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  1. Hi cajen2. I just checked x3 barlow and an 8mm ep would give you 281 magnification but your exit pupil would only be 0.53. Dave
  2. Hi cajen2. Can I ask what ep's you would be using in the barlow. I have a ×2 barlow and using an 8.8mm ep would give me magnification of around 350 ,I still new myself and don't know much about your scope but would a x3 barlow be a bit over powering. Dave
  3. I sent an ep from Ireland to a fellow SGL member in the UK and he had to pay way too much in customs and vat
  4. Hi kon. I got this book before buying turn left at Orion it has helped me find alot of dso's with my dob hope it helps. Dave
  5. My first telescope at the age of 49 was the 12"skywatcher dob which I got about four months ago,but I've always been interested in astronomy since I was 9 and wanting to be an astronaut, took 40 years from then to get my first scope
  6. Just what I'm looking for but way out of my price range maybe have to go with a cheaper brand
  7. The gym mat from amazon arrived last week and i finally got round make one works really well.
  8. My 127 f9.5 . No mount for it yet so I haven't had a chance to use it .
  9. I think I'll forget about the bag I haven't got the muscles
  10. I'd like a bag but can't find one big enough to fit my dob
  11. Hope you feel better soon John. Had my booster 4 weeks ago didn't even get a sore arm this time, got my flu jab in the morning
  12. The new mark V GM dew shield works a treat. GM ( gym mat )
  13. I'm still trying to aquire more ep's I've only got 4 . Haven't had a chance to use the 14mm yet but tonight might be clear
  14. Hi ScotRod and welcome to SGL. Are you using the 1.25 adapter at the same time with the 2" adapter
  15. Hi Bazz and welcome back to SGL
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