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  1. M42 Orion Nebula Frames: 41×180″ & 20x30" 20 Darks/Flats/Bias In my personal opinion, I do prefer the core being blown out as HDR MultiscaleTransform just wasn't dealing with it well and it preserves contrast. Overall it took me about 20 hours from setting up and taking images, to doing iterations of this in PixInsight and finishing. Once I get a modded DSLR, I'll be sure to add some Ha data to this. Any CC or comments are appreciated Matt
  2. Went to a local obsy and while trying to auto two star align their CGE, I tried aligning it with various stars and the second star would always be miles off, no matter what stars I chose. I tried 3 star alignment, that would always fail. Firmware version was 4.21 and MC was 5.07. Firmware was recently updated and what I realised is that when looking in the utilities menu, there was no polar alignment feature. All the date/time/location was accurate. Not sure what to do here Maybe flash the firmware again? Matt
  3. Just out of curiosity, what was the exposure time for the Crab and Eagle nebula's. Also, they're fantastic!
  4. That 600D looks very tempting. Shame I don't have the money for it. Good luck on the sale!
  5. What puts me off is the fact I go on Astrobin and find some god awful pictures with the 450D, which has probably very good data but just processed poorly. However sometimes I come across well edited pictures, even with just a fraction of the data. I'm most likely being too nit picky but I don't want to make the wrong choice as this'll last me up until I can save for a mono cooled like the ASI1600
  6. Not sure which one to go with here, I don't really care about the swivel screen that much, just that is the sensor better/same or worse than one another and the increased megapixel count. Does that really make a difference? P.S. These will both be astro modded
  7. I think there's too much of a green cast on the image, maybe applying scnr to it might help, other than that, looks really good to me!
  8. Just interested if anyone wants to swap these two. If you're serious, I'll consider actually trading. PM me
  9. If I'm honest, I think that taking 10 minute subs with a non-cooled camera is a bit overkill and will bring in a lot of thermal noise, due to the sensor increasing temperature over time. I reckon more 5 minute subs will do better but that's just my opinion If the camera was cooled, then yes of course take long exposures.
  10. £250 or less PM me
  11. Aha, fair enough. I'm sure it'll turn out really nicely
  12. If you've got an OIII filter, you can add data from that to make a HST colour pallete image
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