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  1. A couple of shots from earlier in the week. The colours are OK but I´m going to try other combination of RGB to bring out a bit more detail. Thanks for the advise on the Blue filter fixing. The weather here is going to bad for a few more days so I´ll look into making something along those lines.
  2. Thanks alot, I use Astra Image for processing and output from Autostakkert! 3 in PNG so I´ll give it a go. One other thing is, how do you fix a Baader blue filter in front of a Lunt Ca-k module ?
  3. Reasonable seeing today with high thin clouds. Could you please give me some pointers on colourising the images Ca-k, Ha and yellow for continuum. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the welcome, especially members from Spain and yes Martin we live in the Ebro valley and that is the cloud magnet. Here´s some shots, the seeing was not too bad but with little contast ( high alt. clouds).
  5. I recently joined SGL but unfortunately I`ve been clouded in for the whole time and missed the best showing so far in this cycle, so here`s a few images of AR 2785/6 from Nov 2020.
  6. Thank you all, I`ll start posting asap.
  7. Hello to all, my interests are Solar System imaging and hopefully DSOs soon using Sharpcap.
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