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  1. Are you asking about the 70ed travel refractor or the 70edt-r travel refractor? I've got the latter which has sfpl53 glass. Its a nice widefield scope. It's solid and has a nice long dewshield.
  2. Anne S

    Unboxing this parcel from Ioptron

    I rather fancy a Cem 60ec when I replace my ageing eq6. I already own a IEQ30pro which has much lower pe than the eq6. I works fine with Ioptron Commander and Maxim DL5. The only thing that worries me about the cem60 are those magnetic clutches, I'd really like to have a proper look at them. Good luck with your new toy! Anne
  3. I had a cg5 Mount years ago, so I use to use the all star polar alignment. In order to do the aspa, the mount needs to know where it's pointing. After pointing the mount north you do a star alignment. If you are purely viewing this is then sufficient to allow accurate gotos. If you wish to image you need a more accurate pa. The aspa works by using 2 stars well spaced to measure and adjust the mount axis. You want these two stars to be in an eyepiece so you need an accurate goto which needs your original alignment. Once you've pointed the scope at the two pa stars, the handset will tell you the error and ask you if you want to continue, if you select yes the mount will then move to where the star your we're pointing at would be if you were polar aligned. You then recenter this star using the mount controls, not the handset. If I recall correctly it will then slew to the other star to correct other direction. You'll then adjust the other mount control. I can't recall which but it does first! You repeat this process until you're happy with how close you are to pa. On the first iteration I used to find the two stars were quite a long way out and sometimes had to use a red dot finder to do the first adjustments. Later ones get into the eyepiece! After this you will need to do another star alignment as you've basically repositioned the mount to make gotos more accurate. I hope that explains what is happening and why. Anne
  4. I completed this image mid October with luminance data. The RGB was taken a little earlier when there was a full moon. The luminance data on the earlier occasion was no good. First image that combined data from two telescopes mounted on my EQ6. With the rare clear skies I have at home, I need to increase my data acquisition rate! i was actually trying to aim my two telescopes at the same object and make sure they were orientated correctly. M71 was a convenient location for that.
  5. Anne S

    A big thank you

    I was wondering how we were all going to get in the tea tent for the talks! The marquee made the weekend. And we didn't get flooded out. It was worse at home, the Co-op was flooded and has been shut all week. Thank you to all the organisers and especially FLO.
  6. Anne S

    AstroArt4 and Maxim DL5

    I did try Artemis but couldn't figure out how to make it save! I lost 2 exposures. I later found out that the save folder hadn't been created on install. That's why I switched to AstroArt4. Incidentally both Maxim, AstroArt and Pixinsight displayed my single image from Artemis orientated differently! My other camera is a SXH694 so was used in Maxim as usual. I got 2 1/2 hours of imaging last Tuesday giving my nearly 5 hours of data on the California Nebula. Ha and RGB(which was not that good). Good practice though. I still need to fine tune my camera alignment. It was about 9 degrees off. That's why I wanted to load a couple of subs in one programme. Image after cropping out the misalignment below. I can't get much more of the nebula in without doing a mosaic! One step at a time.
  7. Has anyone noticed that AstroArt5 displays fits files upside down compared with Maxim DL5? I noticed it some time ago when I was trying to get a MX716 colour ccd to display the bayer matrix correctly. AstroArt also displayed the imaged flipped when imaging. Not easy when trying to align the cameras! I'm now running 2 imaging cameras at the same time and I've decided to use Maxim for the main camera and possibly AstroArt4 for the 2nd one. I've also tried Artemis capture. Images taken there display the opposite way around in each bit of software. It's doing my nut! Maxim allows me to open it twice but as soon as I use the 2nd camera it loses connecting with the 1st camera! I don't really want to use 2 laptops. I'm getting all the subs using 2 separate bits of software. Is there a setting I should be selecting, I did see the ASCOM preferences offered tick boxes for left to right and up and down. I'm also trialling APT for the 2nd camera which shows everything the right way around but I don't know it as well as AstroArt.
  8. Anne S

    ieq 45 pro vs heq6r pro

    Because the IEQ30PRO pro only has a capacity of 13.5 kg and my EQ6 is carrying a two telescope imaging set up. Individually my telescopes are quite light but once you add the mounting equipment, cameras, filter wheels.... Also, I can't afford to upgrade that mount. The Ioptron was bought for travelling so I don't have to unpick the observatory several times a year. I put a 60mm refractor it and an Atik320e colour to keep the weight down. Have you seen the posts in the other mount comparison thread just above this one? In particular the comments about guiding.
  9. Anne S

    ieq 45 pro vs heq6r pro

    My husband has the older v2 IEQ45. He uses it in the alt az mode for video astronomy and is happy with it. Lots of items in the hand control and gps built in which is good for starparties etc. I have the IEQ30PRO pro which is the little brother if the IEQ45 Pro. I control it using Ioptron commander and a Maxim DL for target acquisition and guiding. I only use it for travelling as I also have an observatory based elderly EQ6 with belt drives, out of the two, the IEQ30PRO is by far the best at tracking. I do run it through a POTH Hub I. maxim dl as I had a problem with disconnections when a second programme tried to access the mount, ie Platesolve2. At home eqmod allows multiple connections to the eq6. When the pro versions of the Ioptron mounts came out the innards were vastly improved especially for imaging. If I ever upgrade my eq6 I would certainly look at the cem60 as a replacement.
  10. Anne S

    IAS 2018

    I don't see why they time the IAS at or near to a new moon. It then wouldn't clash with other stuff.There's no starparty attached. The only observing tends to be solar. Maybe they should move it to the end of October ish.
  11. Anne S

    The Tea Tent has grown, and moved.

    I hope you've got it well tied down! It's very windy here in Carmarthenshire.
  12. Anne S

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    That would be a good idea. However on the shop page is says they're made to order. I'd buy one if they were available.
  13. I use my Lakeside focus motor equipped telescopes quite happily with the Hitecastro Mount Hub Pro and Compact, if that reassures you. I just use the cables supplied with the Hitecastro stuff.
  14. Why do you put a spacer between filter wheel and camera? I put all mine between Planostar and filter wheel. I'm using am Altair Wave 102mm triplet.
  15. If I remember from my days of aligning my EQ6, you need 2 stars on one side of the meridian and at least one on the other. I suspect all three stars are on the same side and not well placed for alignment.

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