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  1. Thanks John. Delighted that you are pleased with the T-Rex (I was very confident ). Complete setup looks great and good that your enjoyment of the 130mm is increased. I look forward to reading your future reports.
  2. Enjoyable catchup with several friends and retailers. Here’s the night vision contingent with David Nagler
  3. If there are other Uk nv astro users they are hiding well
  4. 75% of the UK night vision users (ie 3 of us) are meeting up on Saturday afternoon at astrofest. I’ll be getting some more adapters for my kit from Televue. There may be a night vision monocular to have a look at if anyone wants to see one.
  5. Now available from a UK dealer http://astrograph.net/epages/www_astrograph_net.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/www_astrograph_net/Categories/Shop/Night_Vision
  6. Thanks for these comments, very interesting to get someone else’s perspective on this mount - there doesn’t seem to be that many around. I agree the handset is a bit awkward. Hence I use skyfi and sky safari to zip around the skies with the panther. I’ve never had a problem with the 2 star align - I assume your location settings etc are all correct? Compared to my dob and c11 I find it not too heavy - I like the fact it breaks down into separate bags which are easy to transport. And my counterweights aren’t sharp - so no bloody fingers here. It did take me a little while to get the hang of it. In particular I now do the balancing on setup carefully which avoids any issues. And it works well with binoculars as well.
  7. I did manage to give it an initial test. The build quality is fantastic, better than I expected, the focusers are not that far behind a feather touch. The ems is a dream to use and very easy to collimate the scopes with the x and y knobs. Great views with my 24mm pans and plenty of in focus (I’m guessing the tubes have been shortened a fair bit compared to the mono 103). It’s a great fit with my Panther TTS mount. I had a kowa highlander previously which I didn’t get on with but this wo Pegasus is very impressive - really looking forward to the next time (which might be a while away looking at the forecast) With my double night vision setup it looks a teeny bit silly, but works great - two eyes are definitely better than one!
  8. Just got this delivered today - first one in the UK I think. And some clear skies so hopefully will be using it shortly...
  9. Interesting comments regarding the Panther - what don’t you like about it?
  10. My Panther TTS-160 loaded up. I’m very impressed with this mount. Plus my T-Rex (soon to go to a new home..) And the T-Rex next to my porta 2
  11. SOLD (quickly ) I’ve realised I haven’t used my T-Rex mount for a few years now and I think it should be used rather than sit in a cupboard. So I’ve decided to offer it for sale for £1150. It’s in excellent condition with no marks at all and comes in a tailor made bag. Quite a rare beast and has been discontinued for a few years now. I got one of the last ones in 2016 and have had it from new. It is a bit heavy so I think I’d need to meet up by car rather than post it. I live in South West London. Some links giving details and photos attached http://astrograph.net/epages/www_astrograph_net.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/www_astrograph_net/Products/AGTXBLK&Locale=en_GB Bag containing mount shown in this pic below (top of photo - bottom orange and black bags are my panther mount
  12. Ships, I can’t comment on EAA but hopefully can give you some help on the night vision side. My personal preference is for nv rather than eaa since nv is live and ‘feels’ very similar to normal raw glass observing. However as you have noted it’s generally much more expensive than the entry eaa systems. It’s at the very top end of your budget but for 2000 euros you can get a monocular fitted with an ex-military night vision tube. Anything cheaper just won’t give decent results. You will also need an ha filter and possibly a long pass filter (although as you view at dark sites you can probably skip the long pass filter). For 2000 euros you will only get a green tube and won’t have gain control either (which is useful to ‘tune’ out the scintillation that you often get when using ha filters). This thread gives the link to the French company that sells the Ex-military European nv options (Europeans can’t buy the USA tubes due to itar laws). There are only 4 nv users on SGL to my knowledge (me, PeterW, Highburymark and Alanjgreen) but there’s a fair few posts on it over the past two years if you search for night vision.
  13. Yes in the country by the sea as PeterW said. When I took the phone shots the sqm was 20.8, it later improved to 21.2 but by then Orion was behind my house. Happy New Year Gerry! Hope it’s not too cold where you are.
  14. Indeed I did Peter and it was awesome. Photographic like.
  15. 3nm ha filter. Here’s a recent pic showing my night vision monoculars attached to my c11
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