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  1. Hmm storage space?? Yes that’s an issue I do also have .
  2. Very nice result Stu, particularly for handheld!!! One of my favourite objects - a nice naked eye target even from London.
  3. Just got a 41mm panoptic to directly compare against the 55mm plossl. The panoptic has much better edge stars (see phone image below). It’s now clear to me that it is the 55mm plossl that is doing the aberrations. The panoptic copes with the very fast f ratio of 3.3 much better...
  4. GavStar

    Better value night vision

    Looks like it has been tried already in the States and the verdict is that the pvs-7 is a better approach for binocular night vision... https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/492020-image-intensifying-or-night-vision-device/?p=6472369 I’ve just added up the cost of what would be hanging off the end of the scope and it’s made my legs go a bit like jelly....I don’t want to think about that lot crashing to the ground.
  5. GavStar

    Better value night vision

    That hasn’t escaped my notice Stu! I’ve been told they work pretty well just putting both to each eye at the same time - easy to get them broadly into line apparently...
  6. GavStar

    Better value night vision

    I’ve never used a pvs-7 but according to experienced posters on cloudynights because of the way that the pvs-7 splits the light from the intensifier tube, the stars and nebulae are less sharp. And the pvs-7 doesn’t have manual gain control (unlike the pvs-14) which I think is critical to be able to ‘dial out’ the scintillation that you get at full gain. I never run at full gain with my pvs-14 - too much scintillation and the sky background is too bright. Here’s an example CN thread or two.. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/613051-pvs-7-out-after-3-years-mod3-in/ https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/562798-pvs-7-ac-vs-pvs-7-bd-vs-mod-3-with-l3-target-m43/
  7. GavStar

    Barnard's Loop Observers Analysis

    With NV, the California is an easy target even in very LP skies. Whereas Barnard’s loop does require decently transparent skies to see with NV. NV definitely works better with some objects than others eg the Veil is one object that NV doesn’t work as well on compared to heart, North America. Horsehead....
  8. GavStar

    Better value night vision

    Thank you! I also got the tnvc phone camera adapter which lets you use the televue fonemate with the pvs-14 monocular. If you order harder digital with the pvs-14 monocular then the tnvc adapters will work fine. i don’t think you can order any other lens from tnvc due to itar. But you can get these from actinblack and I’m guessing also nighttec. The 3x afocal magnifier is worth considering despite the vignetting you get with this lens.
  9. GavStar

    Better value night vision

    Are you located in Europe? The reason I ask is that the YouTube link you give is to a USA L3 filmless Gen 3 night vision monocular that you won’t be able to legally get in Europe due to itar legislation. The photonis 4g night vision white phosphor tube (Gen 2 tech) is very nice (I have an intens version which has better specs than the echo +) but if you are based in Europe, I would suggest you also consider a harder digital Gen 3 fom 2100 monocular which is a similar price. Being Gen 3 it has significantly greater light amplification which from my experience (I also have a harder digital Gen 3 tube and have compared it with the photonis 4g side by side) gives more detailed visual views. There is more halo round the brightest stars with the harder and you do have to adjust the gain control more to reduce the scintillation to an acceptable level so it’s horses for courses. And on resolution 81lp/mm is overkill imo. Around 70 gives as much detail as you can really see for astro. Other tube specs such as snr, ebi and luminance gain are more important imo if the resolution is around 70.
  10. GavStar

    Rocky Mountain highs & lows

    A very nice read. Thank you Stu. I really enjoy like these ‘travel astronomy’ threads, part travel review, part astro review It’s a shame that the skies weren’t as you hoped but I’m pleased that the new bag worked and that you did get some sessions. I find observing on holiday adds another element and somehow makes you feel ‘more part’ of the local landscape. I look forward to hearing about future trips - maybe we should try to arrange a Walton Astro trip away next year?
  11. GavStar

    another one from the garden

    Great image! It reminds me (in a broad sense, clearly not in a quality sense ) of the visual views I get through my night vision monoculars. I really like having the context of buildings in the frame. As an example of what I mean here are some phone shots (10 and 20 second exposures) through the eyepiece.
  12. Great - we're also going to Bela Vista with the same tour company so I guess we may well meet next year!
  13. Ah a topic close to my heart I’m also going to South America next year for the eclipse. I’ve managed to persuade my dad to come along as well - he’s in his mid 70s so I’m thought it was a great opportunity to do a father and son trip. So being up a mountain for the solar eclipse has rather focused my mind on the visual nighttime delights of the Southern Hemisphere which I’ve never viewed before. I’ve travelled to Europe a few times with various scopes in the past few years and I find I need to think carefully about all the other equipment I need in addition to the mount and scope, eg I want to make sure I’ve got room in my hand luggage for some good quality eyepieces. My latest travel setup for my September trip to Tenerife was as shown below (the thinktank airport accelerator bag fits into the dimensions you state in your post) As you can see the scope is a televue 85 but the majority of the space was taken up by eyepieces, filters, batteries, diagonal, dew heaters etc.. My photo tripod and az gti mount went into the hold (suitably padded). This setup worked great and will in broad terms will be what I will take to Argentina and Chile next year. However I will also have a lunt solar scope that I’m volunteering my dad to take in his hand luggage I need to think whether I take two az gtis with me and a Herschel wedge so that my dad and I can observe the eclipse simultaneously. So my choice for the trip will be a refractor, but probably not the tv85 - I have another bit larger aperture refractor arriving in the next few months that will give me just a bit more extra reach. Anyhow, that’s my approach to the travel equipment I’m taking for the trip. I hope it gives some useful information for you.
  14. GavStar

    What did the postman bring?

    The collimation tools have arrived - I just need a dob now!!!
  15. GavStar

    Barnard's Loop Observers Analysis

    Unfortunately I’m not good at sketching but my phone photos give a good impression of the view through the night vision monoculars. Here are two taken at the sqm 21 garden earlier this month..

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