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  1. Hi Brown Dwarf, Ouch! I was hoping to get away with the standard focuser. What focusers are you using. There seems to be 2 available moonlite & Feathertouch. Both very expensive though. Many thanks John
  2. Hello, I have been observing the night sky for over 10 yrs with a 14" Meade SCT and a couple of smaller grab and go Maks (6" & 4"). Last year I bought a Lunt LS50 to try 'The Bright Side'. I have been Solar observing for about 6 months. I have just ordered a Double Stack unit and will report on this in a few weeks time . For now the report is on the single stack LS50 with standard focuser and BS600 and VISUAL ONLY, no AP The Good Stuff Wow, the views are stunning. The image is really crisp and clean. The Sun changes every day and the Proms can change over a few hours, so the
  3. Hello all, An update after 6 months of use. 1. Totally hooked on the bright side! Every day it’s different, sometimes proms change by the hour. 2. Double Stack unit is ordered and will be shipped from Lunt within 2 weeks. I will update the chat on the difference between single and double stack and whether it’s worth the massive cash outlay. 3. I really have good feel for this scope now and have changed how I use it 4. Focusing - the standard one is ok, certainly not worth paying extra £250 - £450 for a feather lite. Why because the after market one give the same depth
  4. Hi Oldarn, I recently purchased the Lunt 50 b600 and my rather poor review is above. I would think the b600 would be good enough for you (it certainly is for me). the 5 big points that I had not appreciated before I started were 1. Darkness affecting contrast - I thought you behaved just like night time astronomy ie pop the eyepiece in and away you go. Nope Solar is a bit different. Firstly you need to shield the eyepiece from the sun. It really makes a big difference. I know its a bit bonkers but I either drape a coat over my head or use a wide brimmed hat ( I have a Barmah squashy)
  5. Hi Guys, Many thanks for your comments. I am looking forward to seeing some decent activity and really must get some knowledge on what I'm looking at. I'm still at the wow! sunspots and proms stage. Luke - Thanks for the tip about popping out several times a day. I'll give that a try when dear old Blighty has some sunny days
  6. Hi All, This is my first post, but I felt compelled to pen my thoughts on the Lunt LS50 b600 that I bought a few weeks ago (to Help me get thru another Covid lockdown). A couple of important points first. I have been a night time astronomer for well over 10 years, but never tried Solar before. The other point is that I am strictly visual only. Tried astrophotography and hated it. I read quite a few useful threads before choosing the LS50. I wanted something half decent, but did not want to spend too much money because unlike night astronomy there is only one thing to look at. I find
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