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  1. I feel bright galaxies need 2 different exposure sets? Ex. Cigar has a red cloud which I don't feel it can get captured in 5min exposures but it's and bodes core is very bright. Please correct me if I'm wrong Rajesh
  2. Beautiful image swag72. Nicely done. You seem to be busy in Orion . Lots if detail! Clear skies
  3. Hi I had posted a plan of a observatory but now I have to change it. I want some help on deciding which kind of obsy will suit me the best 1- it rains for 4months 2-max wind I've seen was about 40km/ph only once. 3-heat reaches 33/35max may increase due to global warming. 4- it will be made over a roof. 5-minimum temperature is 14 in December. 6-i get a good sky at the horizon (above 10 degrees) so I don't want them to get blocked. Several dome makers are available for me. I am also a good builder and have some nice friends who are ready to help.
  4. VENUS!!!!
  5. Wow nice image. I'm lucky to be near equality I miss megallanic clouds
  6. Hi sgl As most of you'll will be knowing most mounts come with the cigarette lighter cable . But I will do imaging in my sea facing backyard and want power from the plug I saw that I need a 12v ac to DC adapter. I'm thinking of the AVX mount Should the adapter be from celestron or will any with adapter which fits for the avx work?
  7. Even I feel more data will make it look better I'm no expert Like the second image. First one appeared pink on my screen too.
  8. I only need the adapter. I can use the local clubs Can you'll post your setup images ? Rajesh Edit Does anyone know how low can I go in latitude by placing the mount between tripod legs?
  9. How long can I go with a 130pds? 1min?
  10. Has anyone checked this?
  11. I don't feel the polar scope is necessary with the aspa... Main use will be for astrophotography tho.
  12. Hi. The local club has a cge mount which is very old. I think bought in 2009.with a c11. Used for visual The problem Example =my brain gives a order for my hand to move to the left. It moves. But it can't stop moving!!!! This is the mounts problem. We tried playing with it by doing some earthing. Temporarily solved the problem. But it went out of control again. We also tried changing pier, controller and power source If we send it to us the shipping cost will make the club go out of money. Has anyone encountered this problem? With or without this mount. I personally feel the problem is with the chip inside. Most error if on Dec axis. Sometimes scope moves too fast. I hope I've given sufficient data about the problem. We are planning to open it full women last time. Rajesh
  13. Hi. I see celestron has a equalent of the famous heq5. Avx has low cost, 2inch tripod, pec and all star polar alignment. It's latitude range and aspa is good for my latitude. I can't find much reviews on it. I would like to know about the mount from some members of sgl Rajesh
  14. I've tried pixinsight. I lost my way of processing but it was good. I'm looking forward to get Astroart but can't find much reviews. If ollypenrice uses it. Then it must be good 4@j£$#