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  1. I was going by what stellarium said yesterday...visibility wasn't great but I could see some mag 10 stars and could not see the comet. So either stellarium was wrong, or the magnitude is under 11...no way you're gonna see it with the naked eye unless your 50 miles out to sea...
  2. Last night i was able to find the position in the sky where it should have been, but the clouds and then the moon scuppered me. Tonight looks a much better opportunity, moon starts to throw light everywhere from about 23:35, so from 23:10 to 23:30 ill be out looking for it again. 10" Dob with 20mm Eyepiece, might take the binos out as well...
  3. it was even better 3rd time round
  4. i too would like to say thanks for an enjoyable weekend (ill ignore the weather), really good group of people, thanks for making me welcome, ill be along to many more
  5. ill be bringing my 10" dob and my nikon d7000 camera to attempt some AP...
  6. banner001

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    i need a t-mount/adaptor and then im good to go
  7. got just over a hundred pictures before my hands got so cold i couldnt close them...i had a deer come within a few feet of me when i was sat down which was quite nice, a little female roe deer from what i could see. gonna install registax on this pc and see what i can come up with
  8. ill be out at my usual spot. gonna give the d700 a proper try tonight.
  9. i go to a hill between cov and rugby, its 2-3 miles from the nearest village and about 10 miles from the city, the light pollution is worst to the east and to the west, but north and south are fine, i would estimate naked eye limiting mag to be 5-5.5 depending on atmospheric conditions...its pretty dark once you go there. its also on a "hill"...well its about 105m above sea level, which is a hill around here, and gives a 360 degree uninterrupted view...i've yet to find something better in my local area. using a few of the calculators, if i dont want star trails, at 18mm focal length im looking at 6-10 seconds, at 60mm im looking at around 2-3 seconds, and at 105mm im looking at about 1-2 seconds. the camera seems to take good "noise-less" pictures up to ISO3200, some noise creeps in at ISO6400. ive turned off all the noise reduction options, im not 100% sure what to set the white balance to, so its currently on Auto1. a few sites ive looked at suggest setting the aperture slightly smaller than the camera can use, for instance if the lens at 18mm focal length can use a max of f3.2, then it can be wise to set it slightly narrower, say f3.5? any truth to this, or should i just open it and gather as much light as possible?
  10. ...so naturally i will be procuring it for a bit of AP Never done anybefore, i dont have a tracking mount, and for the time being i will be doing unguided AP from my manfroto tripod with the standard 18-105mm lens...any pointers? Having never had a "proper" camera ive had a read of what ISO, f and shutter speeds i should be looking at, does anyone here have any idea of what i could expect to achieve image-wise? And if anyone is in the local area drop me a PM, i have found the local astronomy society to be more talk than action...i know how to use my 10" dob, but AP will be a massive step-up Cheers!
  11. banner001

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    does anyone have an updated list of the pitches that are available, ive just re-read the "payment does not equal a pitch" bit is all...
  12. banner001

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    now i have a car i can come to these meetups booked for saturday night + hogroast, bringing my 10" dob. ill be coming from coventry so if anyone wants a lift i can bring you, ill borrow a tent off a mate, but you'll need your own sleeping bag...
  13. last night was stunning! i swear i could see M36 and M38 with the naked eye. Orions sword area was amazing, stunning blue/green nebula, jupiter was bright and clear...pretty amazing, pleiades was nice as well, could make out nebulosity with naked eye.
  14. Not just any old F-15, its an F-15E Strike Eagle...IMO the best combat aircraft ever built!
  15. sorry i think i caused the clouds...11 and a half hours at work i take a walk outside to go home think hmmm looks pretty decent, by the time i had got on the bus it was cloudy...sorry guys, ill take the hit on this one
  16. true...but you are still limited with a 6 inch scope, well unless you live in a nice dark site.
  17. i also saw this, did you look for io's shadow on the surface of jupiter, it was in the same region as the GRS...was amazing, looked like someone had punched a circle through to the other side, it was inky-black the shadow...very impressive!
  18. yesterday night was amazing, at midnight i could see a shadow on the face of jupiter caused by the transiting io...well io was moving across the surface, and in almost the same place as the great red spot there was a dark circle...im pretty sure it can only be a planet shadow! was very pleased with that one
  19. yeah it has got two peaks, ~6"-10" and ~16"
  20. i wonder if it will take an Ethos EP TBH it looks like a piece of grey PVC pipe...wonder if there is anything inside it?
  21. yeah i think 16" might be my usable limit, might one day look at getting a 20" made...but at the cost of a secondhand superbike its not cheap Umadog you are still in the "lead", its also interesting to see that the results dont make a standard bell curve...interesting.
  22. Good quality 1:10 dual speed crayford focusers as standard, bobs knobs as standard, an industry standard 1/8pv wavefront?
  23. come on...where are you monster dob owners?
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