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  1. love haloween look!

  2. loving the dark nights!

  3. loving the new look website!

  4. Mars i am coming to get you!

  5. merry christmas everybody !

  6. Merry Christmas to all, hopefully some clear skies during the break!

    1. orion25


      Thank you, and same to you, my friend!

  7. merry christmas to everyone

  8. modded dslr & guide camera bought, just the guide scope to go!

  9. observatory improvements

  10. so much for the aurora?

    1. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      i did exactly the same, my images confirm this!

    2. Ant


      It's also a possibility for tonight (and might even be clear).

      Last night Aurora was seen well into Norfolk (according to bbc this morning).

    3. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      i did see a image of aurora off the norfolk coast

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  11. Solar imaging all the way till August i think, apart from those noctilucent clouds

    1. David Smith

      David Smith

      That's the spirit. Look forward to seeing your images. Just hope the weather plays nice!

    2. Luke


      What can possibly stop us, apart from wind, cloud, awful seeing, illness, ... Hehe looking forward to your images Pete, good luck for a decent solar season :)

    3. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      those noctilucent clouds really are something to behold if you get a chance to see them.

  12. spring has arrived, maybe?

    1. ronin


      That means the clocks will go forward soon and everyone will start complaining again.

    2. cotterless45


      Warm weather this time of year used to be known as "false spring", cold follows, ouch !

  13. summer is just around the corner!

    1. Daniel-K


      yup with the rain!

  14. the morning eastern horizon is pretty special at the moment!

  15. the seeing really is pretty at poor at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. David Smith

      David Smith

      I was out last night, seeing was shocking here too. Gave up in the end.

    2. JessicaFaye


      I went out last night around half ten... clouds started to roll in, seeing bad and then the scope dewed up! Really successful night :D

  16. up at 2:30am to imaging Mars and the data is pants!

  17. very happy with the upgraded pier!

  18. well its nearly here, please let the weather be kind for once!

  19. well the noctilucent clouds are long, roll on winter!

  20. what a week, no internet! laptop has died! back online now and this years astro-images to try and recover from the old hard drive

    1. Knight of Clear Skies

      Knight of Clear Skies

      Sorry to hear that, good luck with recovering the files.

    2. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      bought a SATA USB adapter, it allows you to acces your old hard drive like its an external hard drive so hopefully should be ok.

  21. witnessed the green flash this morning, what an amazing sight!

    1. JB80


      Excellent, still not convinced I have caught it.

    2. tingting44
    3. JB80


      The green flash that is sometimes associated with a rising or setting sun. It makes a lovely bright green flash.

  22. YES! its proper clear tonight!

    1. David Smith

      David Smith

      Looked clear here last night but as soon as I got the scope out the haze came down.

  23. wow what a change in the weather!

    1. Uranium235


      Yep, next couple of days are looking quite astro friendly! Even the Moon is doing us a favour and staying low.

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