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  1. Reading about image size in a given telescope at a given magnification, the literature says I may not get the entire solar image when shooting the upcoming eclipse. I plan to use the C6 as a prime focus telephoto, filtered for pre- and post- totality, and remove the filter for the 2 minutes of totality I'll get at the location I plan to visit (and only hope the weather cooperates). I definitely want the entire disc and corona in my shots. I was reading about the corrector/ reducer lens that fits at the rear of the telescope in the eyepiece tube and how it decreases the focal length. I also like that it "opens" the scope from f/10 to f/6.5, which will almost halve my exposure time, allowing me to bracket the exposures for more shots. What I read also says these lenses flatten the image. The camera I'm using is a D3400 Nikon (26MP); I'll shoot RAW, and crop and hopefully stack some images in post processing, along with some image cropping. What are the downsides to these lenses?
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    Well, the C5 I had ordered was "not available", even though Amazon said it was. The order has been delayed for at least a week; I got to looking around, and found a site (OPT) that had NEW C6's for less than I was going to pay for the C5, which was coming direct from Celestron. I thought about it a minute, then canceled the order for the C5, and ordered a C6. It won't overload my mount, uses all the stuff I had also ordered for the C5 (T-mount for my camera), is still usable as a spotting scope (but not quite as convenient).
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    Thanks for the welcome(s). I have a sheet of the solar safety film, large enough to make filters for the scope, camera lens and viewfinder. I do want to mix with more experienced people, but I also enjoy the solitude of being "alone with the stars" out in a field somewhere. There is a great astronomy club in my area and a nice amateur observatory just a few miles from my home. Lucille Miller Observatory has public viewings twice a month, and there are some nice telescopes there, including a 25" f/4 Dobsonian. My EQ mount was delivered today, it's just like Christmas morning! The scope should be here within the week. I have my T-mount for the camera and I'm ready to start getting familiar with setting it up and shooting pictures. I'll have lots of questions, and I'll address them in the proper forum threads. Thanks, everybody.
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    Trying to get back into stargazing, I used to be an avid sky watcher when I was much younger. The latest impetus has been the upcoming total solar eclipse in August. I'm along the edge of the path of totality, in the 98% total area. I plan to make my way a bit southwest so I can see the total eclipse. It will be the last opportunity in my lifetime, most likely. In preparation, I went telescope shopping this past week, with several purposes in mind. One, I'm an avid long-range shooter and needed a good spotting scope, something easily portable that I could see bullet strikes at 500 yards with. Two, I'm an amateur photographer, and wanted something I could use as a standalone prime-focus telephoto with a long focal length. Three, something I could restart my star-gazing with that I could upgrade later. My choice, after lots of review reading and decision-making about the compromises I had to make to satisfy the above uses, is a Celestron C5 SCT. I also have purchased an Orion EQ mount/tripod with a single axis drive, but I have a good heavy-duty camera tripod for use as a spotting scope. I plan on a few more accessories in the next month or so and would like to hear from the experienced folks their recommendations for versatile add-ons that won't break the bank.
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