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  1. The Milky Way is there but rather faint. Here's one I took a few years ago at a Kelling Heath.
  2. And I haven't got my new CEM60eq yet!
  3. IEQ45 Pro or the new Cem40. The Cem60 has slightly more capacity at 27kg. I'm advised that's the imaging payload figure. The original eq6 is states at 18kg for imaging,
  4. Can you Photoshop some clea skies for us!
  5. O2 is better than some other networks. Also Three has improved and gives me 4g in the yellow field. But not all the time!
  6. I met up with Solarboy but it must have been after you did! I also had a look 656imaging and their scope mounted on the Cem120. Didn't see any big moustaches! Hope you're getting on with your 120. We had good discounts on my new Cem60ec and my husband's SX Ultrastar camera. Unfortunately Atik weren't there as he wanted to look at their Infinity. We both enjoyed the talks. It was definitely worth the return trip to see eveything. But then we end up travelling long distances to everything! Mount will be due in about a fortnight so don't expect any clear skies after that! Mind the dealer doesn't ship clouds.....
  7. There is a website called 'nexstarsite'. It's a source of information about this range of scopes. If I remember rightly it's no longer updated by the owner but it may help. There's a section about connecting to a pc. I had a 8SE some years ago. If I remember rightly Celestron provided a disk with the drivers on and you connect via the second socket in the hand control. The software shows you a version of the hand control on the pc which you use to move the mount. I didn't really use it. You can also buy a wireless adapter to connect to SkySafari on a tablet. FLO should be able to help there. Celestron used to make their own, I think it was called SkyPortal but there's also one from the SkySafari people. Hope that helps a little. Anne
  8. My Starwave reducer had a 10mm spacer fitted so that the dslr adapter bit gave the correct spacing. You don't need to add anything else. I had to remove it for ccd imaging as I have a filterwheel.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, that will give me something to think about. Unfortunately it looks as if it won't be clear enough tonight, so I can't take the RGB subs! As it's Thor's Helmet, I'm running out of time to image it as it's so low here. My image is HOO so I can try Ollie's method eventually, it looks a lot easier than removing stars in PI.
  10. I've been imaging Thor's Helmet for the last couple of nights in Ha and O3. I notice that RGB data can be used to correct star colour. What exposure is recommended to capture the stars and how many should I take? It looks as if I've one more clear night for the time being. Thanks Anne
  11. I'm going to be there, and Jim. We'll be looking at mounts, he's promised me a new one! Probably a CEM60ec. Hopefully see some people there.
  12. Sloz1664 started a topic about it under the section "DIY Observatores". I don't know how to post a link but the last post was Friday so it should be possible to find it. There aren't any kits though I believe Rigel made one years ago. It not the same as the current kit as the motor would have to ride around on the dome unless you alter the base of the dome as Sloz1664 has. The ones that ride on the dome are easier now as battery packs are much smaller and you could put a solar panel on the outside to recharge the pack. I just wish I had the skills and knowledge to do it.
  13. I'm sure an Eagle Core is vital to your review of the RedCat 51!
  14. I notice you can just buy the Scopedome with out the motors. You could get that first. The only thing that worries me is that it comes fully assembled. It could be difficult to get into position if you've restricted access. It does look lovely though. I've got the older Pulsar dome which is now well over 10 years old. I find the fact that it's got a gap around the base of the dome means it dries out well, the newer one has less ventilation. I have to rotate it manually when imaging though.
  15. You can plug the handset in as well as connect to the laptop but it works without too. I use the handset if I need to fine tune my composition. I've been using Commander for several years with my travelling setup. It all works well with Maxim dl for pointing. I do connect through POTH as Commander won't act as a hub and I like to use the Sky6 with Maxim dl.
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