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  1. I'm assuming you will be holding out for a collection but if delivery becomes available then I'll happily take it off your hands
  2. Hi mate ive got back to the messages in order and they seem to be sorted.

    If your interested its still for sale.

  3. I'll let the other guys get back to you first but if they don't I may be interested, I'm only down the road from you too
  4. There's undoubtedly a need for chemists within physics related fields which, as others have alluded to, might be your best bit. Having studied physics at uni myself and lived with a couple of chemistry students I can forsee the level of maths being an issue as that studied in chemistry is far below the standard studied in physics. Maths and programming skills will be the prerequisites for any theoretical physics. Just make sure you keep your maths in tip top shpae in your own time unless module choices enable you to do so otherwise.
  5. I saw him in York and was largely underwhelmed. The first half was good and accessible to all, the second half was difficult for most in the audience to access and many of the audience members too the second half as an opportunity to have a few winks. I have a physics degree so could follow along however my other half was lost in the second half and I ended up having to explain it all again in the car journey home.
  6. I've never known any schools to offer GCSE astronomy, is this mainly for logistical reasons in terms of observing at night do we think? I think some kids would love to do something like this.
  7. It went for just shy of £900. It would also have been about a tank of petrol to get to Liverpool and back too. I could buy a new mount for that and still have money towards a scope that I would actually like to own so might as well keep saving. Plus the F/9 isn't exactly fast should I fancy a dabble at imaging. Everything happens for a reason!
  8. Thanks for your responses guys. What are the major differences between the new and old HEQ5? I shall see what the price rises to and will set a limit of £650... For now
  9. This: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201308870504?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l4455&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI201308870504.N7.S2.M296.R1.TR1 Hi, Just wondering what you guys would consider a good price for this. Would probably end up selling the scope to help fund a WO scope later down the line but for mount plus scope this seems like a reasonable price at the moment (£500 at the time of posting). You lot will probably be more knowledgeable than myself so what would you expect to pay for this? Thanks in advance
  10. Having just moved to Yarm and work in Darlington I might give it a go next time. I didn't realise there was one! Cheers for the heads up
  11. Might as well buy a new one at that price. With postage it is only 80 quid off the price of a brand new one.
  12. I live near Northallerton and Thirsk (7 miles form each on the edge of the N.York moors). I often curse the lights from Teesside but let them off due to my first love, Middlesbrough FC being established there =P However astronomy comes a close 2nd! I've found Helmsley to be quite a good site, just a short trip up Sutton Bank. But still far from perfect in the North!
  13. The clear nights might be a tad optimistic But Merry Xmas to you too.
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