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  1. Also, there are various reasons why the observatory never gets used, although now I have a key, I intend to use it whenever I can.
  2. I'm going to go over tomorrow since the weather is awful at the moment and pictures from all angles. This is clearly getting confusing, both for everyone here trying to help and myself included. To answer some of your questions: I will have a look tomorrow if there's another hole further round for the azimuth bolt to sit in It is easily rotatable in azimuth however, it can't rotate any further since it has reached its limit and needs rotating more. I think there are designated holes for the three nuts to be in place with for the mount, and I'm not sure if there are others further around The pier is bolted down with 4 levelling screws onto a steel/concrete pier Yes, it is possible to observe and image with it but I always have to keep adjusting because it constantly drifts.
  3. Really not sure and I think I agree with rusted, I don't really want to find out incase the whole thing topples
  4. Would some images of underneath where the bolts are help in anyway?
  5. That's kind of the problem, I'm trying to see if there's a way without having to take apart the entire rig and redrilling holes
  6. Yes, you're correct. I know I'm about 1 1/2 degrees out from doing a polar alignment with sharpcap
  7. Yes, that's just an odd bit unfortunately. The gap at the base of the mount are just for the levelling screws
  8. Sorry about that, here's the original and to be honest, I'm really not sure
  9. I've been given a key to go to my local observatory whenever I like, since it never gets used in the 2 years it's been built. It houses a C14 and an original CGE which are mounted on a pier and a big long piece of steel. My issue is that I can't turn the azimuth bolt far enough to the right for polar alignment, since it reaches it's limit, and since it's a pier there's probably no way I could rotate one of the plates so it moves? It's a hard thing to explain fully but I've attached a few pictures Hopefully someone could help me Matt
  10. What did you do with the viakal to clean it and dry it?
  11. I presume this is why my view is hindered?
  12. Update, I looked at the blocking filter and found it was foggy. Is this bad?
  13. Yes, it is a tilt tuned scope. I'm pretty sure it was working, since the disk was getting brighter and dimmer as I kept turning
  14. I think I've misunderstood the premise of observing through a solar scope aha
  15. I guess if I hook up a mono camera and stack, that'll give out filaments when tuned properly?
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