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  1. Thanks. I'll publish it once I'm happy with it. The plan is to include an auto deploy script so it can be a single command install too, along with all the other improvements
  2. I had to refresh the card in mine after it stopped talking to the network for no apparent reason, and since then I've made the capture code a bit more robust. I wasn't certain that it was adding every frame to the video before, but I'm pretty certain of it now. And I think I've cured the problem where it would create videos of several days or nights run together. It can now safely capture every minute in daytime and two minutes at night on a Pi Zero without getting tangled Next job is to update the web interface so that every frame can be viewed, and several days (or more) history can be stored. The pages will also benefit from some common PHP and CSS code, which I think is tonight's job
  3. Only dropped to -2 here last night, but it was enough to make wet patches of paths slippery and the grass crunchy. But you know you've had a good night when you come in with frost on your scope and not minded
  4. Good choice. They are easy to assemble and maintain, even for someone as hamfisted as me, and replacement parts are easy to get hold of if something goes wrong
  5. Congratulations. The 200P is a good scope, and you'll get plenty of good views out of it. Clouds permitting of course!
  6. I got Making Every Photon Count, courtesy of my brother who'd asked me what I wanted :) All I need now is a new job so that I can afford to fall into this money pit!
  7. I can see the sky glow along the Basildon to Southend corridor as a result of that. Fortunately my town comes under Chelmsford so we do get some darkness here
  8. Just run across this video where a model builder illustrates some of the problems in controlling Starship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsEBiAahAYM
  9. That would explain the Fireball XL5 inspired design. Just need the space scooters now
  10. That's the one. It's near St. Peter's church which is on the coast. You can see the lights of Brightlingsea and Jaywick from there, but they are not really a problem When the local clubs are able to start running observing nights again they use places like Abberton Resevoir and Great Notley Country Park, but I don't know about non-club access (not been to any of the local clubs yet). And I believe there are a couple of other sites used
  11. The carpark for Dengie Nature Reserve is a good spot to go as there isn't much around it. Although if Bradwell B gets built then we are likely to lose that location. Some of the other Essex members have spoken about Margaret Roding, but I don't know where in particular they go
  12. That's an amazingly detailed image. Great work there
  13. Thanks. I did wonder if that was the case as they needed precise timing for the launch, but I couldn't find any specific information on it in a brief search. Plenty of stuff on boost timings and heights was available this time Clear Outside doesn't list any visible ISS passes before Friday. There was a pass not long after launch, but it would have been low here
  14. I was hoping to see it too as we have a clear night. Couldn't see anything though. Any idea where I can find out the route for next time?
  15. Given the amount of time that water takes to evaporate, we'll have to start with a very tiny bowl if we want to stargaze the same night!
  16. I'm always surprised at the amount of unnecessary light that I see at night, from bright porch lights on all night and curtains not drawn when the lights are on, to advertising screens and street lighting when there is no one around. People now think of darkness as something to be lit not loved I came across this good piece the other day on the subject https://theconversation.com/cities-need-to-embrace-the-darkness-of-the-night-sky-heres-why-149129
  17. Replacement camera has been in for a couple of days now and there hasn't been any return of the mystery white bloom, so it looks like it was a dodgy camera module Now to learn some Python so I can work on my own version. And to source a dome so I can mount it outside instead of pointing it through the conservatory double glazing
  18. This sounds like the same issue that I have with DSS and my Nikon D3100. I shoot widefields with a camera lens which has a subtle pincushion distortion. In stacking the images Sequator can be set to correct for it, but DSS doesn't have a similar setting. There was a recent post here to say that DSS can correct the distortion but I've never found out how
  19. Thanks. That could be useful as I was looking at writing my own ASC software as I need the programming practice. Just read up on the basics of PHP for the front end and was about to start looking at Python for the back end
  20. The mystery white bloom has suddenly returned again, so I'm going to order another Pi Noir camera to see if that's the problem. I've ruled pretty much everything else out except that and the Pi Zero I'm using
  21. The spec in the original post said 2.5mm Would it be possible to repurpose an existing type of pipe? A quick look says that plumbing waste pipe goes up to 113mm. Not quite the 120mm diameter that was required though
  22. I was wondering that last night after slicing it for my printer. At 0.10mm layer height it was saying 24 hours for the print, and 12 hours at 0.28mm
  23. Stefan of CNC Kitchen has now done an analysis of the salt baking technique https://youtu.be/DyAKtS1b3SQ
  24. There seems to be a fashion for these lights on houses now. I've recently spotted several houses round here with lighting in the eaves that seems to serve no apparent purpose other than showing off the outside of the house when it's dark. Those belonging to the neighbour of the OP do seem excessively bright though
  25. Apparently print speed and temperature do also affect the strength of prints though I'm not sure I'd use PLA or PETG for anything that would need to be reasonably strong, even if it was annealed. ABS might be better suited
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