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  1. Wow!!! What a difference indeed, Reggie!! Both great images but the 2020 one shows way more detail. Nice 👍
  2. Thanks, Grant. Can I assume the OIII is a typo and should be 20 mins also, otherwise we have no matching dark frames. Thanks for the time and effort put in to providing these data.
  3. Really sorry to read this, John. It was all giong so well and looked so promising. I guess there are things like the slewing noise and vibration that those of us with ROR observatories woudln't even give a thought to. Fongers crossed you get a suitable and reasonably costed solution.
  4. John, @steppenwolf in another thread linked to Renold here and rated them extremely highly.
  5. Wow, absolutely superb. Bravo to both involved, and a gentle rub and polish for the equipment used.
  6. Ah. Maybe my side weight is D type only. I have a couple and the normal one here is definitely dual, but I thought the side one was too. Maybe it isn't 😐
  7. If you have a look at my video here you will see the issue you are having is common (this in on my CEM120). I added an ADM weight to the front of my longer dovetail which helped sort out dec (and it will help RA) but also allowed for trimming off centre balance on the third axis. FLO does variousl types and styles of dovetail weights.
  8. I like that, guess I am definitely an imager then 😉 That said, is that the lesser spotted Mesu handbox I see there, Adam? A rare sight indeed 🙂
  9. It is amazing the different perspective you get looking out from within an aeroplane. Below picture was taken a couple of years ago above Malaga, and shows pretty clearly how bad the light polution is there!
  10. Not in first class, they're FPL53 😉 Nice image, tough task with plane movement.
  11. Data wise will be fine. The one thing you will probably want to do is make sure it is a powered hub as your laptop hub may struggle to provide the power needed to run all the devices, a couple of which are USB powered.
  12. Defintiely. Look forward to seeing how you get on with it.
  13. Looks really good, but I don't think it can be paralelled with the RedCat, they are different things. The Redcat is a Petzval and has a couple of other features such as built in bahtinov mask, dew shield and the facility to house a 2" filter internally. The newer version also has a built in tilt plate. I think it looks like a really good piece of kit, at a good price, but probably fairer to compare it with similar FL camera lenses.
  14. Nice one, Adam. Good for you, the image deserved it 👍
  15. Thanks, Anne. Yes, I have the original MHP (the plastic one with 3 USB ports) and this runs the focuser no problem. I don't doubt there is a reason for keeping the lakeside controller as well, would just be interested to know the reasoning as it seems like another largish box to house and USB device to go wrong. However, these guys know an awful lot more about the subject than me, so I'm sure they wouldn't use it unless it was necessary.
  16. RayD


    Are you using a coma corrector, reducer or flattener of some sorts? If so, I would check the spacing from that to your camera sensor.
  17. Purely out of interest, @FLO, what is the reason for having the Hitec MHP V4 and also using the Lakeside focuser control box? Does the hub not include a focus controller meaning you can do away with the lakeside one? I use Pegasus hubs and my Lakeside focuser plugs straight in to it, negating the need for the additional controller, and I thought the Hitec hub had the same capability? Not saying it is wrong to do it the way it is, would just be interested in the rationale of doing so as I could well be missing an important feature of the controller.
  18. It's a great place which is a credit to the Admin and people who started it. Above all I think it is extremely well moderated, so a huge thanks and hats off to all the mods who do a superb job which, I know from experience of doing it myself on other forums, is often a thankless task requiring the diplomacy of a UN peace keeper and patience of a saint........bravo 🙌🙌 I tried a few forums before coming across SGL and can say, hand on heart, it is by far the most intuitive to use, friendly and inclusive out there. Thanks also to @FLO for their generous and continuing support, without which I don't think SGL would be the place it is. The one thing I have learnt is never to ask a question which could be open to opinion as you will get around 23665488 of them, and go away with even less of a clue than you started with 😉
  19. Indeed you do end up with lots and lots of subs to process, which in itself is an issue, but it does at least let you get enough data to get a really good image out of it at the end. There are, of course, ways to deal with it in processing, but that can also be a little challenging.
  20. The 30s I shot was for for stars only. If you are looking to image only one integration time, then you will need to go slightly higher I would think, but you will just need to get lots of subs. I would try the 2 mins to see how blown out the seven sisters look, but don't be afraid to reduce this and up the count.
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