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  1. Incredible image! Probably one of the best one I've seen of these region.
  2. Nova2000

    Pixinsight pc component help

    Hi I did not get what you meant by page file drive. OK ill get the ram Thankyou
  3. Hello I am planning on building a pc as my old one is pretty outdated. The parts I'm planning to use are I5 8400 6cores 8gb ram 1tb hdd 240 Kingston ssd And gpu etc Will pixinsight give me faster speeds if I out it on ssd? Will my ram and cpu handle pixinsight well? I have already used the trial on my older pc which is i3 5gen. It was slow. And as I've used trial I don't feel I can get it again.
  4. Nova2000

    camera choice

    Even I use a t5i/ 700d.veru good and camera. It's my first
  5. Nova2000

    Eskimo Neb - Can't Find it !

    10mm maybe?
  6. Nova2000

    Eskimo Neb - Can't Find it !

    I observed this nebula in December. Used a 8inch gso dob. With 25mm eyepiece. Very dark skies. In the position where I should have found Eskimo I saw a small Fuzzy patch of light. I hope that's what I was looking for
  7. Hello Can you'll recommend me some good targets for my setup GSO 10 f4 astrograph newtonian Canon 700d unmodded and 550d modded Neq6 and asi 120 autoguider. I can get 5mins images with nice round stars. I need some bright galaxies (ngc Caldwell and messier) or nebula
  8. Nova2000

    Super blue blood moon

    Canon 700d 300mm lense image cropped. Maul tracking on still tripod. Shot from India. I've never shot am eclipse before. I have a short 15 sec video should I try stacking? Please advice me as another eclipse upcoming in July
  9. I'm having problems in dss lately, I stacked 70x30sec frames and 20flats but it looks. Like the flats didn't do anything! Is there any way I can fix my image in photoshop? Should I run this image in pixinsight? Increase screen brightness and view Thankyou
  10. Hello sgl I'm thinking on shooting M41 with a unmodded dslr and gso 10 f4 astrograph. I'm gonna shoot from city where I can see 3 mag stars (don't know what number my sky is on bottle scale) I can take guided shots and have polemaster. Should I go for this target? I don't have any oc pics. And m45 is too big. I also have pixinsight trial version and wanna do some good testing of background extractor. Help please
  11. Went for a star party yesterday I setup the eq 3 ra drive to track m31, very very windy lost 80% of data. As I felt bored to focus Messier winter open clusters I decided to go for some NGC and Caldwell objects. Started out with sculptor galaxy I figured out it was the correct galaxy cause of the galaxies shapes. I then focused a globular cluster just next to it(don't remember the name now) And then Eskimo nebula. I got the scope where it should be and saw a small round nebula. Is this how it looks? Gso 8inch Dobsonian 25mm plossl
  12. Nova2000

    Baileys Beads

  13. This is the first time I tried to shoot an eclipse. Was very cloudy but looks like the force was with me Canon 700d, 55-250 kit lense. Single frame shot at 11:41pm IST didn't get 11:50 maximum phase. Image is cropped. Lightly done in photoshop. Still tripod. Iso 1600
  14. Nova2000

    Eclipse on Monday (lunar) anyone up?

    It should have. Unfortunately it's raining here (monsoons) it will be a miracle if the sky clears up.
  15. Hi sgl How many of you'll will be observing the partial lunar eclipse this Monday (IST)

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