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  1. Ok thanks everyone, I'll have a look around Steve it looks like I've just missed a half price sale on large prints! Bad times
  2. I don't think my images are worthy of selling! yeah, I thought using printing companies would be the better choice, I remember trying once and it would only use jpegs what company did you use old pink? And is that why you use smugmug leveye? It would be nice to be able to run them off at home giving the opportunity to experiment with what size you can get away with etc. but I guess it wouldn't be cost effective?!
  3. Obviously we all put a lot of work gathering data and processing images, it seems like a waste for the finished image to just sit in a folder on the laptop. It would be great to be able to print them off (without converting to JPEG) and put them on the wall or make callanders etc. So what's the best option?! Does anybody use those home photo printers? It would be nice to get a bit bigger than standard photo size (if the images are up to it! ) or is it a better option to use a proper printing company? Ryan
  4. Hahaha your story made me laugh (: everyone makes stupid mistakes and your second pic looks awesome! I bet you're excited to start exploring the skies now you're looking through the right end! ;D
  5. Ryan-y

    Deep space

  6. Thanks guys. No, I think it only showed up after stacking. It looks a lot more obvious on the raw version, showing as three dark wavey semi circular lines. When I converted the image to JPEG it didn't give me the option to control the compression and image quality etc. so I might do it again because it looks a lot noisier than the original. Also I might try re-stacking the image to see if I can get to the bottom of the waves lines! Alien 13 - I think steep is an understatement! Better get on YouTube! TheWannabeAstronomer - it's really easy to find, you can see it with the naked eye, you want to be looking at Orion's sword rather than his belt. I hope you do find it as it's an awesome object to observe, especially with a nice wide ep.
  7. Hey guys, hope everyone had a good Christmas. Having only got my ed80 and 350d in about May this year and after imaging m51 I've been counting the days until winter came around again. So on Friday I decided to have a go at everyone's right of passage, the Orion Nebula. It was pretty windy and my garden isn't very well protected from the fields but I just wanted to get back in the swing of things so I set everything up and hoped for the best. I took 90 60sec exposures but ended up throwing 46 away! (I'm not saying rushed polar alignment wasn't partly to blame) so this is my quick process of that data. I don't really know what I'm doing in ps so no star masks etc. just a little play with levels and curves. There is a strange artifact in the top left corner, I don't really know what that is, it only showed up after stacking, I don't think my flats were very good, and I know the core is over exposed, but other than that what does everyone think? Sw ed80 Heq5 350d No guiding 44 lights 44darks 15 flats
  8. Haha the thought has definitely crossed my mind! Although atm warm room isn't the best term, you can see more sky through the roof than the obsy! I don't know if I'd want to knock through to the obsy but there is a handy little chicken hatch at the back of the old shed I could feed some cables through, that's probably what you meant anyway. Watch this space!
  9. Sorry to drag up this thread but I'm halfway through moving house and because I wanted to design it so I could move it I thought it might be good to to upload some pics of it in its new home. i got a mate to help me and we got it down loaded on the van and rebuilt in a day without a hitch! I also took a pic of my new view south, which I'm quite excited about after moving from a fairly big town!
  10. Good luck with the build jake, I'm glad you decided to go for it! I've got to take mine down on Monday and move it to the new house! :/
  11. The apeture isn't important in imaging, it's the focal ratio that is. The lower the f ratio the faster the scope will gather data for a given time. The 200p is f5, and the st102 is f4.9 so that is actually slightly faster. The st102 is an achromat and that will cause colour artefacts around stars called chromatic aberration so isn't generally seen as suitable for imaging. Having said that, I'd rather be looking through the big reflector at a dark sky site, so Id probably do the same. In the long run though you will want to be using the 200p, it does have its own problems, but they're easier to get around.
  12. Sounds good, look forward to seeing some pics.
  13. Thanks for all the info laser_jock99. I think I am going to change my design. I don't think I'll go to the effort you have with your pier adapter but if its that easy to cut the hole for the 'owls nest' then I might as well scrap the two plate design and have my brother weld a disk to the top of the tube and bolt the adapter to that. As it will be free standing I don't have to worry too much about extra azimuth adjustment, and that way I can use the aluminium I have already. I'm moving house in about a month or so and one of the reasons I haven't chosen your design is although the new house is going to be amazing for ap being a semi about half a mile away from the next building never mind village and surrounded by farm fields, it is going to leave me feeling a bit vulnerable to theaft. I've seen somebody with an 'owls nest' pier that had a plate that could be padlocked over the hole, which would give me at least some piece of mind. That and the two German shepherds next door Right, now I can start gathering materials, I'll post my progress. Thanks again.
  14. It looks like you've done a great job. Is the bolt that holds the pier top on tapped into the pier top itself or just through the tube? And I wouldn't know how to go about cutting a hand sized hole in the tube, how did you do it? The reason I was swaying towards the 'leveling plate' design is that it is the simplest to achieve with the limited know-how and machinery I have access to. Would 4 m12 stainless steel bolts over 80mm odd really be that much of a weak point? Surely there are weaker points than that elsewhere in the system. I was thinking something based on Bizibilder's free standing pier design.
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