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  1. Last night in Bishops Stortford ...we had clear skies ... i was delighted until i saw the moon ... completely washing out my viewing area Hopefully though we should be in for some nice frosty weather soon , although as i write this there is even more cloud zzz It is all a bit depressing , especially as at this time of year we have a great opportunities to use our scopes more (supposedly ). Also i've had more than one occasion when ive spent ages setting up the equipment only for a blanket of cloud to completely ruin my experience ... oh well ... it just makes it all the more special when we do actually get clear skies .
  2. So , i still have , a WO Z73 Field Flattener and a Canon 48mm T-Ring for sale . Absolutely mint condition , asking £100 for the pair . Please see photos .... stop press !! also a laser collimator , boxed as new , looking for £20 for this . (photo to follow) Thanks for looking Stu
  3. Brilliant report ... echoed i'm sure throughout the astronomy community . Thinking about it all , its probably why so many people in our country are mad for astronomy . Not only do we contend with light pollution , our time spent outside (due to inclement weather ) is so short . Therefore we tend to seize every opportunity we can to observe the night sky. When i read reports like yours Ally , it doubles my enthusiasm for this fantastic hobby.
  4. Good call from you guys . Especially about the extra weight , and , let’s face it , there’s a reason skywatcher put this kind of focuser on the rear of the scope .. namely , cos it works . I will certainly give it time before making another purchase . After all , there’s only so much a wallet can take !
  5. Great to read that the Mak is so versatile, guys . A good view of Mars tonight although only at low power .. I did read that I might be able to attach a different focuser , I don’t think the original is that precise, and it will work alongside the original . Anyone else had this issue ?
  6. So , after four scopes and two mounts I’ve finally settled on my favourite set up . My new ,and , last scope ( that’s what I tell the wife) is a skywatcher 180 Mak , mounted on my EQ5 .. I have already had excellent lunar views and tonight it’s the turn of a rapidly dimming Mars. So , I’ve decided to say goodbye to a lot of the deep sky stuff to concentrate on our solar system ( the Mak has a very narrow field of view and doesn’t do deep sky stuff all that well ) and it’s like I’ve hit the hot spot . Of course we all have different requirements from this fascinating hobby and most of us own more than one scope . But , it’s so satisfying when you finally settle on your favourite .
  7. Hi Paul , just sent you a voice mail .. Thanks for the interest .. i will take some better pictures tonight
  8. Selling my skywatcher Startravel 102 refractor complete with computerised mount . Including 2 eye pieces .. it’s in great condition and is a great scope for astrophotographers and visual alike . Price is only £140 , which I consider to be a bargain . I will even throw in a set of batteries for the mount . Photos on request , although I will upload some soon . Collection preferred although I will deliver within a certain radius . Thanks for your interest
  9. Selling my 2 month old Williams Optics Z73 wide field refractor ,finished in powder white with red trim ,complete with dedicated field flattened, Williams optic guide scope , official padded carry case , canon t-adapter (48mm), colour coded tube rings . Absolutely pristine condition , it’s an ideal scope for astrophotography due to its focal ratio. Can of course be used visually The Optics are what sets this apart from many scopes .The Z73 was reviewed by Trevor Jones on Astrobackyard and was considered as excellent . I’m asking £650 ono . Please note that I won’t post .. I prefer to either deliver( within reasonable distance) or buyer collects . Cash payment preferred . Photos on request , although I will upload a few
  10. You are right of course , but , because of the vast array of equipment it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment and splash the cash on the next have to have accessory. I commend your choice of scope though ... and I really hope you get that apo .
  11. Agree , guys .. out of the three scopes I have i favour my WO Z73 , but the dob gives the wow factor , my other refractor on a goto mount is so easy to “set up and go “ . I don’t have a Mak yet though hmmm
  12. So , Astronomy....a fantastic hobby that will never get boring . We all know this , it’s why we chose this as our fascinating pastime . But , how do we arrive at our perfect set up? With a seemingly inexhaustible choice of astronomical equipment , how do we choose ? Well , of course the savvy amongst us ... probably most of us , will read reviews and advertisements but we choose without even testing a scope before buying . I’ve got three scopes now in my short renaissance with astronomy and I’m still not sure if my set up is right for me . You have to judge so many things when buying equipment.. where will you use it ? Are you into imaging or visual astronomy? What is your budget ? Refractor , reflector, Cassegrain.. or even a pair of binos . So , you have your scope but then you have to choose the mount ! EQ or Alt Azimuth , Goto or manual ? .. and then it’s the accessories .. an endless choice of Eyepieces, Barlows as well as field flatteners and extension tubes ... a laser or Cheshire collimating tool ??? It’s not even as simple as getting what you pay for ... a small refractor with fantastic optics can be more effective than a large Dob especially if the Dob is just collecting dust as it’s too big and cumbersome to be used on a regular basis ... guilty as charged here ! I look at many peoples profiles on here and see that they own a variety of equipment .. it’s an expensive hobby and , to be honest , there is NEVER a right or wrong set up as there are so many combinations that work for so many people . What I have gleaned from my short time back in the astronomy fold is that it’s the most satisfying and frustrating hobby that I could ever imagine being part of . That may be down to the equipment .. but primarily it’s down to things that are uncontrollable... light pollution , and , cloud to mention two . Whatever our reasons for buying the variety of equipment that’s on sale there is one common goal which we all share , The enjoyment of seeing a part of the universe with our own eyes,instead of looking at a heavily processed image from our friend the Hubble scope. And , being part of a community , that never judges you , even if you have the humblest scope . What an amazing hobby astronomy is . Thanks for reading my ramblings . It’s a bit self indulgent as I’m trying to justify having three scopes .. But , I’m sure we’ve all been there , and enjoyed every minute of it .
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