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  1. We"ll be on our usual yellow 149 in a white motorhome. It'll be nice to see other astronomers. Socially distanced or course!
  2. If you're planning on using a SX universal filterwheel, you can change the m42 attachment to a m48 version. Don't know if Atik make something similar.
  3. Here is my version of the Crescent nebula. The soap bubble can be seen in the top right corner. I decided to process the Ha and O3 as a bicolour image as I felt it showed the O3 sections around the Crescent strongly and I like the colours produced. Colour channels stacked as HAO3O3. I tried a superluminance but ended up abandoning that version. Slight noise reduction and reduced star sizes. I then used unsharp to bring more details out from the Crescent and make the soap bubble more prominent, thought it remains faint. Checked background neutralisation and tweaked curves to increase contrast. All processing in Pixinsight. Thank you for providing such lovely data.
  4. On their forum Jared says the subscription doesn't start till v4. It also says the following on the buy page: Note that after purchase of SGPro, a subscription is NOT required in order to continue using it. The subscription entitles you to future updates and premium support, but, even if you decide let your subscription lapse, you will always be able to use some version of SGPro (specifically, you will be entitled to install and use the most recent version of SGPro that existed during you subscription's "active" period). I read it that you buy the software and get updates up to the launch of v4. It's not clear what happens if you buy v3 a week before they launch v4! It may well be worth reading through the forum posts on the subject.
  5. There's been a post on the Sgpro forum about this. Someone who only bought Sgpro 10 months ago was asking about the remaining two months of updates promised when he bought it. Jared answered saying the subscription wouldn't be necessary until v4 was released. Its in the support thread under licensing issues, I think. To get future updates you have to download the 3.2 version though as 3.1 won't show any more updates. I'm in the same situation. I therefore won't be subscribing at present. It wasn't clear in the email sent to all owners. I started the thread and had a couple of fairly prompt replies given the time difference.
  6. The thing that annoys me the most is the timing of it, why not do it mid summer? We get few enough imaging nights as it is without potentially losing some due to developers mucking around with their software. Also I've only had SGPro for 10 months and I wasn't expecting to have to pay them another $59 dollars yet. In any case it's showing $63 on my account. I've posted in the forum querying this. I couldn't get the licensing issues email to work. It is good though, even though I haven't yet managed to get my Focuscube autofocusing properly on my refractor. The LakesideAstro one was easy to set up last year.
  7. That was what I was planning to do too, the weather at home is usually totally cloudy this time of year. Most of the attendees, especially for the extended period are of a sensible age with a healthy respect for COVID. In fact we're planning on staying longer if the weather is OK. If Wales insists on locking the whole country down in around 7 weeks, as they've threatened, we may even be staying in Norfolk even longer as we're booked in for Winterfest too.
  8. I've had problems with mount updates with several Ioptron mounts. The hand control is easy, the mount boards almost impossible. It's all to do with timing. I've made sure both of them work with the same version of Ioptron Commander and then never update again unless I can't avoid it! Even AltairAstro admit it's problematic. My CEM60ec is running the 2017 software and my IEQ30Pro uses the last one produced for that mount. Both work well.
  9. The Facebook page says it's 2022 because the venue is still closed for 2021.
  10. Very nice, there's almost a 3D effect around the Pillars of Creation.
  11. I've had another play with the data, this time concentrating on the Pillars of Creation. I also mirrored the image after mapping to RGB as online versions were like that. Once non-linear I extracted a luminance layer on which I used HDR to bring out the Pillars. Once recombined I used a strong application of Morphological Transformation and then unsharp mask. Checked colour balance then applied unsharp mask once more and checked black point. All done in Pixinsight. I hope I'm improving slowly. I hope this is sufficiently different to my first version.
  12. Here's my version of the very good data provided. I used the Hubble palatte but didn't go for the usual blue/gold look. I rather liked the more colourful version with the green Ha data still fairly strong. Processed in PI except for some unsharp masking and final image tweaking in PS3. After combining the 3 channels, I extracted the lum component and did HDR on it to reduce the brightness of the core of the nebula, then recombined it with lum at 40%. I then inverted the image and applied SNCR to remove the magenta stars followed by one instance of morphological transformation to reduce the star sizes as I felt they detracted from the nebulosity due to the sheer number of them. A little subtle noise reduction to reduce the small amount of colour noise, rebalanced the colour channels using the histogram, boosted saturation in Curves and applied a small curve to brighten the background a little. Then checked it in PS3, applied unsharp mask, as I can't do that yet in PI, checked black point and reduced the final png in size. It was much easier to process than my usually rather noisy data - please can I come and play with the new setup? The weather in Wales is horrible at the moment. Thank you for everyone for providing the data. I don't expect to be able to image M16 from home as it's so low and behind houses most of the time.
  13. It might be worth shopping around. I notice Altair Astro have one, head and counterweight only.
  14. I've only found this one - ADM Dovetail Side Mounting Counterweight Kit 'D' Series.
  15. I was looking at getting that counterbalance system but it looks as if it only fits Losmandy. I was planning on keeping my 70edt on a vixen bar.
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