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  1. GavStar

    AZGTi frustration

    Stu, I was just wondering if you resolved your sky safari wireless issues eventually? I have to say I have given up with trying wireless connection with the Az Gti. I just use the synscan handset and connect it to my iPhone via sky wire cable. Then I can use sky safari directly through my phone. Works really well with no drops outs.
  2. GavStar

    What did the postman bring?

    Just received from the US this starlight feather touch retrofit fine focuser for my Takahashi Epsilon (not a fan of the Takahashi mef-3 fine focuser add on so hoping the feather touch works well) Now I just need to work out how to fit it!
  3. 22mm vixen lvw - second eyepiece I bought closely followed by Pentax 30mm xw. They are keepers since I’d struggle to replace them now as they rarely come up second hand. Both bought in 2013.
  4. GavStar

    Happy Coincidence

    That eyepiece stack is almost as bad as the night vision plossl stack!!!
  5. GavStar

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    Whenever I read this thread, I smile. The OP (long gone now) was asking about the eyepiece cases not the eyepieces themselves. Whereas the focus generally now (including past posts from me I would add!) is on the contents not the case... (accepting that the last few posts are actually in respect of the cases...)
  6. GavStar

    Forum Speed Issues

    Mine has just improved and is now back to normal speeds
  7. GavStar

    Forum Speed Issues

    It’s also suddenly and massively slowed down for me on my iPhone this morning whereas previously including yesterday it was absolutely fine.
  8. GavStar

    AZ-GTi saddle

    Hi Al Based on your modification, do you think the attached clamp would work (are the holes the right distance apart?) Thanks Gavin
  9. Here’s an example from the 10 test reports that Roland Christen has posted on the web. The different lens cells are testing very consistently... And also tests at 4 different visual light wavelengths as follows
  10. Gerry, Your question intrigues me. I just assumed that the fluorite was sourced from canon in Japan just like Takahashi. Are there other producers of fluorite for astronomy? Would a German made fluorite lens be any better?
  11. GavStar

    AZ-GTi saddle

    Great mod! The saddle is the worst bit imo of the az gti. It works but I certainly make sure I have a safety screw in place when using it. Hopefully one day soon an easy saddle upgrade will be produced.
  12. Get them both John?? Interesting idea
  13. Yes these scopes are very hard to get. However, after being on the Baader list for a while, i’m hoping I may get it this year. The recent launch of the Stowaway intrigued me so I was just interested in people’s thoughts regarding say differences in f-ratios, glass, oil vs air spaced etc... Regarding taking the scopes abroad, I agree I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving it in the car so would take it into the hotel room (and make sure I had suitable insurance). Aeroplane portability is a critical factor for me which both these scopes do.
  14. Ok that’s a fair point! I think better to say that it would be a main grab and go scope at home which could also be taken abroad as well as needed. At near 100mm these scopes should give very nice planetary views up to 200x and also show the brighter DSOs nicely together with big widefield views.
  15. I think the 90-95mm refractor is a sweet spot for an airline travel setup. (Although my tv85 did a fine job in tenerife recently ) If you had a choice between the following scopes which would you choose and why? (Assume price with rings etc is broadly the same). In many ways they are very similar... https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/baader-apo-95560-caf2-travel-companion.html Or http://www.astro-physics.com/index.htm?products/products

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