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  1. Hi sorry this is off topic question. Which flattner do you use with the 72ed?didn't wanna start a new thread
  2. Wow ! Seeing this on a screen like that will be even more amazing
  3. hi does anyone use the tripod that skywatcher makes for the star adventurer? https://www.skywatcherusa.com/collections/star-adventurer-accessories/products/star-adventurer-tripod
  4. This are is the GSO coma corrector we have and the the 1.25 inch adapter. I don't use any other spacer other than these 2 products.
  5. Hi my camera is a Canon 700d . I use the GSO coma corrector .I use the 2inch barrel with the tring and insert it in the coma corrector.
  6. hi all last night i was basically trying to know stuff better by setting up the Astro clubs gear. GSO 10 f4 newt astrograph on a neq6. i did the collimation properly and i knew that the balance was not good and so the images trailed a bit . just because i setup everything as practice so i don't waste time when i take the gear to dark sites i clicked 20x30sec shots of m45 . i reliazed that something was off about the stars . i was using a coma corrector and i doubt the collimator As when i turned the collimator during the collimation process so i can see the lazer dot the beam inside the scope shifted . I think the collimator needs to be aligned? is so how do i do it?
  7. Wow what's was the sky quality ,looks like you had an amazing time with that 20inch dob
  8. I think many use a finder scope or they star hop. Cheers
  9. Hi Perfect round stars?I'm also interested in this set-up.
  10. Hi all Normally when we go outdoors we rent a car battery and use clip which are connected to a cigarette lighter splitter which then powers laptop , camera and mount . But I've heard that these batteries are not safe and they don't give a constant voltage . What would you'll recommend to power the equipment? We stay up full night cause we don't go often the the dark areas . Thank you
  11. I can't stop looking at this picture .wow lots of details !
  12. In light pollution map the area we usually go is shown as a bortle 2 sky but I feel it's actually bortle 3 .this location is in the Western ghats of India a mountain range in southern India . The spot we go is about 800mtrs above sea level . The summer milky way is stunning and Orion arm can be seen too. Omega centauri doesn't come above 20 degree from the horizon but it's a naked eyed object easily . We usually miss the best part of the sky because of the monsoons season which is from June to October end the sky I went now had visible light pollution domes in the south and west which were disturbing. Clear skies ! Ok it is a bortle 3 sky my bad . there is also a bortle 2 spot but it's very far last time we went there was around 4 yrs ago. This is the reading of the bortle 2 sky which is further and the roads are bad
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