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  1. Anyone have a Skywatcher wedge available?
  2. Very fine setup - I'm sure it will all go together but.. If it doesn't i'd like to register interest in the AZ-GTI etc but would require posted sorry... I've put wanted requests out for AZ-gti & mount in a few places but yet to spend my money
  3. Brilliant - pleased its a good one. I was looking at that a week or two ago online but couldn't justify the drive to London in lockdown to get it It looked clean and tidy. Have fun with that one.
  4. EDIT** Sorry i'd like to withdraw from this and go in a different direction. Good luck with the sale they look like nice units.. Interested in the 9mm on it's own. To be fair on you I dont mind waiting to see if you get an offer from someone else for the whole lot though.
  5. I'm in Hessle.. Suffering the pain of light pollution
  6. And this is the reason I dont usually bother to join and comment on forums. Been there, seen that, done it. Fishkeeping, photography et all. The written word and and other jovial discussion I always tend to rub people up the wrong way. ditto thank you for your advice and input. Over and out..
  7. Now that bit I find offensive. I didnt only join to complain. I've actually been a watcher and reader on the site for over a year. I am an amateur and beginner and did not feel experienced enough to join in with discussions - I signed up a short while ago to hopefully join in. I noticed this thread as I was trying to find out information on why the sudden price increases. Now both my mobile phone and chrome on my laptop showed the old prices this morning. Possibly due to caching maybe as I had looked on the site previously whilst trying to make my mind up which mount/star tracker to
  8. They claim they have them in stock. They've put theirs up by £10 so it seem. It was £289 on Friday.
  9. I've sent them an email over - Worth a try thank you. It looks like most people have hiked their prices today. One breaks and the rest all follow There are some people on ebay really going crazy and making some money with the prices of these things. £339+ for mount head only! I'll keep my nose to the ground on the used market. I missed two of them a couple of weeks ago at good prices, I'm just not fast enough on the classifieds.
  10. ARgh So frustrating.. Just about to hit the buy on an Az-GTI from FLO. This morning £215 or £285 with tripod and extension. This afternoon £249 for the head and £339 for tripod and pillar. That's scuppered that then. back to the drawing board.
  11. Anyone have an AZ-GTI pref with tripod and extension pillar for sale? Would go for AZ-GTI on it's own. Missed 2 on here recently, looks like you have to be lighning fast Someone willing to take paypal transfer (it protects us both).
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