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  1. As to a replacement with smaller pixels, I use a Superstar which has 4.65 micron pixels with a finder guider. They can be binned if necessary which should allow use with an oag.
  2. I just had a thought. Something tells me you can only switch on R.A. guiding with the handset. I can't remember if mine wa on or off when it arrived but it should be on "allow R.A. guiding".
  3. There's a setting in the handset which will show you the firmware. Menu button then setup I think. It'll say where to look in the full instructions too.
  4. I've always moved the R.A. manually when using the Polemaster. It says to do it using the handset/Commander but as it's only finding where the mount is pointing, I've never found it makes any difference. One less complication. As to the stars appearing to be off the green circle, I would put that down to atmospheric distortion or the lens on the Polemaster. I don't normally zoom in that closely. We get rubbish skies in Wales mostly! When I polar aligned earlier this year, the only issue I had was when I tightened the adjusters. There was some movement showing on the screen. I spent some time running unguided exposures last night and managed 2 minutes unguided at 564mm with my SX694 pointed at M52 which was pretty high. I got increasing elongation on 3 and 4 minutes. I put that down to the movement when I polar aligned. I'll fix that when I get back from Kelling as the Polemaster is at the bottom of the motorhome garage! i haven't noticed any issue with the Polemaster adapter but I don't leave the Polemaster in as I need it for travelling. As to the guiding, that looks like the issue reported on cloudynights. Have you tried contacting Ioptron support to see if they've got anywhere with a fix, or if they can supply a copy of the earlier firmware from 2016/17 that my 60ec is using? We've got several Ioptron mounts and we've always found them very helpful. I'm hoping to actually do some imaging next clear night after spending last night running v-curves mostly. Anne
  5. I'm a paid user but I only use it, infrequently, with my dslr and tracking mount. The rest of the time I use a ccd with Maxim dl. It's excellent for dslr imaging. I couldn't get it to work with Cartes du Ciel and had to get Stellarium instead!
  6. Anne S

    M27 HOO

    I tried M27 in narrowband last winter. I used S2 as well. I got the red edge quite well. I hope you don't mind me posting my version. I can't remember how many subs but it was probably the same for each filter and about 2 to 3 hours total data. My focus still needs work!
  7. I wanted to have my guider on the top dovetail but there's not enough length to fit the MHP as well. I need a longer vixen plate on the top (and a smaller MHP but there's nothing wrong with mine and I need to have a reason to replace it). I'm going to have to rejig it once I've some more dovetails.
  8. I like your power socket mods. It's a pity Ioptron used unsuitable threaded sockets. Also, I don't fancy leaving the polarscope uncovered, I don't use it as I have a Polemaster but I like to look after my stuff.
  9. I find it helps to have as long a dovetail as possible. I then put a weight on the end that I can move back and forwards to balance the Dec axis, both when the R.A. is horizontal and when it is in zero position. I'm using a 300mm one but I'd prefer something longer. The saddle is so long! The guider stuff needs to be on the top as said by others. I've also got my Mount Hub Pro on a dovetail on top. It's mounted slightly on one side to counter the focus motor weight. As to the R.A. falling to one side, the threaded rod, nuts and washers did the trick and was stocked by a local hardware/decoration shop. I live in a small town! It would be nice to screw a counterweight into the normal counterweight which would make it neater. I have to be careful not to walk into the rod at night! I just need to investigate whether anyone sells a m12 threaded counterweight, or get one made. A bit like the ADM one on FLO used to balance Dec.
  10. So would I but that's not going to happen at home. I mean to try it one day when I'm at a starparty. I just need something to work with Maxim to enable it. Or switch to SGpro. Hopefully someone who can autoflip will come along soon.
  11. I tried my first meridian flips in the spring to image Thor's helmet. I also found that my EQ6 trailed the first sub after the flip if I started too quickly. I don't think it was balance as my eq6 was belt modded and balanced well and it improved after the first sub. I was running pec through Eqmod, maybe that was slow to start. I guided in Maxim DL5. I'd not imaged both sides of the meridian before. My method was to park the scope once the last sub had finished and wait until Thor's helmet was past the meridian then do a fresh goto and platesolve. Then restart the guiding. Maxim should adjust the guiding without calibrating. It just seemed to take a bit of time, I was using 20 minute subs so it was a pain. I didn't have tracking beyond the meridian enabled. I don't know if any of the above applies to you.
  12. I've been out since about 9.30 trying out my Cem60ec. I've only imaged m101 just to test everything out as it took a while to get guiding going in Maxim dl. I've just come in as m101 started going behind some trees at the end of the garden. There's a lot of moisture in the air, I thought that was affecting seeing. I was also trying to get Focusmax3 setup for autofocus but with variable results. The star being used looks very odd at times.
  13. Thanks for posting those images. I see what you mean. One other thing, does it matter which way around you have the saddle? I'd rather have the screws on the bottom, it'll be easier for me to tighten them. I've seen photos of them at the top.
  14. I'm eventually going to do the same thing with my Cem60 once I've got used to it. I've asked Ian from Altairastro to show me how to do the Dec rotation when I'm at a Kelling Heath next month. I'll post details once I've seen how to do it. I'm worried about damaging the cables as I'll need to use the USB ports for the second telescope camera and filterwheel. I imagine it'll be similar to your mount but I can ask him if there are any pitfalls if you like.
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