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  1. A few little defects fixed and tested, and I've added a version history too. I've called it version 1.2 as I hadn't really recorded the updates before Fix history creation where an unused period containing only the initial files was being archived in the history section Fix minor defect in autodeploy and update that would display an error if enter was pressed with a blank entry instead of a response Change autodeploy to only copy the necessary files Change autodeploy so that the gps file is created in the execution directory Change update to copy LICENSE and README.md too Add a link back to the GitHub page and a this version history Tidy up on sun times page And I'll put Hardware Watchdog on all mine soon as a router reboot ten minutes ago has just caused one of them to lose connection
  2. Focus looks pretty good there. I know with mine I ended up settling for a close enough focus set in daytime The Pi Zero in my conservatory had a CPU temp of 25 at the time your image was taken, and the spare room one recorded 29 degrees. Looks like the Zeroes run cooler than the other models, so that might account for the change in condensation
  3. Thanks. It's looking good there, and it makes me happy to see someone getting good use out of it I did mean to link back to the GitHub page from the About page, so I'll do that when I do that little fix tomorrow If you want to capture MQTT data to add onto the image then look in capture.sh and newmovie.sh in back-end/pics/ as that's where the images are captured
  4. That's a known issue and does get mentioned in the wiki section. The cause comes from creating both day and night directories at the same time. When the changeover code in newmovie.sh is run it just assumes there was something in the directory to archive rather than checking. Along with checking the directory existance I should also check the count of files, and then only create the archive if there are more than four (the newly created directory contains image, thumbnail, mpeg and info files). I'll fix and test that tomorrow I've had similar happen with a router update and I've had to power cycle the Pi to reconnect, but I've also seen it reconnect fine too. Something to look into so I can add fix notes to the wiki. One of mine I set to a fixed IP address on the router, and I think I set the other to a fixed IP address on the Pi. The former is probably the better solution I'll have a look at that hardware watchdog. It could be interesting. I was planning to keep mine within easy reach but I know other people will have different plans
  5. That's good news. Odd about the connection problem, but these things happen. Let me know if you find anything wrong other than the little bits I've documented already All we need to do now is fix the weather!
  6. I suspect it's March winds and April showers making up for being late this year
  7. Quite possibly. Tonight it's 22mph, tomorrow gusting 50 according to the BBC forecast
  8. If it's been working fine, then try the cron job removal and remote reboot first. And if that doesn't fix it then get the ladder out. But not tonight or tomorrow as it's a bit windy right now!
  9. That's odd. SSH onto it and type in vcgencmd get_camera That should tell you if the camera is detected and enabled. Both values will return as 1 if they are It could also just be a clash between the old and new ones. I'd intended for a clean install, so maybe first stop and remove the existing cron job, and then force a reboot sudo service cron stop sudo crontab -r sudo reboot -f -f After that it should have sorted any tangles that it got itself into Edit: Also spotted a couple of hours ago that I'd left a test value in the code. Instead of regenerating times at noon it was set to 13:35. I've fixed it now, and if you pulled the code after 9:15 you should have the correct version (or check in mgasc.sh and see if the line that sets dailyupdate.sh to run says 0 12 or 35 13. It should be 0 12)
  10. Let me know how you get on. I think I've caught all the major bugs and it runs nicely here on both Pi Zeros, and it should be easy to install now
  11. That's a good idea. I should also check into the modern webcams too as the only one I've got here that still works is an ancient HP one. I think it's about ten years old
  12. Have been tinkering with it some more and making a few minor updates. Most important though is adding the wiki page to document everything I can think of https://github.com/MarkGrimwood/Mognet-All-Sky-Camera-install/wiki Checked into webcam usage as well, and it looks doable. It uses the fswebcam command instead of raspistill, so I'll have to work out something in code to test for them. But most importantly test that a webcam can capture adequate night views too
  13. I don't know if mine will work with the ASI cameras as I don't have one yet. If not, then Thomas Jaquin's code probably will https://github.com/thomasjacquin/allsky His code looks like it's more suited to the better cameras and higher end devices, and is configurable for different options. Mine is more entry level. And that reminds me that I should really test it out with a webcam too as I don't know if they use the same instructions as the Pi cameras
  14. Lots of updates done, and a couple of little bug fixes. It should install much easier now. Tomorrow I'm working on the wiki for it so I can detail how it works, with screenshots and explanations of what each script does Thanks to Bob (jmrp on here?) for giving it a trial run, and notifying me of problems as he run into them
