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  1. Cracking deal for anyone wanting to get this. If only I had the funds! Good luck on the sale! Matt
  2. Someone's selling one on a Facebook group if you have it
  3. The Soul Nebula in HOO Acquisition: Ha: 48x300" @ 139 Gain 21 Offset OIII: 57x300" @ 139 Gain 21 Offset Edited in PI
  4. It isn't actually, just one whole frame! Thank you! I live in a bortle 5 although there are quite a few LED streetlights around and yes, I'll certainly be adding OIII and SII once the Moon finally disappears
  5. Soul Nebula in Ha 49x300" TS-Optics 90mm Triplet CF ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro C&C welcome! Matt
  6. How does all of this sound? https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/mercury-138v-15a-bench-top-power-supply-unit.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/lynx-astro-silicone-power-cable-25mm-dc-jack.html (Ring tongue variant) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dri-Box-FL-1859-285-Weatherproof-Black-Medium/dp/B00D7DU6YW/ref=sr_1_5?crid=17J8AUOD94C5W&dchild=1&keywords=ip55%2Bweatherproof%2Bbox&qid=1608636293&sprefix=ip55%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-5&th=1 Mains extension plugged into an RCD plug reeled up the garden to the PSU in this IP55 box
  7. That'd be great if I could take a look. And my extension is almost fully unwound, I think about a meter just maybe 2 is left over
  8. My issue is that I have to image further up in my garden and then I'm not close to any sockets. My mains extension runs about 16m to the equipment as to why I need such a long cable but if I can have the PSU in a box outside, with the mains extension running to it so I can have a shorter cable and not have significant voltage drop, that would be great. Of course, the scope would never be outside when it's about to rain and it takes me around 15 mins to pack everything up. My main concern I guess would be moisture and how that could affect the PSU, as well as heating issues being inside a box
  9. Thank you all for your input. How unrecommended is it to put the psu in a box outside with the equipment connected to a mains extension lead and have a 2-3m wire to the DSD DCHub? Matt
  10. The cable needs to be about 16-17m. I have the HEQ5 running at 12v 3A max, 1600mm at the same I think, raspberry pi 4 and a dew heater. It has the black and red terminals. I can power the dew heater separately if necessary Matt
  11. I'm basically a dummy when it comes to electronics and because I'm having communication issues due to a power brick, I'm wanting to get a 13.8v bench supply but I have no idea how to get from the black and red terminals into a DC cable for my power hub. Can anyone help with this? I was particularly looking at a mercury 13.8v 15A supply Also the power hub I have is 12v 10A rated. Does it only pull however much it needs and 15A won't be too much for it? Matt
  12. My best guess would be to extract the green from every single one using a program then using AIJ with those? I saw your other post, maybe I can look at your csv just after your multi aperture and see what I can come up with? Also I could look at all of your data myself if you upload the files?
  13. I'm having this exact issue. Did you ever solve it blinky? I'm running it headless on a RPi 4 so I'm not sure how to change usb port settings on Linux
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