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  1. For the past 6 weeks or so, I've been trying to reach many of these Wooden Observatory suppliers/builder, but to no avail. Some reverted politely saying they have a 3-6 month backlog, and some did not even bother to return calls, whatsapp messages, emails. So I bit the bullet and decided to build one. Intend to house 2 x EQ6. Slightly largish build 4.5m x 2.5 m (15 x 8 feet). 7x3" treated timber for the structure, Oriented Strand Boards for walls and roof, castor wheels, and aluminium railing. Here's my plan and elevation. Will post photos as the build progresses.
  2. I've been trying to contact Home Observatory UK for the past 3 weeks. They don't answer their land line listed on the website or the mobile phone in one of the posts above? Wonder if they've folded, or just too busy to take orders?
  3. My Lunt LS50 is still under warranty. As views were not clear, I sent it back to the US. After inspection, Lunt said that the etalon is decontacted and I'll have to pay for repair. The reason they provided was that an etalon can be decontacted only if the scope suffered from a heavy knock, which wont be covered under warranty. I assured them that no such thing has happened to the scope, but to no avail. Can they really skimp on the warranty like this? What recourse do I have ? Thanks, Vincent.
  4. Here's a picture of the mod. They've brought the sensor foward, inserted a cold tongue behind it, connected to a peltier.
  5. Is there anyone in the UK who can repair thsi for me? My well used Canon 6D CentralDS Cooled DSLR suddenly stopped cooling, although the fans still run. Maybe the peltier's damaged. Cant afford to send it all the way back to Korea? Thanks, Vincent.
  6. Will show working demonstration in my observatory. A full hyperstar imaging setup: 1) Celestron 8 OTA (New retail price: £950) 2) Hyperstar V3 lens (New retail price: £990) 3) Starizona micro focusser with electronic control (New retail price: £600) 4) Starlight Xpress H9C one shot colour CCD camera (New retail price: £1700) Used, but in 100% working condition. New kit will cost upwards of £4240. I am offering at £2000. Please see astro images taken using this setup. Collection only please from South London, postcode BR3. Please contact via email so that we can exchange contact numbers and arrange a demo before purchase. Will show working demonstration in my observatory.
  7. Selling my complete Hyperstar setup. Please see deep sky images captured using this setup. I will give you a full working demonstration before sale. I am in South London. Please contact me via private message. Thanks, Vincent. Celestron 8 SCT & Hyperstar Full Kit - £2500 ------------------------------------------------------- 1) Celestron 8 SCT 2) Hyperstar Lens 3) Starizona Focusser 4) Starizona Microtouch Controller & Software 5) Rigid Dew Shield for C8 6) Dust Cap for C8 7) Counterweight balance for C8 8) Visualback for C8 9) Viewfinder for C8 10) Filter holder for Hyperstar Lens 11) Original Pelican Case Starlight Xpress Cameras: H9C and M8C - £1500 ------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Starlight Xpress H9C - Cooled One Shot Color CCD Camera (Resolution: 1392x1040) https://www.sxccd.com/handbooks/SXV-H9C handbook.pdf 2) Starlight Xpress M8C - Cooled One Shot Color CCD Camera (Resolution: 2312x1720) http://www.sxccd.com/handbooks/SXV-M8C handbook.pdf 3) Power Supply Unit with cables 4) Box Images with this setup ---------------------------- https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/48334-m33-re-processed/ https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/45614-witches-broom-problems/#comment-456824 https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/43257-hyperstar-first-light-dumbbell-nebula/#comment-434804
  8. Thanks all for the analysis. I'll watch Jupiter for more activity in the NEB. Thanks, Vincent.
  9. Dear All, Images from 19th March 2012 19:12 and 19:17. Two black spots on the left side of SEB. appeared in two separate videos with a camera re-positioning in between. Hence I can rule out artifacts. Moon shadows or something more sensational? C9.25, DFK, 2X Barlow. Thanks, Vincent.
  10. Keith, The school already has a sun watch at 12.00. This will be followed by a moon watch at 14.30. Hence the question on a day time moon filter. Thanks, Vincent.
  11. Dear All, I am organising a moon watch at a local primary school. The only problem is that it is at 14.30. At this time of the day, contrast on the moon will be poor. What filter can I use to enhance the viewing experience? Thanks, Vincent.
  12. I intend to use hired labour all the way..... Digging, concreting, even building the shed I can see the brickbats coming. With a day job and two evening businesses to run and two small kids - DIY by my own . Yup I am missing all the fun. I'll post a cost run down when the obsy's done. About the piers, I have not yet decided what to go for. Thinking of: (1)Altair - Altair Skyshed Observatory Pier 8" OD :: Telescope Mount Accessories :: Mounts & Tripods :: Altair Astro (2)Astro engineering - Astro Engineering AC282 Standard Pier for EQ6 (HEQ6 pro etc) (3) DIY pier To start with I'll continue with the EQ6 tripods. I've had them on my balcony for months at a time without having to re-polar-align. Cheers, Vincent.
  13. And here's the concreting done. Rest of the build will have to wait until 1st week Jan.
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