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  1. Hallucinations!
  2. Same here. Mind games.
  3. Looks like you got a astro neighbor to talk space
  4. Hi Ray I think you will bolt the Mesu pier on the concrete!?
  5. Which part of the sky does it appear? Flame in 4inch! Wow. Really impressive. I'm sure you had a nice time there.
  6. War of the world's!
  7. Hi. I was making a presentation on astronomical phenomenon for some kids. I remembered the Gegenschine phenomenon which a senior of the local astronomy club told me about once. Has anyone on SGL seen it or photographed it?
  8. I bet the skies would have been really amazing. But as they say Humans are not afraid of the dark They are afraid that someone might be there in the dark Clear skies
  9. But if the site is far away from good facilities and you are on your own. It's not good actually.
  10. The forest area I go to is occupied by leopards Never seen one. Seen fox there once but. My friend's once went to a different dark site and they had to stop cause of dogs Joke of the Leopard place The local club has a kiss club which conducts presentations and science picnics for kids. One boy 12yrs old was roaming at night without telling the seniors. He saw 2lights in the bushes. He thought it was a Leopard and came running . The lights were fire flies šŸ˜
  11. looks like you had a good night! looks like no star party for me this april. monsoon has come earlier than expected . very cloudy ..end of astronomy season perhaps. im designing a manual mount for a c14 from iron . im sure it will resolve color.
  12. Hi ollypenrice. Have you guided with astroart?
  13. Ya As! 2 doesn't work well. I've been using dss but I'm searching for a upgrade. Cause some software also allow image capture and mount control.
  14. Hi. I need a stacking software I've heard a lot of Pixinsight, astro art. Pixinsight has nice tools and looks productive but I think I can do the same in a copy of CS6. Astro art has nice tools such as planetary stacking, deep sky and astrometery. It is also cheaper On my pc and laptop registax and the other planetary software by asi doesn't work (very slow and hangs in the middle). Can you'll help me choose?
  15. Good to see progress! What have you planned about the wiring and condensation problem?