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  1. We organised a meet at a pub in Godstone, must be 10 years ago. It was good to meet other members but nothing came of it. There are plenty of societies around http://www.astronomyclubs.co.uk/Clubs/Counties.aspx and SGL has a star party each year which is well worth attending. Mike
  2. Welcome Wyvern. I'm located in TN8 not too far from you. Mike
  3. Failing all else, you could hang a bag of sand (or something similar) from the shaft. Mike
  4. Best wishes to all there Steve. Mike
  5. I ordered very promptly and have been lucky to have received my ASIAir. You are all correct about the effect of the weather - I've had one session outside since it arrived. I'm writing this at 3:50 am because I have been woken by strong winds and can't get back to sleep. When will we get some more settled weather patterns? Mike
  6. Snap. Ordered mine an hour or so after it appeared on FLO's site for pre-ordering. Mike
  7. Hi Todd, welcome to SGL. I lived and worked in Austin back in the 1980's. I was there for a visit a couple of years ago and was shocked at how much bigger and busier it had become. Still a lovely place to live though. Mike
  8. Happy New Year from me too. Mike
  9. IconRestorer will put it back to your last save. Mike
  10. Hi Bottletopburly, My cable is quite old and has the blue bit on the RJ45(?) end that plugs into the mount. You will see from my post above that normal service has been resumed but I'm going to follow you lead (no pun intended) and buy a Lynx replacement. Windows updates mean I can't easily isolate my computers from potential harmful effects but a more modern cable / driver is a small price to pay for hopefully reducing the probability of future problems. Thanks for replying. Mike PS Don't suppose you'd care to explain your user name would you?
  11. Hi Atreta. I took your advice and tried the Toolbox. It gave a message indicating it could not find the port - at least that was consistent. I went back to the Device Manager and looked at the properties for the port and found an error code of 10 - that was not showing yesterday. Following HitecAstro's instructions, I uninstalled and deleted the driver and reinstalled. Error code went away but still with the same results in Toolbox. More out of hope than expectation, I uninstalled the driver in port properties and then click install driver. I expected a dialogue asking where to get the driver from but it just installed. Result - success in Toolbox. I restarted the laptop, started CduC, connected to the mount and happily slewed back and forth. I have no idea where Windows got the driver from or why the Hitecastro one worked then didn't work but all OK now. Thank you for taking the trouble to respond. Mike
  12. Having bought a new portable imaging rig based around an ASIAir, I decided to revamp the wiring and software in my observatory. I now have a Raspberry Pi at the mount connected into my home network and connected to the mount via USB using a HitecAstro Eqdir. Using KStars on my obsy Windows 10 PC, I can control the mount via the RPI, so the Eqdir cable seems to be OK. When I bought the mobile rig, I bought a Polemaster so I thought while I was at it, I might as well polar align the obsy mount. It is awkward to see the monitor from the mount, so I used a Windows 10 laptop. I disconnected the Eqdir from the RPi and plugged it and the Polemaster into the laptop. I tried to connect to the mount using Cartes du Ciel but couldn't. The Eqmod interface (or something) flashes on and then immediately off. I tried using EQASCOM_Run, that does the same but does so continuously and has to be killed (Kill EQASCOM doesn't stop it). Eventually I gave up and connected to the mount via RPi and used that to do the slewing part of the Polemaster routine, which worked fine. While trying to get the laptop to connect to the mount, I checked the port to which the PL2303 HitecAstro was assigned and made sure it was correctly set in EQASCOM and I also replaced the driver. I couldn't think of anything else to try. The only other thing I noticed was that clicking on the Find button in the EQASCOM set up could not find a port. I'm pretty sure the laptop is the problem but I don't know where. I have the latest ASCOM, EQASCOM and CduC. Does anyone have any ideas? I've been using EQMOD for years so I am quite embarrassed to ask. Mike Mike
  13. Hi Alan, Many years ago I had problems with an EQ6 with EQMOD. This was my solution: Slew to anything. Slew back to Polaris. Switch off the mount, disconnect / shut down the planetarium program. Undo the clutches and physically put the scope back to the home position - just eyeball it. Switch back on, reconnect etc and try again. Mike
  14. That sounds good value Michael. Mike
  15. Are the bolts different lengths and you have the round the wrong way? Mike
  16. You may be mistaking this for having a slight weight imbalance so that the gears remain meshed. Mike
  17. Welcome SIDO. Spent a year not too far from you in Waverley IO back in the 1990's - nice area and nice people. Mike
  18. Well done Steve. I'll cerainly be after some adapters in the future. Mike
  19. MikeP

    Arp 401

    Nice one WW Looks a bit fishy to me though.
  20. I followed an online quantum computing course from one of the US universities. By followed I mean picked out bits I understood to try to gain an understanding. The focus was on factorisation and at the end of the course the prof mentioned that so far the best result obtained was by a machine that "was thought to have" factored the number 15. Still a way to go I think. Mike
  21. How funny. I've not long removed a chicken run to make space for my roll off roof build. Mike
  22. One or two ideas? I'm going to be asking for blueprints. Mike
  23. Welcome. It is well worth aligning your scope and finder on something distant during daylight. Makes finding things at night much easier. Mike
  24. I have followed this thread from day 1 and I have been very impressed with the design and the quality of your work. I'm about a month away from being able to make a start on my observatory and so far I see no reason to do other than copy what you have done. I particularly like the 4x4 uprights which will conceal the end grain of your shiplap. Mike
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