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  1. Brilliant. Especially the gradual sneaking up on the minimum size of the roof. Mike
  2. I can't speak on behalf of all the moderators but this one loves the post and what you are building. I look forward to seeing more. One suggestion - do you think your better half would be happy with future gifts of say ..... mounts, scopes, eyepieces etc? Mike
  3. Hi Nicolàs, I wondered what lateral offset setting was for - obvious now you point it out. When I took delivery of the Pulsar, it came with a memory stick containing an ASCOM driver. I was able to connect to the dome via Device Manager and to Device Manager dome with NINA but not directly. One of the error messages suggested a disparity between 64 bit NINA and 32bit drivers, so I reinstalled NINA as 32 bit and was able to connect directly. Since the delivery was only about a month ago, I suspect there isn't a 64bit version but I'll email Steve and ask. I'm familiar with the sequencer but haven't explored the advanced sequencer yet, so I was completely unaware of the synchronise dome trigger, or any triggers to be honest. It isn't my intention to fully automate my imaging but I can see that using a trigger within the sequence would be better. It will be a while before I get that far (waiting for a new scope) but if I have difficulties I will be sure to get back to you. Thank you for the help and the offer of more help. Mike
  4. I'm in the process of setting up my new Pulsar dome. Preliminary testing using NINA to connect to the dome and the mount indicates the dome is following the mount, so I'm very happy with that . Currently I don't have a scope on the mount but I will eventually have a side by side set up. Will this invalidate the measurements I have taken to the intersection of the two axes within the mount? Also, does anyone know if Pulsar have a 64bit driver? Thanks Mike
  5. I could be wrong but I think print ("The dew point is" , calc_dew_point) should be print ("The dew point is" , calc_dew_point(get_temp(), get_humidity())) Mike
  6. Have a look at the ASCOM Device Hub Help. I found this part very helpful ......"If your mount has a hole through the internal portion of the counterweight bar to support a polar alignment scope, Point A would be in the exact center of that hole. " Mike
  7. When I made mine, I was trying to figure out how to bolt the mount to the top disk, LongJohn very kindly pointed me in the direction of www.lasermaster.co.uk. I think the "washer" cost me £20 odd including postage but well worth it. It drilled quite easily too. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/295820-lasermaster/?do=findComment&comment=3238658 Mike
  8. Exactly what I used. I had oil to hand but found I didn't need it, drilling at slow speed especially. Mike
  9. Hi David, IIRC I made mine from a pair of Skoda Yeti discs. The central hole was a pretty good fit for the AZEQ6.. Specs change so best to check but there are sites that detail disc brake dimensions. My drill press is also a cheap one but by drilling pilot holes and using increasing drill sizes, I was able to drill the holes very easily, the steel was much softer than I expected. Mike
  10. Let me think, what you are using for security ....... errrr Mike
  11. The shed in the link is 7' x 7' which sounds a bit small for two piers. Might be worth drawing something to scale to see if it is possible. Mike
  12. Hi Mosycott, Welcome to SGL. Ashamed to admit I had to look up Albany on Google maps. Looks a great place to live. Mike
  13. Hi Steve, I think that was me. Steve offered Tuesday to deliver and install my dome (a green one) but I had to decline. Glad to hear it meant you got yours earlier than expected. Mike
  14. One simple piece of advice I would offer at this stage - make sure there is a slight slope on the runners towards the open area. Dead level is pretty much impossible to achieve and if it slopes the other way, you'll have to find a way to prevent little dribbles of rain running in. How do I know? Please don't ask. Good luck with the build. Are you anywhere near TN8? Mike
  15. I must be older - 4d and 6d were the prices for normal and large bags when I was a lad. Mike
  16. This isn't a thread I'd noticed before but I immensely enjoyed skimming through it. Well done to all the owners. Mike
  17. Thanks Steve (steppenwolf). I read through your automation thread and all the other Pulsar threads that I could find. Lots of good ideas and information. Skybadger and sloz1664 - rain sensors are new to me. I looked at hydreon expecting to find something that would send me texts or emails. - obviously not. Googling suggested I might use a Raspberry Pi in conjunction with a rain sensor (I have one doing nothing at present) but the projects seemed to use much cruder rain sensors than the hydreon. I've minimal electronics skills but quite happy to tackle any form of coding, what would you suggest as the way forward? It will be months before the dome is installed and up and running, so I'm not in any rush. The "hand out of the window" that someone suggested in another thread will be adequate to start with. Thanks again everyone. Mike
  18. Thank you for the responses. As some of you have indicated, in my circumstances, the shutter drive is an unnecessary luxury and expense, so I've placed my order for the dome and rotation drive only. I will rely on the manual pulley system to operate the shutter. I'm 100+ feet away from any bedroom windows, so hopefully I won't disturb anyone. I'm building a separate warm room adjacent to the dome but like others I will probably monitor from the house via Remote Desktop. I'll have a look at rain detectors and see what there is that will alert me to leg it down the garden. Thanks again. Mike
  19. I've been considering the purchase of a Pulsar 2.2m dome plus rotation drive and I'm looking for advice from owners on the merits of also purchasing the shutter drive. For imaging, the dome and equipment will be operated from a warm room but never fully automated i.e. a visit to the dome to switch on etc. will always take place, so the shutter could be opened manually. Does that make the shutter drive an expensive luxury? Using the manual pulley system, can the shutter be positioned at intermediate positions i.e. not just fully open? Mike
  20. Just looked at Zhummell on Amazon. It appears to come with a laser collimator, presumably the one you used - is there any chance it could be faulty? Mike
  21. Hi Steven, Welcome to SGL. You live in a lovely part of the world. I lived and worked in Austin back in the 1980s and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Never looked through a telescope in Texas but hit lots of golf balls in your neck of the woods - Lago Vista, Point Venture, Crystal Falls and even once at Delaware Springs. Good luck with the imaging. Mike
  22. Hi Phil, Welcome to SGL from the Kent / East Sussex border. Mike
  23. Hi Ray. It is a work in progress but it has evolved extremely quickly which makes me feels that it will supersede its competitors in the not too distant future. I'm enjoying playing with my portable rig using an ASIAir but now the weather is warmer, I will probably have a spring clean of my obsy software and commit to NINA. Mike
  24. It is worth having a look at NINA https://nighttime-imaging.eu/ Mike
  25. I downloaded my copy today. From an initial skim through, I agree with what Wim has said above. You can order from http://www.deepskycolors.com/mastering-pixinsight.html Mike
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