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  1. I haven't noticed any reduction in light pollution in the last year here. Have noticed that the skies are frequently rubbish even when they are supposed to be clear. Did the star count but didn't bother submitting it because of the sky condition
  2. Looks like bits of a previous rocket didn't come back as planned https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-56541230
  3. Rather unfortunate end after what was a fairly successful landing. Didn't think that small fire was a good sign!
  4. My package from Spain finally arrived today. No damage or anything, so must have just been caught up in the backlog
  5. I had to Google them. Not Desigual, but Carles Marti Chapeaux
  6. I'd used both of those and I think PTGui too, but not for years. ICE seems to be good for all panoramas, including astro. I never tried using the others for it
  7. I said I wouldn't do that too. Then I started with my camera on my tripod, just experimentally. Started thinking about mounts a couple of months ago, so it looks like I'm going over to the dark side!
  8. Still waiting on my parcel from Spain. Two months now starts to feel like loss in transit rather than a delay. Is anyone else still waiting on stuff?
  9. That's a different thread to what I found. Handy that they've provided the links there We'll see what happens with ICE. It's a good product. When I found it some years ago it was way better than the others that I tried so I'd stuck with it
  10. I can't find anything to say why it's not available. Doesn't seem to be available in their store either. Odd that the product page is still there. Also looks like they've disabled the ICE forum https://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/home?forum=ice No announcements on there either A thread on DPReview says that it can be downloaded from the Internet Archive if you can find it on there There also seems to be plenty of alternatives I haven't checked any of them out yet, although I do recognise three from before I discovered MS ICE
  11. A large part of my family are still living in Sudbury and surrounding villages. Definitely good skies round there with none of the continuous sky glow round here. They might even have some decent clear nights too!
  12. Wasn't as clear as I was hoping for. Went out to do the Orion star count and only managed eight with averted vision after adapting to the not very dark night here. Decided not to take the scope out after starting to feel the cold within ten minutes. I was going to ask if you had a Suffolk connection when I read it. My parents, who were from Sudbury and Clare, used to say it
  13. Not an astro purchase, but I'm still waiting on my girlfriend's Christmas present. It's coming from Barcelona, and the tracking info from the Spanish Post Office said that it left Spain before new year. Hoping it's just been caught up in a backlog and hasn't been squashed or stolen or anything
  14. That has to be one of the coolest rocket photos I've ever seen. Probably not safe to launch them both at once though
  15. I think it may have been this thread. We got DigiCamControl working with the D3400. Looks like it's Windows only. When I tested them a couple of years ago I couldn't get qDslrDashboard working with my D3400 even though the forum says it's possible. It could have changed since then, so I might give it a try later. qDslrDashboard can run on various systems, including the Raspberry Pi https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/329864-d3400-for-ap/
  16. Guess that explains the dismal weather we've got Looking forward to the unboxing
  17. I can't say much about the Pro V2 part, but I do have a CR-10S and it's a nice machine. The only advantage that I know it has over the Ender 3 is print volume. Most of the other parts are interchangeable with the Ender 3. Only time I've used the full size of the print bed was for printing visor frames as I could get four on at once. Haven't needed to print anything tall yet. As @vlaiv says, it depends on how large you need to print
  18. Thanks. I'll publish it once I'm happy with it. The plan is to include an auto deploy script so it can be a single command install too, along with all the other improvements
  19. I had to refresh the card in mine after it stopped talking to the network for no apparent reason, and since then I've made the capture code a bit more robust. I wasn't certain that it was adding every frame to the video before, but I'm pretty certain of it now. And I think I've cured the problem where it would create videos of several days or nights run together. It can now safely capture every minute in daytime and two minutes at night on a Pi Zero without getting tangled Next job is to update the web interface so that every frame can be viewed, and several days (or more) history can be stored. The pages will also benefit from some common PHP and CSS code, which I think is tonight's job
  20. Only dropped to -2 here last night, but it was enough to make wet patches of paths slippery and the grass crunchy. But you know you've had a good night when you come in with frost on your scope and not minded
  21. Good choice. They are easy to assemble and maintain, even for someone as hamfisted as me, and replacement parts are easy to get hold of if something goes wrong
  22. Congratulations. The 200P is a good scope, and you'll get plenty of good views out of it. Clouds permitting of course!
  23. I got Making Every Photon Count, courtesy of my brother who'd asked me what I wanted :) All I need now is a new job so that I can afford to fall into this money pit!
  24. I can see the sky glow along the Basildon to Southend corridor as a result of that. Fortunately my town comes under Chelmsford so we do get some darkness here
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