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  1. Nova2000

    December 9, 2018: Wirtanen brightening clearly

    Has anyone tried to observe the comet from town skies (bortle 6/5)?using a telescope off course
  2. Nova2000

    December 9, 2018: Wirtanen brightening clearly

    Observed this yesterday from bortle scale 3/4sky. Used gso 8 f6 dobsonian and 40mm eyepiece, managed to see it in viewfinder, it looked better in it XD
  3. Hi The mount is 2yrs old and it wouldn't show much alignment stars and would sometimes take a long time to show stars. Yesterday it took so long to find alignment stars during a star party, we tried several times, twice it showed us some stars which are not so bright and hard to find. Then when we powered it again, it showed us Sirius, then it wasn't even showing the next star, it was saying searching only. Last 2yrs we didn't get bothered much but now it's irritating, we ended up doing a one star alignment. Anyone else facing this issue!?
  4. Nova2000

    How to track comets?

    ive not used cartes du ciel to slew . so basically after alignment i just open cartes du ciel and select the comet and slew to it or do i need to do some adjustments in ep mod? thank you
  5. Hi I was wondering how do you track comets while taking pictures of them? Heard a comet is getting brighter now (46p wirtanen). Got a autoguider, PhD and all. And which software is to be used to goto the comet? Cartes du ciel? Or something else?
  6. Nova2000

    Combined 3.5h data on M31

    Nice image, which lense did you use?
  7. Hi I was wondering if there are good solutions to get rid of dew problems on camera lenses. In may the lens was getting covered with dew every 5mins. It was so irritating. Need some advice on this. Thankyou
  8. Hi :) Just wanted to know if there are any people here who use Ryzen processors with pixinsight. How well do they work? Thankyou
  9. Nova2000

    Some eclipse composites

    Great shots!!! From where did you shoot these beautiful pictures?
  10. We'll it's monsoon season here. No clear skies till end of October. Just hope I can see the eclipse moon through the clouds The eclipse is gonna be really long here
  11. Incredible image! Probably one of the best one I've seen of these region.
  12. Nova2000

    Pixinsight pc component help

    Hi I did not get what you meant by page file drive. OK ill get the ram Thankyou
  13. Hello I am planning on building a pc as my old one is pretty outdated. The parts I'm planning to use are I5 8400 6cores 8gb ram 1tb hdd 240 Kingston ssd And gpu etc Will pixinsight give me faster speeds if I out it on ssd? Will my ram and cpu handle pixinsight well? I have already used the trial on my older pc which is i3 5gen. It was slow. And as I've used trial I don't feel I can get it again.
  14. Nova2000

    camera choice

    Even I use a t5i/ 700d.veru good and camera. It's my first

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