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  1. Very nice image
  2. Nice idea. But doesn't the sand move? Is it totally filled?
  3. It's because of auto noise reduction
  4. Monsoons have began here. I won't even dream of a clear sky for 4months. Miss the summer sky
  5. Great image. I can agree with the palm tree
  6. Nice capture Gnomus and Ollypenrice.
  7. Yes indeed, the 50mm f1. 8
  8. I'm from goa. 13degrees above the equator so can get views of almost both the skies.
  9. Hi @Ishan Mair, it was on a NEQ6 pro and was guided with a asi 290 and the asi guidescope.
  10. Hi Uranium235, very nice image! Lots of faint dust, Can you do a star reduction and check the result? Rajesh
  11. Hi sgl I was busy so didn't process the data which was somewhere in the corner of the pc. GSO 10 f4 astrograph, Canon 500d moded, 5min subs. Total data about 2hrs This image doesn't total belong to me and is a team effort by the club members and me. Please give advice and other tips, c and c
  12. Very nice images ollypenrice. The M13 looks awesome Clear skies
  13. Hi sgl. I'm going to a star party this Saturday. I can use the tracker for about 2hrs only as other members also want to use it. I selected this time cause I want to shoot dso in the milkyway. Can you'll recommend me some targets for a 250mm and 50mm lense? I get 4mins subs with 50mm lense with the least amount of trailing and 45sec subs with 250mm lense without trailing. Also Cygnus will be up, there are nice targets there roo such as Nan, Cygnus loop. Sadr nebula which I feel will fit the 50mm lense. Rajesh
  14. Yes, moon base should be next mission. I don't care much about Mars to be frank. And we can't directly colonize Mars. Moon base will have a great scientific base. Cause of the low gravity and little or no atmosphere