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  1. On the sloping parts it looks like they were sliced with two different layer heights. Having never printed with anything other than a 0.4mm nozzle I can't think of any other reason for the differences
  2. Fascinating video, especially the effects of it in space. It's not something I'd heard of before and even as an occaisonal juggler I'd not really take much notice of when throwing anything of that fits that set of rules. Tried it tonight with the nearest equivalent, an electric fly swat, and it seems almost impossible to throw so that it rotates just around that axis
  3. I hadn't tinkered with mine, just been in to look at a few things. I'm assuming it's sunwait too. It's been running constantly for a week without problem, so I'll see how it behaves tomorrow
  4. Had a little oddity happen overnight. The daytime images from yesterday didn't get deleted so the daytime video covers both days. First time I've seen that happen, so must just be a little timing issue
  5. Instead of using sudo before every command, type sudo su at the command prompt. That will give you root (super user) access for everything until you type exit, at which point you'll be return to normal user status
  6. It's a nice easy project. There's a couple of bits where the installation instructions need a little improvement, and there might be some differences between the with and without temperature probe html versions. My projects for today, once I've got the dull work stuff out of the way, are to wipe the card for the Pi and start again from the beginning to see if minor display issues were me or not, and to design and print an indoor case I can put in the window All the outdoor stuff and the associated solar power can wait until I have a shed to mount it on Total spend so far is £13 for the Pi Zero WH, £27 for a 5MP fisheye lens camera, and £4 for a camera adaptor cable. Total £44, but still needs a case and its own power supply
  7. I have mine up and running, but pointing out of the spare room winow for now. Looks like the double glazing is giving a green cast to the light domes of London and Chelmsford And not only can I see it's a clear night, but a near neighbour has left their bright bathroom light on. Again. I've tinkered with the settings to give a 1600x1200 display so that the image is bigger on my tablet and phone. Need to fix the sunset time
  8. I've just ordered a Pi Zero WH and a fisheye lens so I can try this out as well. I can make up a case on the 3D printer and source a dome once I'm happy with it
  9. There was a bit of a discussion of it on here a few months ago https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/346858-3d-printed-tracker/ I haven't heard if anyone has made their own yet, so maybe I should order up some parts and get printing during the summer lull
  10. Doesn't quite work on a laptop though, even doing the cross-eyed thing.
  11. It's been producing good results for me. Even better now I've ditched their slicer and got the latest version of Cura which has profiles ready for it. Had to tweak the settings a little for retraction, but other than that it produces some really good quality prints. It might be a little big for some people though as the build volume is 300x300x400mm so it takes up a bit of space for everything. Fans are a bit noisy too but not a problem
  12. It's a CR-10S, and that came from Technology Outlet too
  13. I've been really happy with my Creality printer. Except for the last week where it seems to have started over extruding and clogging up the hot end badly. That I think was a symptom of the motherboard failing, which it finally did yesterday. Today I'll find out what the retailer's after sales service is like as it is still under guarantee
  14. I have the light from a galaxy gravitationally lensed by a cluster
  15. Watching now on iPlayer. Forgot it was Sunday First time the telly has been on in a month, so I'm glad it's all still working
  16. Somehow I missed this completely, and don't remember hearing about it afterwards either. Would have loved to have seen it.
  17. I've been selective with the news this week as it's reached saturation point. Did see the Guardian piece on it. The differences are quite stunning https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/apr/11/positively-alpine-disbelief-air-pollution-falls-lockdown-coronavirus
  18. When I did mine I replaced the PTFE washer with I think six layers of milk carton washers. Came out as slightly thicker than the original washer once compressed but had more slip to it
  19. North Essex Astronomical Society have a live stargazing event being streamed via Facebook. I saw a bit of the last one, and it was one of the members streaming from his own observatory with live stacking of nebula images. It's been made available on YouTube for posterity Looks like they are also holding their monthly meeting online too https://www.facebook.com/northessexastro
  20. I gave mine a quick check a week ago. Good timing as this week I've been printing frames for protective visors https://3dverkstan.se/protective-visor/
  21. I found this 3D printed astro tracker, so I might be working on that soon. It's similar to something I was thinking of creating myself https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/346858-3d-printed-tracker/
  22. There isn't a specific board or thread, but we've been posting things as we've made them, usually in the DIY Astronomer board here https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/18-diy-astronomer/ Is there something in particular that you wanted to print? It's possible that someone may already know of a good printable for a particular project, or you could design your own thing
  23. My thoughts are the same as JamesF. I suspect there's not enough compression in the springs to hold the nuts tight enough. Adding some washers, or printing some, will help reduce the space there. Tightening the nuts as Chriske suggests is an option if the limit switch height is adjustable. I've not seen an Ender 3 up close, but looking at the manual online suggests it is possible to move the limit switch carriage. And there is a recommended height too, which isn't easy to read I have a CR10S, and that only needs relevelling if I move it Roller adjustment is something that Creality seem to leave out of the instructions. I only found out about it from watching an assembly video on YouTube
  24. I have a 5mm, which I thought was quite good. The local skies don't really allow for anything much more than lunar viewing with it, but I'll happily get a couple more to replace the Skywatcher EPs supplied with my scopes once the we start getting decently clear skies again
  25. That sounds like earthquake lights, which can apparently be spherical. Wikipedia has some information on them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthquake_light
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