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  1. anyone got a reference number for that star to check the visual one is the pulsar?
  2. I think if anything the increase in resolution and the added moons over the years go to show that the object originally observed and called Pluto is in reality a collection of objects further reinforcing dwarf planet status. or maybe make a new one relating to a cluster of objects?
  3. Earth is at an angle to the sun which gives our seasons and is an easy one to observe in action. But whey is it there? Why is the wobble due to precession there? Why does the moon orbit the earth on its plane? Does the angle the moon orbit change with precession? or is that in a fixed plane? Is there an interrelation between all these?
  4. i think the original object is now just all those clouds, and this is just a random aligment.
  5. Me too, im looking forward to the final "official" collection of images.
  6. Well Nasa latest crop are none to spectacular atm either but they do have a rather large advantage in they are getting much closer to the target http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-33110288
  7. when as a kid i did some solar projection with my telementor it had two iron sights on the ota these were perfect for lining up.
  8. Earl

    Oh no!

    Id like to second RWB's point red text on SGLs dark grey is not easy to read neither is italics. I complety support the point though. This actually stands out more too
  9. i alwayw line up the shadow that normally gets it close
  10. you can do some hdr wavlets on that image and it does reveal more than just white., it would be nice to have access to the none jpg version..
  11. I aim for 24000 but according to the qsi site i should be 35000. my latest Sadr image uses 24000 flats and im happy with it so leave it at that, although it gives me room to official play if that makes sense.
  12. Thanks Sara Im good for 2 hours from 12.30 at this location, so ill try and get some more mosaic panes in, if im lucky it will not be too far out by the time i get to the pelican.... well thats a long term plan to say the least. PS. loving the 3nm much better star control.
  13. Only 4 30min subs here.
  14. if they are tiny cheap and disposable. im guess they wont be a major problem. but we will have o wait and see.
  15. is this the quin version of the 71 as the blue looks good? nice flat field too, id be interested to see a calibrated version. OSC coming of age is long overdue its about time it had some loving.
  16. My eys are not behaving this morning, how does this look?
  17. Apparently i made this attached image 24 hours ago with NOO data, but when ever i try to replicate it via NOO its all wrong and nothign like this,I cant find the FIT i made it off any where. Any ideas why im struggling? I am really happy with the nebula here and want to add RGB stars, failing all can i add them to this JPG and get away with it?
  18. I manage a steady -20 year round, although we have not had any very hot clear nights in the time i have had my camera i will admit
  19. I dint know there was a digital version of the book, where is that from?
  20. Just checked moon rise and i think this is very doable (RGB stars) tonight and then an extra OIII sub to balance things out. Thats 2 hours worth of stuff to do starting at 12 ish i think.
  21. I recalibrate out of habit every time i use it or change a setting Not sure if it is needed though.
  22. id look at a KAF 8300 based chip camera, atik 383 etc.
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