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  1. It might be worth shopping around. I notice Altair Astro have one, head and counterweight only.
  2. I've only found this one - ADM Dovetail Side Mounting Counterweight Kit 'D' Series.
  3. I was looking at getting that counterbalance system but it looks as if it only fits Losmandy. I was planning on keeping my 70edt on a vixen bar.
  4. It's a pity my MHP is so big! It has to go on top.
  5. I bought the Primaluce version as it's suitable for Losmandy as well as Vixen bars. Also stocked by FLO.
  6. The smaller the scope the more difficult it becomes to balance everything. I've been balancing my Altair 70EDT this week on my CEM 60ec which is very similar to your 70. Due to the length of the saddle I've invested in a 350mm Vixen dovetail Which allows me to use a Primaluce weight on the objective end. I run a filterwheel with my sx694 so have much more weight at the back. I can now use my 9.5kg counterweight. There's a screw hole each side of my weight so I've a threaded rod full of washers and nuts to add some off axis balance. I find the focus motor causes some imbalance. I can't get my focus motor vertical due to lack of clearance. One other thing, when you focus properly the fact the focuser tube comes further out will make the dec much more back heavy you need to keep the objective end heavier until then. Once you've got it nearly in balance the cabling need fitting as this may affect everything. I have a Hitecastro Mount hub pro mounted on top of the scope in front of the guider. Hopefully someone more expert than me will chip in with other suggestions soon.
  7. Just like I do it then except I use an odd Vixen dovetail as I haven't got odd bits of aluminium. It was the edge of your velcro I could see! It looked like the MHP had a plastic foot/spacer.
  8. How have you attached your MHP to the dovetail? Mine uses velcro at the moment but I'd like to switch to a more solid attachment method. Anne
  9. We're booked to go in our motorhome. At the moment caravan parks etc are open with reduced shared facilities. The pitches have to be well spaced apart to prevent fires so that's not an issue. The only problems I can see is having lots of tents will put massive pressure on the facilities and there may be issues with the sheer number of groups sharing tents. I can't see Kelling cancelling it willingly as they must have lost loads of income this year. It probably depends on whether COVID cases increase too much. Even if they cancel the formal event, we may well still go as the weather is usually grotty in West Wales that time of year. As long as the campsite is open of course! Let's all keep our fingers crossed.
  10. I set 0 position via the Ascom driver when first starting. After that I change it to the last position used to keep the step count correct. If the focuser is moved manually you lose the 0 position unless you start again from scratch.
  11. I've been imaging for years with a MHP (the one with 5 USB ports) and a MHP compact with Lakeside focusers and it's worked perfectly. I only use the hand control when I forget to rack in the focuser when storing the telescope!
  12. Lovely image. I tried last night but only got a very noisy image. After noise reduction in Affinity Photo it did at least show the comet clearly. Tonight I'm going to try my Ioptron Skytracker, Sony A57 and Minolta 100-200 zoom. I'm glad you said not to worry about polar alignment, I was hoping to manage no more than 15 sec exposures.
  13. Thanks for that information. One other question, do you have any issues with the top scope not being able to see the target because it's behind the top of the shutter? I found that once or twice. Possibly something to do with where I'd positioned the upper telescope. I notice you've got your guide scope right at the front of the setup, presumably for the same reason.
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