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  1. Great imaging, fantastic amount of detail.
  2. Great image, I'm on the cusp of buying a 6" or 8" RC and it's great to see what they're capable of especially the 6".
  3. You know I hanker after the Samyang 135mm but actually for the moment I think this is quite a capable lens with maybe just a bit of pinching in the far corner. I balance it easily with a long plate adapter and can do 120s subs, not tried any longer yet.
  4. So here's a process of the California Nebula taken with Star Adventurer Mini which I just love, it really is great for a travel grab and go mount for timelapse and widefield. The was taken a few weeks back but just got around to processing it in APP and PS. Star Adventurer Mini, 500D with Sigma 105mm f2.8 lights 59 x 60s Flats 59 Darks 59 Bias 59
  5. That's a great image, a widefield that I wouldn't have thought of. Great amount of detail. Campbell
  6. Here's my recent attempt at The Rosette nebula and trying Astro Pixel Prosessor for the first time which compared to Nebulosity is just a complete revelation. The Software is just so easy to use and just works, I'm able to process almost all the way through with just a bit of finishing off In Photoshop. Still got a bit of learning as there's still a fair bit of noise. Campbell !30PDS HEQ5 Modded Canon 500D 19 x 300s 25 x Flats 25 x Darks 45 x Bias
  7. Absolutely spot on, the dust lanes have great detail, even as you move outwards you can just see fainter lanes.
  8. Not sure if you've sorted this yet but I recently upgraded mine to the new ridicule and use it in combination with skywatcher app, it works a treat. Much more accurate the before, I use it in my heq5 and star adventurer mini. Campbell
  9. Thanks for the feedback Roland, I suspected that the Newtonian Dual set up might be a pain to balance as most dual rigs I've seen are all refractor based like Carole 's above. I already used the Sky adventurer mini with a Sigma 105mm 2.8 lens at the same time and it works great for getting the most of an evening even if it's on a totally different scale. I think I'll focus on getting the obsy up and running and work on the auto focusing so it can have longer unattended and just need to close the roof. Cheers
  10. Hi Carole, Funny enough I was looking at your blog this morning on my way to work. I'm using two DSLR's but do plan on a mono at some point in the future. The current setup weighs 6kg and I don't imaging the 72 ed would increase it much. Also I use APP for my processing which would handle it ok I think.
  11. Morning folks, I'm planning a bit of a change in my imaging setup and after much thought I need some input from others if you can. I want to upgrade my setup, currently a SW 130pds HEQ5 with a 60mm guide scope imaging with a modded 500D. I often find my imaging time limited but am planning the build of a mini obsy to make longer sessions more practical. Would mounting a SW72 ed on top of the 130pds be over kill to get an dual imaging system going and increase the data volume, both with a canon 500d and a simple finder guider, the mount should be ok with this. Or just keep the status quo and add an auto focuser for longer single scope sessions that can be more automated in keeping good focus with the lighter setup. The dual version I believe would end up having wider field images as I would probably have to add the higher resolution from the longer FL to the shorter FL images. Any 2p's worth would be appreciated I just want to achieve more productive sessions. Thanks Campbell
  12. sulaco

    Light box

    Hi, I made one with a similar paper thin light panel to these. https://m.alibaba.com/product/60034600805/ultra-bright-el-light- I then stuck it to some white translucent acrylic sheet, Its light and can be mounted to the end of the scope with plastic bolts used for the focus mask. I photograph it later for you. Campbell
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