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  1. haha ok, systems are always better when punishment is given before an understanding of the situation is found ? look, I know the mods have an important role on the site, and sorry I was a bit of a nob about it, but I was just trying to stick up for someone that wants to be part of this community, that I knew had been wrongly excluded from it. i still maintain that the mod could've sent me a gentle message reminding me of the rules regarding buying/selling on behalf of others, I would've explained the situation, a new member wouldn't have woken up to an unpleasant surprise and there wouldn't be a silly argument attached to a sales thread.
  2. Or, maybe the moderators could have, in this case, been more reasonable and enquired about a situation they are suspicious of, before inflicting a punishment for it.
  3. Spillage, if the sale falls through I'll contact you
  4. I don't think anyone has broken any conditions here, Jkullin, being inexperienced, has asked his friend to check over the details of an item, he has no intention of having his friend purchase the item or purchasing the item for his friend. It's simply somebody with more experience advising somebody with less experience, which is the whole purpose of this forum! Restricting his privaliges for no good reason isn't really the friendly welcome the members sgl pride ourselves on. I feel it's only fair you reverse the restrictions.
  5. Sorry, I've had quite a bit of interest recently and wouldn't be willing to accept £400, especially not cash on collection.
  6. Skywatcher ed80 focal reducer and corrector: in perfect condition. Will only sell with the ed80, or after the ed80 has gone. £100 open to offers
  7. Haha sorry, haven't seen the pier for a while! It is 5inch 2mm construction, rather than 8inch, it stands 1500mm tall
  8. Homemade freestanding pier 8 inch steel construction, . No pier adapter but I have a template of the hole spacings for one to be made. Photos on request. Cash on collection only. Open to offers.
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