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  1. Hi I've got a physics with astrophysics degree and the amount of maths in the degree (and the level of it) was close to 50% of the content. My concern would-be the step up from a BSc in astronomy (where, in general, the level of maths is not comparable to a physics degree) to a MSc and PhD in astrophysics. If you have confidence in your maths then go for it and for all I know the BSc may contain more maths then I envisage.
  2. Thanks for this, my antivirus software was blocking two downloads which must have been the key ones as it now works when I've reinstalled with the antivirus disabled. Thank you.
  3. Yep exactly that, the menu shown above with ASCOM shows on one laptop but not the other, I'm at a loss! I'll probably uninstall everything and try again.
  4. Hi all I'm trying to control my AZ-EQ5 mount using stellarium. I have followed identical procedures for two laptops, one had the ASCOM option and one did not (I'm hoping to use the laptop that did not show it so I can keep my work laptop indoors) Could anyone suggest why ASCOM might not be showing as an option on one of the laptops? EQMOD is working fine so I am assuming necessary drivers are all on there. Both laptops are running 0.20.1.
  5. I'm just a beginner myself but I would consider getting up and ready before 3. I was out last night and could see it from 1 onwards, albeit I am further north than you. You might be battling sunrise before too long if you come across a few difficulties at 3.
  6. I'm currently putting my shopping list together to see if astrophotography is for me. However, the cheapest part has got me stumped. I've been advised to buy the stellamira 0.8x field flattener/reducer for my scope which requires 55mm of back focus. I believe the distance to the sensor in my camera if 44mm which leaves the M48 T ring adaptor needing to be 11mm. Is 11mm a standard width as I'm struggling to find any website that quotes the thickness of these adopters unless it is ultra thin.
  7. Hi all I've had my lovely little Megrez 72 for 18 months now and have just used it as a quick grab and go. I'm now looking at dabbling into astrophotography and seeing if it is for me or not. I have an old Canon EOS 1000D which probably isn't ideal but should get me use to the first principles. I have an AZ-EQ5 which has predominantly been used in AZ mode but I've recently been experimenting in EQ mode to get use to it. All I need now is a guidescope and camera and a field flattener. This is where I have become a bit stuck. Sadly the WO flattener that is recommended in t
  8. And sorry for the poor quality phone pic!
  9. A lovely example of a halo viewable in the north east at the moment that may be of interest for anyone who might catch it!
  10. I'll take this if nobody has beaten me to it. PM me your details if I am first to it please. Thanks
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