaten before then ! Just don't scratch the filter during assembley. JJ..
  16. I ran 200 frames of a neighbours tv ariel the other day (through my scope) through sharpcap, Ended up with a much cleaner image,however nowhere as shap as any of the individual frames, Are there any quick pointers anywhere for using sharpcap ? as I'm almost a complete novice doing this stuff (gimme good old 35mm any day lol) JJ..
  17. jeremy1 As its the first webcam Ive had I didn't know if it worked like an external drive or something,I did find it in the Vista Device Manager but nothing else, It occurred to me to download some software (sharpcap) click on camera .. and there my ugly mug was on the screen along with a green led on the camera, I'm not sure if it opens without a program or not,and didn't know if you'd downloaded any capture software or not, Hope that helps (its all new to me) JJ..
  18. Great vid there Nytecam, I've got my adapter ready and the camera atatched Just waiting for the weather to comply, Also got a couple of pipe ends plugs today for any future plans, But I fancy making myself an eyepiece progection adapter while I'm being creative (lol) Its so frustrating waiting for clear enough skies to get it up and running ! JJ..
  19. Are the asda cams better used with the lens removed or against an eye piece as in digi scoping ? As I'm wondering about getting a 2nd one, And what's the best way to "kill" the led ? JJ..
  20. Yeah will see what I'm doing Monday morning,Might get one or two to have a look at, JJ..
  21. I'm finishing off turning an adapter (prototype will be wood) Once I'm happy with it (as long as it works) I'll either paint it or go with Delrin, Its taken me about 3 hours so far on the lathe, So I'll not be making any more unless I have to .. (lol) Im keeping my eye's on this thread as I never thought of going to B&Q !
  22. I tried the same thing with my bb 3900 the other night, But Venus was just an over exposed blob, I do like the Saturn image,is your phone just hand held onto the eye piece ? As I spent about 10 mins just trying to get the lens lined up ! JJ..
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