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  1. Very nicely detailed disc's.
  2. I think i have still got a copy of it, somewhere on the bookshelf. My old Tasco 4.5" reflector, was passed on to a work colleague a few years back. I can vividly remember purchasing through my mothers Littlewoods club book.
  3. Sounds more the UK's conditions than Australia, i though it was "coast to coast blue skies" down there
  4. Looks beautiful, the best time of the day!
  5. Lovely wispy Proms, the one on the left is particularly interesting to look at.
  6. Very nice! Imaging at a decent altitude, with some decent seeing by the look of the fine detail visible in your image.
  7. Nicely captured, especially considering the position and aperture used, always good to se the GRS on view!
  8. When you get some really good seeing I am sure it will do.
  9. Some decent detail peaking through despite the very low altitude.
  10. very nicely captured, a belated happy 4th of July to you!
  11. Nicely captured, its hard to motivate yourself when there is so little activity at the moment.
  12. nice looking disc, not much going on still unfortunately.
  13. Nice little prom capture.
  14. Very nicely captured, lovely details visible.
  15. Love it! Great to see an unusual object in the foreground.
  16. Very nicely captured, some nice structure visible there.
  17. Nice record of the event, seems have quietened down a bit lately.
  18. I have never experienced this effect, but its fascinating to read about it!
  19. Lovely display and very well captured.
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