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  1. Nope, Can't seem to get this camera to work through the PI 4 with stellar mate, so it's being pushed into an All Sky camera on top of my workshop and I've bought a ZWO 120mm-S. Hopefully this should be good with this setup. Thanks for the help and advice. Campbell
  2. If I flash the camera with the arm7 driver I’m assuming it might not work on windows anymore?
  3. Yep, using windows. Do all the 120mm/mc cameras have this problem such as the new mini version ? I want to stick with ekos as it’s miles better that flicking between several programs on windows and my hope is to reduce the set up time using the stellarmate. What other ASI cameras are more robust with indi? Or switch to the QHYL II
  4. Thanks for the link, there doesn't seem to be a way of flashing the software. I can see the usbtool file but it won't launch on windows it just tries to find software that can open the file. ZWO also don't have the tool on their website anymore.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I've heard that there is a problem with the usb 2 version and the new usb 3 version is fine with Ekos and Linux but the original one works no problem if plugged directly into the laptop. It's just when using the PI4 with stellar mate, it can see the camera and connects but won't allow image capture. How do I go about flashing the camera, I've got a new driver that might work?
  6. Morning folks, I recently switched to Ekos on the laptop for full control and it works brilliantly so after hovering between the ASIAIR Pro and Stellarmate in PI4 I felt the Stellarmate with a Pegasus PBA would be best......then came all the issues. I haven't bought the PPBA yet just use a powered usb hub; I've set up all the software on the Mac and iPhone indifferent configurations to ensure sure it would connect outside and it worked well but when it comes to capturing the ASI120mm usb 2 will not capture anything and plate solving with with the ASI or DSLR just won't happen either
  7. I’ve just bought stellar mate but haven’t had it outside yet, can anyone tell me if there is a polar alignment function on the mobile app. I can see there’s one update in the forthcoming version about an improved alignment but before I bought it the online info seems to suggest it’s part of it and not just on the desktop version which I already use.
  8. Thanks for the feed back, it was a great help. Decided to go the stellarmate route as I think having the separate power unit is more dependable and I like options with ekos.
  9. The Pegasus would take care of the focuser power wouldn’t it? The AAP should be able to power the focuser also.
  10. Thanks, The classic zwo120mm seems to be working fine at the moment running ekos on Pop os, I understand you need the new version as a minimum on the asi. The asiair pro is 4gb ram so was planning on the 8gb option if going the stellarmate route. I use the dummy battery route at the moment with a plug in adapter but need to get away from the hanging plugs and long cables. On Flo site it says that the asiair has a “lightweight” power distributor so wanted to know if the Pegasus would be better as I want to run the heq5 through it. some people do it with the asi but if it’s ligh
  11. Hi, Thinking of getting the Asiair pro whenever they come back into stock but wondered about the voltage output for dslr, it states that it’s12v but would that not need to be stepped down to 7.5v for dslr. im wondering if the Pegasus power box micro with Stellarmate might be a better option as the dedicated power box is controllable. I tried Ekos a couple of years back and had nothing but problems but tried again last night and was amazed at how slick it was, best guiding and first time plate-solvingwas effortless. I have the original zwo 120mm so reluctant to get a new one unles
  12. Great imaging, fantastic amount of detail.
  13. Great image, I'm on the cusp of buying a 6" or 8" RC and it's great to see what they're capable of especially the 6".
  14. You know I hanker after the Samyang 135mm but actually for the moment I think this is quite a capable lens with maybe just a bit of pinching in the far corner. I balance it easily with a long plate adapter and can do 120s subs, not tried any longer yet.
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