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  1. Anne S

    Which Mount ?

    How did you get it so quickly, I thought it was on backorder, approx 45 days to wait? I'm hoping to get one later in the year.
  2. I'm planning on the ec version plus Tri-Pier later this year. As to turning it around, I've downloaded the manual of the CEM60. If I remember rightly, it uses two posts fitted east and west on the tripod or pier. You may be able to just mount it the opposite way around. You'd need to watch for stability though. I think it's normally only mounted the wrong way around at low altitudes because the tripod legs get in the way with other mounts. Have you had a look to see what it says in the manual? You can download it from the Ioptron website. Just noticed in the manual that you mount the head the other way around to use it in the Southern Hemisphere, so you should be fine. That way the tripod leg that sticks out would be to the north.
  3. Anne S

    iOptron CEM60-EC First thoughts

    That's an impressive PHD graph. I've been looking at replacing my eq6 with a CEM60. I want to set up a dual rig to double my imaging quantity. The eq6 was finding it all a bit heavy. How much weight have you had on your cem60?
  4. I got my both scopes pointing at the same star but with some rotation but I was getting bad traillng with the upper scope. It was suggested it might have been the SW guidescope Mount. As I also need to buy some 36mm filters as my SX694 was showing bad vignetting, I took everything down till I could get them. That's when I discovered the findershoe base was loose! The other issue was that the top scope in my Pulsar dome couldn't be used when I was imaging high up. I want to try getting them as close together side to side as possible next but I need to get another Losmandy dovetail first. In the meantime my husband may be replacing my elderly eq6, maybe with an Ioptron CEM60 as I'm getting rather close to the maximum imaging weight for an eq6 and my eq6 wasn't too keen on carrying the weight. It's all the mounting stuff, cameras and filterwheels weighing so much. Hopefully I can experiment again next winter. For the time being I'm going to have another try at getting autofocus working in Maxim. I've got the 70mm scope with Atik428 and ef2 filterwheel with a Pegasusastro focus cube. Maybe that'll play nicely, my Laksideastro setup won't! Of course it's been cloudy and wet ever since I changed over....
  5. Thanks, I've got a Skywatcher guidescope Mount, so I'll start with that. I discovered when I was piggybacking my two scopes that, because of rings etc not being exact, both scopes ended up pointing fairly close to the same point! I wasn't happy with how the eq6 was handling so I've shelved things pending my new mount. I discovered the finder shoe with the finderguider was loose when I was dismantling everything, which probably accounted for my guiding issues! But I also had problems with the top scope not being usable too near the zenith because of the design of my dome so I was going to try a tandem setup like yours next time.
  6. Do you have something fitted to aim the two scopes? I can't see if you've anything fitted. I'm still working on the best way to mount mine and am considering using a side by side setup. I want to use both sets of data and the fovs are fairly similar.
  7. Anne S

    My 'Happy Christmas' dataset's here.

    Here's my version, processed using Pixinsight, which I'm only learning. Ha combined with R channel using NBRGB script after initial background modelling and noise reduction on Ha and RBG. Luminance also had HDR applied to enhance the dust lanes etc. Then combined with the HaRGB. It's nice to have some better data to play with - I've not seen any clear stuff all month!
  8. Anne S

    Nexstar 8se alignmmet

    I owned a 8SE for quite a few years. I also never managed to get skyalign to work. I found out later that one of my stars wasn't bright enough. I switched to auto two star alignment and never looked back. It's quicker too.
  9. Rother Valley Optics list a William Optics SCT Adaptor For 2" Diagonals. Sorry I don't know how to add a link.
  10. I had an 8SE for quite a few years. I always used the auto 2 star alignment. You choose the first stat from a list and manually slew to it. Once centred, click align and then choose a 2nd star from the list. Make sure it's well away from the first one. When you select the star the scope slews to where it thinks it is and then you correct and click align once you're centred. I found it much quicker to get going, particularly when the clouds are around! You also need to make the final centring of your stars from the right direction, that makes subsequent goto s mor accurate. Check out the Nexstar website for more details. You can alter the directions needed. It helps to deal with the backlash in this mount. The Nexstar site gives suggestions for stars for initial alignment also. When possible I used Dubhe and Altair for my initial alignment. I didn't have much luck with staralign, you need stars above a certain magnitude.
  11. I imaged M27 using my dual telescope rig on 29 October 2018. The first image is M27 using LRGB, a SXVR694 and an Altair Wave 102mm refractor. The second uses Ha and O3, an Atik 428 and Altair Starwave 70mm triplet with dedicated 0.8 reducer. Ha = red, O3 = blue and sythetic green using a mixture of both filters.
  12. Anne S

    Altair Astro RC6

    When I'm using my RC6 I use 2x2 binning on my SX694. I don't want to cope with 0.7 image scale, my mount isn't up to it. Binned I'm on 1.4 approx which is my usual imaging scale on that camera. Speeds things up too.
  13. Anne S

    Altair Astro RC6

    Ioptron list some RCs on their website, maybe that's why AA stopped making them. They are the main importer for IOptron. I was lucky enough to pick up a 2nd hand one from the shop a couple of years ago.
  14. Anne S

    Pegasus SCT Auto Focus

    I've just ordered the hand controller. I find it useful to be able to move focus without a laptop. My FocusCube is fitted to a refractor so I need to wind the focuser in to put the scope in its case. Also, it would have been useful to be able to move the focuser when fitting it! I know I could have bought the standard motorfocus but this scope will be part of a dual rig and the other scope uses the Mount Hub Pro focus controller so I was happy that it didn't need a handset most of the time.
  15. You may have a problem if you don't use a Barlow with the PST. The eyepiece tube length varies depending on the age of the PST. I found the easiest to get focus was to use a camera with a removeable nosepiece and a slim shape such as the Altair GPcam basic or other camera where the body is the same diameter as an eyepiece barrel.

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