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  1. DIY Polar Align Camera...Sort of

    Am I missing something here, shouldn't the mount be aligned to the polar axis through the mount axis. Does Sharp caps design need it to be mounted off central?
  2. A Sunflower after a break

    Thanks Jannis, I remember doing something similar once but I usually use an action on PS but I'm not convinced that it's as good as doing it manually. Going to give it another go, I've also downloaded Pixinsight demo. Thanks Campbell
  3. Wow...incredible detail, fantastic bit of imaging.
  4. Wow! that's incredible and very nice imaging.
  5. Here's my first image after a year and a half absence, I've always loved the Sunflower galaxy in wide field but this image would certainly benefit from a lot of extra subs and practice in precessing. I've had nothing but issues with eqdirect and recently got a new Lynx astro cable to replace Hitec astro one and suddenly my problems were solved. Any advice and tips for smoothing out the background would be appreciated, Thanks for looking Campbell Scope 130PDS on HEQ5, guided in PHD2, stacked in Nebulosity, levels in PS6 lights: 20 x 300s @ 800 iso Flats: 20 x Bias: 20 x Darks: 20 x 300s
  6. M81-Green channel

    Incredible image in even just one channel
  7. The quest for Integrated Flux - Part 3

    Fantastic image, thanks for sticking up that tutorial link too.
  8. Rosette Nebula Widefield Ha

    Very nice image there, nice percpective of not having the Rossette the sole point of interest.
  9. Slow and unresponsive eqmod

    Well just in case anyone has had similar issues, I went through each part if my rig to see where the problem lies and after buying a 13v power supply and discounting that I found it to be the Hitec astro eqdirct cable. I bought a new Lynx Astro one from the helpful chaps at FLO and the setup works perfectly, I've been beating my heat against a wall for ages and this appears to be the problem, spent 3hrs on Saturday imaging without a blip. The PHD2 worked better and no Connection Time Outs. I'd installed and reinsatlled the Hitec drivers and various other system settings but it was the cable itself. Hope this helps anyone having similar Connection Time Outs. Campbell
  10. M51 and 80ED first light

    Great Image, I imaged it once using a 200p but it's good to see the size with your scope as it's comparible to the 130pds I'm using now.
  11. First class work and great wee films of the construction process. Definitive "How To.." material. Thanks
  12. M42

    I love this as it has the look of a 70s Sci-Fi book cover, I would have that printed on some proffessional silver impregnated paper. great image
  13. Barnard 10 from earlier

    I just love dark nebulas, great clouds of dark dust can some of the most interesting images.
  14. Quasar CTA 102 - seriously deep sky!

    Interesting thread, thanks for putting this up.