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  1. Generally the overlap is to fold down along the bino body to ensure no stray light gets in. The sun in small binos is not very big in the field of view. Whats the field of view of you 15x50's? The filters I made just slip over the lens and are held on by sticky tape or rubber bands.
  2. Nice report mate, I will have that mount back when you want.
  3. +1 for a planisphere mine has never run out of battery yet
  4. When did you buy it please?
  5. SteveWolves


    Hi welcome to SGL. Have you looked at wolvas.org.uk
  6. You are perfectly right I always have some images I fail to process and its raining here now!!
  7. Cartes du Ciel software https://www.ap-i.net/skychart//en/start will give sunrise time everywhere in its ephemeris tool and lunar info that may be usefull.
  8. Sorry missed the link out. https://spaceguardcentre.com/
  9. Have a look at what this place does.
  10. I caught that clear spell here and had fun with new camera and lens but the cold drove me in.
  11. Still clear here but am going to be running Wolvas zoom chat meet in a while.
  12. You could try the resources tab and look at who other societies are booking.
  13. Cracking talk tonight. When he is able to open the observatory site again its well worth the trip, perhaps SGL could coordinate some days out there.
  14. Is this a chance for a Forum about this problem? there are plenty of posts on the subject already and it would be a way of concentrating opinions and responses to the Government Commission.
  15. Crab Nebula reported to be 2kpc away I think this is beyond distance we can find any solar systems currently.
  16. No problem Brian I find very few bits of tech that explain themselves well.
  17. It does seem to depend on your zoom level too
  18. Just done it some more now mag diff down to 2 and more stars are named
  19. Hi its worked on mine fiddle with the settings remember not all have common names
  20. Do you mean cartes du ciel? if so its setup/disply/labels/ label object stars magnitude difference I changed mine to 4 and increased the label text size, then its down to your zoom amount I think.
  21. Hi have you thought of joining a local astronomy society, Wolvas.org.uk are ok
  22. SteveWolves


    Hi Joaquin welocome to SGL
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