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  1. Baileys Beads

  2. This is the first time I tried to shoot an eclipse. Was very cloudy but looks like the force was with me Canon 700d, 55-250 kit lense. Single frame shot at 11:41pm IST didn't get 11:50 maximum phase. Image is cropped. Lightly done in photoshop. Still tripod. Iso 1600
  3. Eclipse on Monday (lunar) anyone up?

    It should have. Unfortunately it's raining here (monsoons) it will be a miracle if the sky clears up.
  4. Hi sgl How many of you'll will be observing the partial lunar eclipse this Monday (IST)
  5. M8 - The Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius

    Very nice image
  6. Nice idea. But doesn't the sand move? Is it totally filled?
  7. It's because of auto noise reduction
  8. Great Skies

    Monsoons have began here. I won't even dream of a clear sky for 4months. Miss the summer sky
  9. Great image. I can agree with the palm tree
  10. NGC4725 and PN in collaboration with Gnomus.

    Nice capture Gnomus and Ollypenrice.
  11. Need some milkyway targets

    Yes indeed, the 50mm f1. 8
  12. Need some milkyway targets

    I'm from goa. 13degrees above the equator so can get views of almost both the skies.
  13. Old flame and horsehead

    Hi @Ishan Mair, it was on a NEQ6 pro and was guided with a asi 290 and the asi guidescope.
  14. Iris nebula complex - now with added colour!

    Hi Uranium235, very nice image! Lots of faint dust, Can you do a star reduction and check the result? Rajesh