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  1. @M40 Following some excellent advice from folks here I went with the mono. I can always add a colour filter wheel in later. I started with baby steps with SLL. Just imaged the moon for a while to get used to using it. Was fun seeing it on screen though and playing with settings. That is... until my power tank died! Same as you fella! My new ac adaptor for my mount arrived a few days ago. @sloz1664 Thanks for the welcome and the tips. Yep insurance and security was on the list of things to consider.
  2. No update today. Was just more boring digging and moving rubble. @M40 your not wrong, and it was snowing today for a short time! Its tea on the table, we had a bear when we were done for the day. managed to rig my new Ultrastar up to my skywatcher and a laptop and played about with starlight live the other night. Interesting stuff. Bit of a learning curve but all good.
  3. First real update in a while. Work Started today. Plan was to start on the footing trench for the repairs / upgrades to the Patio, and start to remove / excavate the area of existing rubbish patio that will be going to make room for the obs pad. Here are the before pics.. We got a fair bit done between Myself, the missus (yep, she's happy to get stuck in) and my Builder-buddy. Me after taking the flags off And after we had started removing the fill in material for the patio (looks like whoever built it used it as a skip... a
  4. Also in the process of figuring out a new laptop. I’m dithering about specs though as I’ll need it to run the software to control all the functions of the scope and obsey remotely as well as deal with the live stacking.
  5. Hi Martin et al, Just wondering if you could clarify something for me. My shiny new Ultrastar arrived the other day, I have yet to set it up and put it to use (bloomin' storms...) however I noticed that the instructions refer to installing Starlight live when wanting to use the Ultra for "live viewing" How does this differ from you software? Is yours better? or do they do different things?
  6. Thought I would give a quick update. After much deliberation, advice, and headache, I have decided that for now, I will hold of on the purchase of a new scope and mount. I am going to grab a new camera, hook it up to my 150 newt and just play around for a while to get a feel for EEVA, and the software / usage. That way, once my obs is closer to being built (some time in the summer) I should have a better idea of the kind of scope I want to buy and a practical idea of the kind of results I can expect. Once again, thankyou all for the time you invested into helping me, it is very
  7. It came down to a matter of practical examples of what it can do in the reports forum, the familiarity of several users here with that particular camera singing it's praises. And some kind words of encouragement on getting started simply, so that I can arm myself with knowledge further down the line if I want to branch out into other equipment. You help and advice on cameras so far has been brilliant (if confusing for a newbie ), I cant thank you all enough. Any thoughts on an appropriate scope to pair with it for EEVA?
  8. After some reflection, and further advice, I have more or less decided on an Ultrastar (Difference between the base model and the Pro model?) thankyou all for your help with this. Now to decide which scope to pair it with assuming a focus on the smaller DSO's (the likes of which I have been perusing in the reports forum for EEVA... cool stuff folks!) This might be trickier because I need the equipment to be as "maintenance free" as possible. The eventual setup will be using Autofocusers, etc, if I have to hop down into the obs before every session to collimate, it defeats the
  9. I’ll chat to my buddy and discus options. current plan is separate conduits for power and data. He knows his stuff, so I’ll deffo talk to him about future proofing it. I was planning on using a wired network cable to link the obs control computer to my in house machine.
  10. Hmm. I guess I didn't quite grasp it after all then... Starting to develop a head-ache after staring at FLO listings for various scopes and camera's, time to call it a night I think. I'll try again tomorrow thanks for all your help so far.
  11. This particular sentence caught my attention... It almost exactly encompasses what I feel as though I am aiming for with this project. I admit to still be quite overwhelmed by all this, HOWEVER, I think it has been useful in that given everything said, it would make sense for me to get a start in this aspect of the hobby by narrowing my focus as I intended with this thread, and focusing (heh... that pun keeps cropping up doesn't it?) on the majority of DSO objects I am likely to want to see... IE.. the smaller FOV ones. I can always, at a later date, invest some more into equipment whe
  12. The plan is to run a Power conduit and a separate data conduit underground (since we will be digging the whole thing upon to repair it all anyway... BUT... This is an excellent point, I shall bring it up with him! Thanks!
  13. Hi My apologies, perhaps I am not explaining myself correctly. All of the current Patio area, including the bit that is to be removed, is currently all at the same height, and at Ground level with respect to the house. You have to go down steps to get to the lawn as it is at a lower elevation than the house. We are removing the red section of patio essential turning that peninsula into an L shape, and fitting the base there raised a bit of the ground to aid drainage. The base of the obs will essentially be about 300mm below "Ground level" as defined in the regs.
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