  15. PLA is a bioplastic, and can apparently be recycled or composted. There is nothing specific on the Essex County Council website about it or Type 7 plastics in general so might have to ask. I expect that the current volume for recycling is comparatively quite low so there may be nothing officially in place yet Wikipedia has some more about it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polylactic_acid
  16. There's an AppImage of 4.9. Not seen the snap images or deb files for a while. Do you know what version it is that's crashing? There were problems with the 3.x versions (I think) where they would crash on startup or cause a BSOD
  17. The Creality slicer is a front end onto Cura Engine, but it's usually easier to use Cura, and it gives a lot more options. I've not had any problems running the AppImage of the latest versions in Linux Mint. Good news is that the Windows executable version can be run under Wine if you want to go that route
  18. I found the instructions for my CR10s a bit lacking too. A quick Google gave me a YouTube video on build and setup. There has been a good community built up around the Creality printers so advice is never hard to find Disable steppers does mean exactly that. When they are off they are all freely movable by hand. Although it's probably better to use the controls to move the gantry up and down because of the lead screws and disturbing their alignment
  19. @jiberjaber Hi Jason. I've uploaded my version onto GitHub, and because there are so many changes I've started a separate thread for it
  20. Last year I picked up Pete's all sky camera code so I could build my own. I spotted a few things in the code that needed fixing or improving. As my tinkering ended up with rewriting most of it I thought it deserved its own thread Lots of changes have been made from Pete's version A history of images and videos is now available. And automatically removes the oldest when space gets tight A timestamp has been added to each stored image and is in the video too. CPU temperature as well. Air temperature will follow soon The crontab generation has been rewritten so that new movie setups don't clash with image captures and consecutive days or nights don't get joined together Crontab regeneration has been moved to noon Testing for the absence of an already running instance of the capture script before starting a new capture Speed improvements in video creation. Each image is now added immediately after capture Install simplified by creating an installer script Display improvements by using CSS Common PHP code moved to another file for including A few little bug fixes Images and video are now captured at 1080p, even on a Pi Zero It now runs happily on a Pi Zero, which is probably the minimum possible spec. Downloading the videos can be a bit slow at times, especially at night. There are still things to fix or add, and these will happen in due course The code is available on my GitHub site, along with all the instructions, etc https://github.com/MarkGrimwood/Mognet-All-Sky-Camera-install
  21. Everything going at once sounds like a motherboard or control board issue. They should be fairly easy to replace
  22. I've been tinkering and letting it run to show any gremlins. Have caught a few that might not have shown from standard testing. And found that memory card speed and quality is important! Three rebuilds have happened thanks to rubbish cards I've got image and video history working nicely. Videos are now smooth, and on a Pi Zero it will successfully capture once per minute daytime and once every two minutes nighttime. I've also taken some stuff from the W3Schools tutorials to handle the differences between PC and mobile displays, and modified some of the image displays. There are other plenty of other changes too. I'll document them and the gotchas when I upload it. That will probably be tomorrow as I just need to finish adjusting the user/owner of the web pages and images in /var/www/html/. I'm changing them from root to nobody. And I've written an autodeployer! It does almost everything for the setup Have to say that working with Bash is..umm...interesting
  23. Certainly a more impressive landing than SpaceX
  24. Due to a distinct lack of standing stones, etc around my area I haven't been able to do pretty widefield starscapes. So I've gone for interesting instead. These are all taken on the eastern edge of South Woodham Ferrers, and all show light pollution in various degrees, some of which explain why observation and photography from home got frustrating All photos taken on a Nikon D3400 with the 18-55mm kit lens at 18mm F8, 30 second exposures, ISO 1600, between 2345 and 0045. Minimal processing and conversion in RawTherapee The view north east. The light domes I think are from Witham, Maldon, Colchester, West Mersea and Clacton. Can't miss which one has LED lights Southeast to the bright lights of Southend on Sea. Local lights are Hullbridge and Fambridge. The wooden structures in the water are the remnants of a sailing barge converted into a floating dock and what I assume to be the fixed part of the dock. Low tide reveals some thick horizontal beams that the barge could have been floated onto Clements Dam West. The eastern one is twenty feet away and much smaller The bright lights of Fambridge Yacht Haven two miles away. Nobody sails at night The view south to the Southend - Basildon corridor. I usually only look at planets in this direction
  25. I've found Sequator much easier to use than DSS and to get good results out of, even though DSS is more capable and the faster of the two on my laptop. It also has distortion correction and light pollution removal, both of which I've found very useful.
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