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  1. sulaco

    Light box

    Hi, I made one with a similar paper thin light panel to these. https://m.alibaba.com/product/60034600805/ultra-bright-el-light- I then stuck it to some white translucent acrylic sheet, Its light and can be mounted to the end of the scope with plastic bolts used for the focus mask. I photograph it later for you. Campbell
  2. Great image there, Good fine detail.
  3. I have just solved it,I had downloaded the latest 0.7 version but it looks like after upgrading my OS Microsoft C++ wasn't installed so I uninstalled astrotortilla and download the previous version which installs Microsoft C++ 2008 as part of the install and now I'm back up and running. I tried to download the Microsoft software for 0.7 Astrotortilla but it didn't work. Thanks Campbell
  4. Evening folks, I recently tried to update Astrotortilla after an OS upgrade and since then I'm just getting the below error message. I've tried installing several times also Cygwin but the same message appears. Spotted an old post by Gary Jones describing the same thing and fixing it with some of the index files but don't quite follow. I'm running Windows 8.1 and it used to work on this machine....but not now. Any tips? Campbell
  5. Solved it, it looks as if the Dec worm was slightly too tight and any slight variance as it turned was binding. Thanks for the input Campbell
  6. The Dec is feeling slightly tighter that RA, will try adjusting tonight with and test with weights. Thanks
  7. Hi, No the grinding noise is repeatable by loosening the clutch and rotating to a certain point, re-engage the clutch and it the stepper is jammed and it makes the noise. Took the side panel off last night, starting to thing that it might be the adjustment of the worm where it's possible too tight when I've removed backlash in the past. Thanks Campbell
  8. Hi folks, Having setup my kit last night to image Orion I found the Heq5 mount making a hard clicking or grinding noise depending slew speed only in Declination and only when pointing west. Tried with handset as well as eqmod, the mounts power is supplied with a mains power pack. I don't get as much time to image as I'd like and often image object in the east as they rise. Tried slight adjustment of Dec but still happens. Throwing it out for suggestions. Thanks Campbell
  9. Hi, Selling a brand New unused secondary newtonian dew zapper from Altair Astro, bought then found out much later it was the wrong size wanting £19 posted payment via paypal https://www.altairastro.com/Newtonian-Secondary-Mirror-Dew-Heater-Elliptical.html Thanks Campbell
  10. Last night I randomly woke at 3:15 and when ever I get up in the night i can't help but have a quick peek at the stars as the street lights are still off. I noticed Mars in the south but more bright than I've ever seen it, it really stood out. I'm wondering if this extra bright appearance might have anything to do with the colossal dust storm playing out at the moment and the particulate reflecting more light in the atmosphere? Any thoughts. Campbell
  11. Brillian idea, just got the SAM and also thought that's something that should be added. Campbell
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, i kind of suspected as much. Don't really want to swap them about so just stick with the status quo. Cheers
  13. I like this thread a lot, a hand held control is often more versatile that cabled or pc based control. Does anybody know if it's possible to connect the WiFi adapter in series to the lynx astro eqmod cable which connects via usb to the pc. Never use handset but it could be usfule sometimes so if adapter can connect to mount port the lynx cable it would be ideal. Cheers Campbell
  14. Hi Geordieboy, You know, I've no idea why I wrote spacer as there isn't one just the polemaster attachment and the turning I made. Sorry for the confusion. Campbell
  15. Hi Dave, Thanks, not sure how accurate that would be I'm sure the pole master lens has a pretty short focal length working in conjunction with it's software but when using the Sharp cap software a longer focal length is better from what I understand. I'm using a Takumar 85mm 1.8 and it works well, StuartJPP mentions above that simply attaching the guidecam off axis on the scope works just as well. I'm a Jeweller so I just love fiddling about on the lathe, I find it a nice little attachment though.
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