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  1. Little bit of processing done on my original image
  2. I guess in a similar vein Stu I really like the one star that appears in my (and others) photos. I’m guessing that this star wouldn’t have been visible if the eclipse was not happening? Stars really did start popping out of the sky when the moon hit totality
  3. I managed to some some views - worth getting up for! Phone pic below
  4. GavStar

    Horse head nebula

    Gerry, I can see the notch of the horsehead at 3x with NV. I think it’s also possible to make it out at 1x. My guess is that this is because NV is focused on ha where the signal is strong whereas glass visual is focused on hb where the signal is significantly less strong?
  5. Thanks. I’ve not yet got my new dob under decent skies so am looking forward to seeing galaxies and globs with it. I find 1x amazing for those mega large nebulae and just sweeping the sky.
  6. GavStar

    Horse head nebula

    This thread has some good information regarding visual observation of the horse head
  7. From a dark site of say 21.0 definitely (this phone image was taken from the Isle of Wight with and sqm around 21). If not better at the eyepiece. The last time I was viewing in the Isle of Wight I was getting better views than this image including seeing the rosette completely joined up to the cone region with nebulosity (band shift of the Ha filter cut off the cone region in the image). I’m hoping to get some more pics of more areas of the sky at 1x soon. However, from London with the LP its more of a struggle. You do get the whole of Barnard’s Loop (particularly with the two eye approach) but it doesn’t stand out as much as the image due to a brighter sky background. Pretty cool to be able to see Barnard’s though from London. I was able to test out the NV binocular setup up last night from London. About the worst conditions with the bright moon sitting close to Orion so no Barnard’s. But nice views of California and heart and soul. Two eyes is definitely better than one and also is much more comfortable and natural. It really feels like just scanning the skies naked eye (but seeing a lot of stuff). I also used a 685 long pass filter last night to see the star fields of the Milky Way - absolutely amazing how many stars come out to play. The binocular picks up the fainter stuff better as well.
  8. Impressive report @alanjgreen. Have you tried the Chroma filter at 1x yet? What’s you’re preferred scope for NV? Dob, Borg or just 1x?
  9. GavStar

    Nikon NAV HW 17mm eyepiece

    Gerry, I can’t even imagine what -36c feels like
  10. Wow! That is surprising. To think that some dinosaurs (if they had a telescope ) could have seen Saturn without its rings!!
  11. It was my local astro club night yesterday. Definitely the worst conditions we’ve had for observing but as we had several new members attend we wanted to at least try to get some night sky views. It turned out to be looking at a washed out moon through cloud (pleasingly we retired to the pub at 10pm ). I had much better views with my 3 and 5 year old daughters earlier in the evening through their little 76mm heritage when it was clear!! When I got home I decided to have a quick play with my new bino NV toy. I only had a scan in a dark room but the 3D effect you get from 2 eyes is lovely - obviously less relevant for astro but great for nighttime wildlife spotting!! But what was relevant for astro was that I could definitely pick up finer detail (eg read titles on book covers in pitch dark) much easier operating in bino mode rather than mono. Hopefully this does translate to the super wide field astro observing that I really enjoy.
  12. Just discovered this bracket that attaches my two pvs-14 to make a night vision binocular! First impressions are really good
  13. Night vision monoculars with an Ha filter do give this feeling real time imo. This phone photo gives a good indication of the live visual views (about a 40 degree fov)
  14. GavStar

    William optics FLT105 serial no 02158

    John, am I misreading the advert - it seems to clearly state it’s the LZOS lens?
  15. GavStar

    William optics FLT105 serial no 02158

    Here’s a link on cloudynights to what looks like the same type of scope https://www.cloudynights.com/classifieds/item/103133-william-opticslzos-flt-105650-apo/

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