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  1. M74 is my enemy
  2. Hello. Astro art seems to do guiding, stacking and other stuff. It's also low priced. Is this software good? Please share your views Rajesh
  3. Hi all, I would like to power a mount and a laptop at the same time. I was thinking of buying the powertank but i realized most of you'll use batteries. I can make the circuit easily. Can you'll recommend me some good battery which can power me the night. Below 250£if possible please and not a heavy one (back back Weight till 5kgs is acceptable. Main goal is mount. Laptop can run 2hrs without the need if charging. Rajesh
  4. Nice image! The power of 10micron
  5. Hi all Do anti vibration pad really help. I wanna make a small she'd on the terrace to house my upcoming equipment but don't wanna make a pier. Do any of youll use it?
  6. You shot it at 300mm? Great image! Stars look good also. You should have taken more subs but of opinion I may not be the best Clear skies
  7. I don't think pixinsight works with Windows 7 now Even I can't download it for that reason.
  8. Ts replies really fast and is helpful.
  9. Mark the position of the weights and tube during balancing. Mark the area on the ground.
  10. My club friends take a small wooden box or a table.
  11. My question 2 might be hard for you'll to understand. When a ccd is used without a filter it gives a black and white image if I'm not wrong. If it records data in greyscale then how does it get color when filters are used? Is. Lp/luminance filter gives a black and white image. Should it also show the natural color? I don't know how to frame my question. I'm trying hard.
  12. Hi all. To be honest I don't know anything about ccd camera. (I only know if then to have a different sensor and a cooler behind them) Some questions came up in my mind (may be weird) 1=do they have live view when connected to a software focusing? 2=if the ccd is monochrome (black and white). How does it record the color given by filters and can't record rgb to gether without a filter? 3=more cooling gives less noise? 4=why us this technology so costly? 5=whats the back focus problem? 6= do my questions make sense? 7=quantum efficiency? 8=whats nm/mm in the filters thing? Like 5mm o3/3mm ha. Rajesh
  13. Himalayan range. The darkest skies of my country I would love to go there one day! Great images! You should remotely use your equipment, once in 2months is a waste of such good skies. Good luck
  14. Hi all I was thinking of a ccd camera for my widefield imaging rig.ive checked many ccd camera but don't know what to go for. I'm only doing some research now and won't be buying so soon. QHY ccd seem good and are also available from a local dealer. Atik and Moravian are shipped by teleskop express. I would like to use the ts70ed with it. And guide it via QHY mini guide scope. Mount =star adventurer so I should get 2-3min subs. I had to send back my star adventurer due to a broken part. Its a time till I order again. As this won't be a main camera for me so I wanna keep the process down to 1500$.and can add a 100 more for accessories. Mono/color is no problem for me cause we have 12 hrs darkness during winter. 8hrs of data should give me good results (am I expecting too much?) So an hr in each filter may help or I may only use halpha. Rajesh