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  1. Cheers lenscap,i reckon the chimney was a quarter to half a mile away was ok with eye pieces but whenninhad a look with the barlow on the 25mm and 10 mm it wouldnt focus ,just took the scope outside to cool down will go out in 30 mins and have a little play,many thanks for your help much appreciated.
  2. Hi all and i apologise for my ignoranceand total lack of knowledge. I recently bought a Barlow lense to use on my skywatcher 200 dob,i was aligning my finder scope today as im on holiday in suffolk i thought i would slip the barlow lense in and have a look,i used a25mm lense and i could not get a chimney stack into focus it waz slight double vision and blury,could it be it was to close,or is it that thw Barlow is not comparible with my scope,hopefully i might get some clear skys tonight,thanks in advance everyone.
  3. Im off to suffolk on monday for 4 nights staying in a kog cabin taking my dob with me,i bought my first eyepice last week havent had a chance to use it yet lol. Good luck wuth your purchase ajd look forward to seeing you aroumd on the forum. Best wishes from me ?
  4. Hello and welcome, yep fabulous people here, so friendly and extremely helpful and encouraging. Im a total noobie so i can offer no imput,but a very warm hello and pray for these clouds to dissapear from here in herts. Beat wishes Dave
  5. Hello,im pretty much new onnthe scene and know next to nothing,ive alwaya asked the opinions and advice of the wonderful people on here. I was in a similar predicament,i was going to buy a 150,then some one mentioned the 200,i checkednit out read the reviews and i was sold on the 200,i went down the 2nd hand route,i managed to get a skywatcher skyliner 200p dobsonian off ebay and no to gar away to pick up,i only have the 2 eye pieces that came with it at present, lovely views with the 25mm ,and i wasnt impressed with the 10mm the first couplenof times (later realised it was atmospherics a
  6. I have enquired about the Antares 2x Barlow , many thanks Jimtheslim best regards Dave
  7. Hello i would like to buy the Antares 2x Barlow please i have sent you a PM, hope i have done everything right, if not please forgive me, its my first try at buying , best regards Dave
  8. hello and welcome , fantastic bunch on here, simply amazing people, sorry i cannot be of much help as i am a green behind the ears newbie, but i wish you a warm welcome.Best wishes and best regards Dave.
  9. thanks guys for your imput very much appreciated, does a short or long barlow make any difference, sorry for asking dumb questions lol but i know nothing,cheers once again.
  10. Thank you Star Forming & Brown Dwarf, very much appreciate your thoughts and thank you so much for replying, yeah i was never going to buy the £6.00 just i noticed on eBay they start from that price, also does a short Barlow make any difference ?. Many thanks Dave
  11. Hello you wonderful people,sorry i have not been on here much lately,busy life and terrible cold/flu, i am considering purchasing a Barlow lense, and i would very much appreciate your thoughts and input, as a total newbie, i dont know very much, i know i want to get a 1,25 x2 barlow, but is it ok to buy a generic or should i buy a brand name and spend a little more, does it matter what i buy. I have seen them ranging from £6.00 upwards i was thinking of getting the celestron for about £25. Anyway thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment, best regards Dave.
  12. i had a good look at mars on monday night, i need to to get turn left at orion as i no nothing and trying to find other things to look at is hard for me, but i am having fun, i get a good bit of exercise carrying the 8 inch dob up ad down 2 flights of stairs into the communal garden , i have way to much light pollution where i live, will venture out to some darker skies soon, but it is nice looking up at the skies at the beuatiful stars ,
  13. Both with a.bot of luck but a hot tub in the wilds of suffolk in dec its gonna be chilly LOL
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