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  1. Venus is now at a very respectable altitude, plus some lovely clear skies. Perfect conditions (hopefully) to begin imaging it again. Both images with Celestron C9.25, Asi290mm, Televue x1.8 Barlow and Baader UV filter. 25,000 frames captured, stacked 10%. Last image is with a Astronomik 807 filter. Some nice detail visible on both days, particularly Saturday afternoon. It looks clearly like rotation visible to me over the 2 days? Saturday 18.01.2020 Baader UV filter Sunday 19.01.2020 Baader UV filter Sunday 19.01.2020 Astronomik 807 filter
  2. The phase is clearly showing, very well captured!
  3. The phase is showing very nicely, well captured and reported.
  4. A beautiful image, excellent capture
  5. Congratulations Again, its a fine image
  6. Nice set of images as reward for braving the conditions!
  7. What shocking news Avani, deepest sympathies for all involved. Good see you back on here again.
  8. No crime here, other than making me jealous of the level detail in the rest of the image
  9. Very nice disc, lovely filament visible
  10. Some nice details visible there
  11. Plenty of details visible there. A long way from opposition as well, its going to be fun watching the size grow
  12. Nicely captured, good to see it blazing away every evening at sunset. It has become very prominent in the evening sky now, climbing very quickly over the last couple of weeks. Its almost above some nearby conifers and will in range very soon. Looking forward to using the UV filter again!
  13. Most of the equipment i have sold has been to fund upgrades, so i have had very regrets about selling equipment. It is also a nice thought that it is going to another astronomer who is also going to get hours of pleasure from it.
  14. A beautiful set of images, good to see some new cycle activity.
  15. The forecast doesn't look any better for the coming week. Not managed a single proper session yet, with the weather and family commitments.
  16. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  17. Very nice, some decent detail visible there
  18. Very nice set of images to start the year.
  19. Very effective, looks very nice.
  20. Pretty good end result, considering the conditions.
  21. A fine capture Avani, any detail captured on Uranus is fine achievement. I have ever once manged the Polar region.
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