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  1. I'm a DSO guy at heart, but with Mars about to approach opposition, I was wondering if my camera could be used to capture high speed (120fps) video effectively? My last attempt at planetary imaging was years ago with a modified Microsoft HD webcam with limited success. I'm thinking the much higher framerare of my mirrorless wins against my ancient webcam, but is it the better option? Downside is it's lossy 640x480 mjpeg vs 720p, but I'm not sure this is an issue for planetary? I have a dedicated QHY5L-iiC planetary camera, but it is part of a finderguider setup and I'm not about to disassemble it for one planetary imaging run. Thanks!
  2. FWIW, unguided dithering has been around for the original Star Adventurer, for ages - in the form of a beta firmware. I've been happily using it for months. For some reason, SW pulled it from their website a good while back.
  3. Looks okay, but if your budget can stretch to a HEQ5 or equivalent then do so.
  4. Have you checked the slew limit settings in the handset?
  5. Well, I've spent the past 3 hours trying to get an Xbox one Wireless Bluetooth Controller recognised with CPWI on my Astro ThinkPad which runs Windows 7, but to no avail. Eventually got it working with my other Win 10 laptop, but I really don't like using it in the field as it drains my leisure battery too quickly. As I was successful with an old Bluetooth keyboard, I wonder if the following controller is a viable alternative? Wireless Bluetooth Remote Controller for Gamepad, Selfie Camera Shutter Wireless Mouse Gamepad 3D VR Glasses Remote Control for Iphone Android PC TV Box (Black) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MHZRDV9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_S.yUEb79RK5N4
  6. Hi, I've also tried out CPWI on my AVX and it looks promising. ASCOM and phd2 seem to work in simulation mode. As i know pretty much nothing about games consoles or their controllers, would any wireless Xbox controller do? Thanks
  7. If you me, no I use APP. I have tried it though, including debugging an issue prior release.
  8. Not entirely correct. I thought this also was the recommendation (I am also a member of the ST forum) until I read this... https://forum.startools.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1448 I got much better colour balancing with DSS RGB channel alignment checked. Everything else unchecked. YMMV
  9. I no longer stack with DSS, but when I did, I was advised to deselect all background calibration options, and check the "Align RGB Channels in final image" option only. This was the recommendation when using Startools.
  10. Another Horizon 8115 user here. Modified, albeit. I've removed the entire telescopic pan tilt head assembly and bolted on the SW latitude base in it's place. Steady but not very mobile with the 5kg ballast bolted to the base, though.
  11. GIMP has implemented 32-bit support for a while now.
  12. Had mine in bits a couple of times. Funny enough the last time was indeed a faulty snap port. Managed to repair it, but it's a pretty cheaply made component to begin with. One word if advice is go easy with the grease upon reassembly, as too much causes further problems.
  13. Yes, it's possible. With careful balance, I've done 600s guided subs with that combination and a MILC/DSLR. YMMV
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