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  1. That is some tripod and pier to set the az gti on 😀 Imo the worst thing about the az gti is the small single bolt to hold the dovetail bar - a safety screw is definitely needed!
  2. Which Eye Piece

    I really like my 24mm pan. However i think the eye relief may be a little short for wearing glasses.
  3. Which Eye Piece

    I think this would be a good option, 20mm eyerelief, quite compact and light, decent fov. I have the 15mm and 10mm versions for binoviewing and they work well imo. It’s 1.25 not 2 inch - not sure how important that is to you? http://astrograph.net/epages/www_astrograph_net.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/www_astrograph_net/Products/AGAPMUF18
  4. Yes Peter, the cone is on the list! 😀 We really need to get it to our dark site and see what happens...
  5. Gerry, yes it’s fluorite 😀 I previously had a tec 140 fpl53 - excellent scope and quite easy to handle. I realised that me and my mount could handle a bit more so I p/x my 140 for a 160. I never got to compare them side by side but I didn’t think there’s much between them and the new 140 fluorite will be even better than the old one I’m sure! Under your dark skies it will be amazing. I think Stu quite liked my 140 when he looked through it as well 😉
  6. This was done on the same evening as the rosette image again using a 160mm refractor with an NV eyepiece and 55mm plossl with a 15 second exposure using nightcap app. Then the image was processed using PS express on my iPhone.
  7. Show us your Frac

    I’ve just found out that there is an internal counterweight installed towards the focuser end of the scope to keep the balance point broadly central. So yes it looks like this is a fully finished scope - I guess he didn’t drop it since his boss posted the picture on facebook 😀
  8. Show us your Frac

    I think there is a definite possibility it is only the tube and doesn’t have the lens cell in it - I think it would be very front heavy normally so don’t think he could carry it that way 😀
  9. Yes that’s right. The correct ip addresses etc are in the skyfi instructions. I got it sorted very easily.
  10. Show us your Frac

    Now this is a refractor I won’t be buying but it would be nice to have a look through...😀
  11. Mike, luckily the taks don’t have enough eye relief for me. 😉 I’m very happy with my ES 92 12mm and 17mm so won’t be looking at the apms either. Hopefully apm or ES will issue other focal lengths soon.
  12. The Rosette nebula with night vision

    No problem. It was just easier for me to do a link than type it 😀
  13. This was done using a 160mm refractor with an NV eyepiece and 55mm plossl. I used fonemate to securely attach the iPhone to the eyepiece and nightcap to do a 15 second exposure. Then the image was processed using PS express on my iPhone and horizontally flipped.
  14. The Rosette nebula with night vision

    Hi Davy, i think all the details of the NV moncular are in this thread cheers Gavin
  15. The Rosette nebula with night vision

    I have to admit that subtlety is not a strong point of mine 😉