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  1. It may only (if that’s appropriate) have πŸ’― more times of resolution capability , However the sensitivity of the equipment it possesses is on an altogether another level. Brian
  2. Great News Alan HA is intoxicating , an SV50 is perhaps best described as the ultimate intro to HA as it’s basically downhill from there (avoid Lunt if at all possible) but I am more than happy to help as this is the one area that I can advise upon. Brian
  3. Yes perhaps with a more sensitive etalon for imaging the SA will matter , I used my SW150 with a Quark and it was a good match , but have long since given up on the solids as I call them ! , I'm sure the Techno will be great however none of the given optics can be described as well configured , I still hanker after a really good APO for WL but it would only be for solar use. Brian
  4. I think with these type of scopes it's more the build & mechanics than optics that could waver a decision , however mechanically all are superior to the SW option. Brian
  5. Thanks Ade , I m not sure all would agree as I do speaketh my mind. Currently golfing a lot and also into lawnmowers , an IZY anyone πŸ˜ƒ
  6. Christ I thought I'd tried every filter there was possible for WL viewing , double stacked , triple stacked , giant hay stacks and you guys are saying "there's more" 🌞
  7. Outstanding images , a new member but definitely no novice 🌞 Brian
  8. The SMIII will be superior to the Lunt as has a externally mounted etalon (think they start as 10mm BFs now ?) Quark is a different experience altogether , if your after mags then go for that but I never recommend solid etalons for HA beginners. Brian
  9. Ken will be acutely aware of de contacting I'm sure Peter but many are not and I've just read a post about such ! We all try swapping round with HA filters and I did try an SM40 on a LS50 once on a old CN thread ... " Lunt still dissapoints " Brian
  10. Ken , what about some very carefully applied lubrication , just enough so that it doesn't run onto the handheld areas ? I was under the impression that etalons could handle some heat but perhaps not too much either. Brian
  11. I attempted a Lunt Triple stack in 08 with an LS60 and two 50s (no external 60s back then) and of course it didn't work (posted on CN at the time), as I recall an Andy Denvy did often "very" successfully image with a rare Coronado/Solarscope 100/90/90 crossover triple stack , again on CN some 10yrs ago from memory , more recently on here I tried a 60,60,40 Coronado with some more success than the Lunt , I'll try a 60mm triple as soon as conditions allow in Scotland 🌞 I think that factory matched DS scopes & filters perhaps more recently ? do tend to preform much better in DS mode than SS meaning that they appear to be heavily set or weighted toward DS views and my recent experiences concur. But Lunt v Solarscope πŸ˜… Brian
  12. I find as solid etalons have to work around f30 them to be uncomfortable at the EP , here’s the 80 & 60mm SS from last summer , they and quark are long gone I’m an air spaced only guy πŸ˜€ Brian
  13. It's fantastic that your getting such great views already , I don't personally recommend solid etalons for the first foray into HA viewing as they don't offer the relaxed views of air spaced etalons. However I am sure that the HA bug is already reeling you in. Brian
  14. It's unlikely to worsen given the latter image , and yes it is a very early example hailing from 04 / 05 , I had one around that time that T House repaired for me under warranty. Brian
  15. I reckon that working at these kind of F ratios the contrast will be good even with a Lunt but the whole question about imaging is it’s not real , perhaps the ultimate example would be if one was hypothetically in space and observing horsehead it wouldn’t look remotely like the pillars of creation would it ? Brian
  16. Yes as the LS35 & 40 have front mounted etalons they would make great intros to HA viewing as for the LS60 well they're great dumbbells and about as heavy πŸ˜‰ Brian
  17. Oh well I'm trying not to say any more to upset the Lunt newb's of less than 10 yrs HA experience 🌞 , but in the solar world I cannot call something a Tak when in my heart of hearts I think its a Tasco πŸ˜€ but out of respect to Nigella's very fine images I will say no more πŸ‘Œ Brian
  18. That's fine Nigella you are of course entitled to your opinion , however mine is is based trying and owning 6-7 Lunts as ultimately they are massed produced items , to achieve true etalon finesse it requires time and skill to obtain real plate flatness and parallelism , someone on CN (much less charitable then even me 're Lunt) used to call the 50 & 60mms toys ! and he believed that it was only with the 80mm that good etalon finesse was achieved. Further I base my opinions upon owning Coronado and previously Solarscope and Daystar products. Brian
  19. I,m not a Lunt fan at all , I've tried & owned various 50s & 60s and have found them all to be poor and lacking in etalon finesse ! The best configuration is to go back to the very basics and have all externally mounted etalons (there is still to this day no substitute) The Solar astronomers and imagers that I respect the most from some 15 yrs ago do not use Lunt etalons as frankly they all know better. Brian
  20. It's cool Don thanks .... I'm not spending any more on EPs for years .... I went way over budget this year .... but would like to have tried an XL Brian
  21. If I honestly thought these "times are a changing" zooms were a patch on the Baader IV I'd sell mine in a heartbeat ... But I've been using the Baaders for over 15yrs and if they were no one would be entertaining the Baaders kind of like Audi , Merc v Ford , Vauxhall. Brian
  22. In response to the topic title I would say yes as you do get what you pay for But as ever they are subject (like any EP) to the laws of diminishing returns ... My money would be on the Baader as you've got to go some to beat that , i normally use the Leica ASPH for everything now but would love to try the Pentax XL zoom (not XF) Brian
  23. Mark I've found the perfect pair of bino's for you described as deer-stalker twin telescope ,quite possibly the most unusual pair I've ever seen ! but in keeping with topic and plz note the sellers name πŸ˜‰ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KRAUSS-CIE-ZEISS-ERFURT-BERLIN-LARGE-BINOCULARS-DEER-STALKER-TWIN-TELESCOPE/113531623176?hash=item1a6f031708:g:D38AAOSwtKlb9XOz&redirect=mobile
  24. Intrigued I looked further into the Leica EPs as believe them to be the real McCoy & enquired if they come housed in the legendary silver boxes , they don't apparently but do come in dedicated bolt cases , I'm still not buying them but in my opinion it's not a case of if can Leica keep up with the best from T.V , Pentax , Tak & TMB ect it's more a case of can they keep up with πŸ”΄ Brian
  25. One thing I would advise against is drinking (Menabrea πŸ˜‰) and cleaning optics as it could affect your coordination πŸ˜…... Id get Alan White in on this one (Don't know how to tag him) but I think he's superb at cleaning optics πŸ‘ Brian
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